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Season 3, Episode 38 · 8 months ago

Ep. 60 - Auroboros Rises


On this week's episode of Triple Advantage, we give an update on the highly anticipated new setting for 5e, Auroboros, then we travel into the wilderness of the Dungeon Masters Guide, and we finish off with a discussion on classes we wish we could play.

On this week's episode of triple advantage, we give an update on the on the highly anticipated new setting for fivee or a borrows. Then we travel into the wilderness of the Dungeon MastersGuide and we finish off with a discussion on classes we wish we could play. As always, follow us on our social media to see what we havein store for you. Enjoy the show. Wellow Society on this echoes of theoutlands. We come back with an update for something that we were kindof talking about before but didn't have much information on. What is that,might you ask? Well, we're going to be looking at the kickstarter thathas gone life for or borrows coils of the serpent. During this entire processI will one hundred percent be a Chris Matsin stand and will review any newannouncements that this project has come out. Very exciting stuff, guys. Iknow that we talked about this prior and I we didn't really have much becauseit was a bit of a teaser when they release it, but now wehave more saucy information about the lore, some more subclasses of come out andis generally more information what you can get with the the kickstarter itself and whatwe kild, pre order and buy, and we'll touch on that a littlebit later. But Jordan, Britain, how are you guys doing today?Well, you know, we're doing, yeah, seriously, keeping ourselves entertainedwhile the entire province is not having fun under another lockdown. Yeah, toany of the to any other Chris Metsin stands out there that we're looking forwardto this project. Know that it is happening, but the kickstarter has twentyseven days to go and out of the sixty two tho that they pledged,they've already raised nine hundred eighty threezero dollars. So white quick. Yeah, seriously. So I'm definitely excited to see this come out now. But again, what kickstarters? It's always, you know, bit of a waiting periodbecause I don't necessarily know how long this is going to take. You know, how far away are they from print here? And if I'm aboddy,estimated delivery date is March two thousand and twenty two. Yeah, yeah,it's always a lot of variable. Yeah, hope, I'm hoping that. Imean these guys have produced game content before, so I would say thatthat's probably one of the better estimated delivery days to go off of just basedon their experience. It's not like other quickserters where it's like I expect,you know, next, next April, and like they haven't even gone anythrough any like printing presses or did no experience from the Creator to do anyof that. So okay. So ideally it's coming out one year from that, one year from now, which is, you know, still a long ways, long way. Yeah, but the biggest item, I think thatthey have from the kickstarter here is the collector's edition. It comes in onthis little leather bound kind of book holder. Comes with your starter starting rule,sets some background law on Chris Metsen's actual campaign while he was like playing. This setting comes with your good old DM's screen, and you know,that's something that I found that I never I never really got into utilizing,I guess, because I got into DM and with like laptops and other surfacesin front of me. So I've never do you guys usually use the DMscreen? What back the color and person yeah, that was big for me. Yeah, yeah, for sure. The just to keep like all thestuff that I want to keep it in from the players back there, likepotential miniatures or notes and things like that that I might pull up. Ijust don't want them to see character sheets and that kind of the not thatlike people would be able to read them necessarily, but I like to keepmy players guessing. I guess on like what I have planned and or andor not plant. Yeah, and I...

...sometimes roll behind the screen. Ithink most of the time I do, just just because it's easier, butnot that it really matters because I never really fudge the numbers anyway. So, yeah, doesn't really make that much of a difference. But the DMscreen is there just in case I want it. Yeah, I've found thatI have it more so to hide stuff than actually utilize the convents of it. Maybe I gotta get better. Oh yeah, like the actual like thethe little like, yeah, what conditions are and stuff like that. It'sbut the thing is, like it it's so you're competing against a computer here, right, and like my access to information on the computer is always goingto be greater that damn screen. It yes, search for everything. Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. Like I I just have my phone backthere too, so if I need to look up like conditions, I'll lookup conditions. I think like the other thing is that the DM screen thatI have has conditions written out. I think that isn't necessarily for five eso the conditions are a little bit different than they are be and so Ijust don't really use it for the DM screen stuff. But I did seerecently on a on a video with Matt Mercer in it, that he likeputs like pieces of paper that he liked tapes on or like laminates into thisarea as well on the DM screen over top of the stuff, and thenhe can like kind of flip it up to if he wants to. Sohe has multi layers, which is interesting. I might start trying to do thatso I can have all the pertinent information that I need so I don'thave to bring out a bunch of books and stuff like that as well.Yeah, just specifically on things like weather conditions and like rain or like,I don't know, a calendar or something like that maybe. But yeah,I thought that would be interesting. Well, getting back to the actual kickstarter here, they have come out with the bundles that you can purchase and fortwenty five it, and let me with specifically drop a caveat here, buttwenty five US dollars, thinking at the Digital Bundle, which concludes a PDFsource book and players guide for this campaign. Sixty fifty or more gives you ahardcover source book and the PDF source book plus cut. Seventy five dollarsis where you start getting into the hardcover GM screen and PDF source book.And then we start talking about the collectors edition. That box, at thatbeautiful box that is behind a one hundred twenty five plea includes the slipcase someunder the sun, which is the story that Christmas and originally played in,and your name printed in the backer credits. And the most purchased pledge here isactually the most expensive one. The two hundred one gives you all theprevious rewards plus dice, a city map and poster pack and, I guess, item cards as well, and a set of premium character sheets, whichactually look pretty cool if you're looking at if you have, if you guyshave the page open. I I am character sheets. What Dad even mean? Well, their character sheets that are like heavily stylized to the theme ofthe or Boros Campaign in general. They do exactly what your character, shewould do right, and it would be like he use the subclass rate orlike abilities and stuff like that, then is that? I don't I don'tknow that it's like that. No, I think it just looks like areally nice character sheet use. Yeah, okay, yeah, like, no, nothing objectively different. I mean I have seen those pdf character sheets thatyou can download off of a different game websites that have those like specific subclassbased character sheets, which I which I doem like a lot. Yeah,the great I do like a lot, especially with new players. Those canfacilitate the knowledge of your character a little bit better than another player sheet,character sheet. Out of the Nice things here, I got to say thatthe dice set that they have is pretty cool. It's a bit of acan dark emer I won't say Emerald, but like a dark sort of jadegreen with, I'll say quote unquote, Gold Enumeration on it, which lookspretty pretty, Pretty Nice. But Yeah, looks like a very complete set.I mean no surprise, they're from people who are already experienced at launchinggames and releasing content on this but definitely very excited about it. If youguys had a chance to read into it,...

...they released a couple of more subclassesvailable, or at least do. No information on them, but wehave the wild keeper, the wraith Blade, the way of Eminence and the soulleader. I'm interested. I'm interested to see what kind of abilities thesehave. It. It feels obviously like it's a new game, right.So you're reducing the amount of player character options that you might have because there'snot there's no expansions to it. But I'm curious to see how they're accountingfor like trying to get new players here, because with only four subclasses it almostfeels limited right off the bat. So I'm wondering how they might dotheir abilities inside. Like, well, how they're gonna it? It isa five e setting, so I don't see why you wouldn't be able toplay right, right, right, right, any other subclass. It's just thatthese are extra options. Oh right, that's a good point. Yeah,point, I tell the forgot. So right. It is like itsown thing and like I would assume a lot of people would want to choosethe classes that are specifically set for this adventure or this setting because it'll haveabilities that related to the law and stuff like that, which is always cool. But there is always the option of adapting the ones that are already created. So that's a good point. I telly forgot that it was just likean extant setting. HMM. Well, I think, unfortunately, because thisis where it gets like we're in Canada and Ontario like y'all. Got Twohundred for the epic bundle. Two hundred dollars us, done it all asus, plus shipping. My Oh gosh. Yeah, Yikes, a lot.I don't think I'm going to be getting the hardcover book anytime soon forthis set, but perhaps the PDF will be something that we explore and thisfor mind. And that's that's my little update. Advertisement for the ORABORS campaignhijacking the regular royal cityiciety content stream, and just with that I wanted togive a short and sweet if you're interested in checking this out, make sureyou go check out their kickstarter. I'm really excited to see more of whatwar chief gaming has to offer. I've really enjoyed the stories that this particularteam has released in the past, so it's it's I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to it. I think it's going to be one ofthe better settings, especially when you're tying like especially when you're breaking away fromjust wizards of the coast. I think that's one of the things that I'mreally looking forward to these kinds of setting releases, and the same thing likewild mount it's that you're taking a completely different creative team behind it. You'reit's all going to have a completely different field than, let's say, likebetween like candlekeep mysteries and like evern rise u from the last war and allthe previous releases that have come out from wizards. I just always love tosee what other creatives kind of have in mind, how they adapt their fivegames other tables and always great for new content ideas for your own homebrew gamesas well. But anyways, I'll keep updating as this goes along. Probablywon't see know that the kickstarters up. I imagine that we won't really seemmuch until the game is going to be released. So, guys, we'llpick it up then. But in the meantime, Jerman I educated you guysabout something in the outside world. How about you educate us with the DMskin? Very well, I think I can do that all right. Ibelieve that we are on page one hundred and eight. Last time we weretalking about traveling through the Wilderness and and what kind of travel you guys use, whether it's the montage or the hour by our. So this time we'regoing to go into you know, what kinds of things you can find inthe wilderness maps specifically. Yeah, so let's jump right in and let's dividemy stuff. All right, right, in contrast to a dungeon, andoutdoor setting presents seemingly limitless options. The adventures can move in any direction,over tracklist, desert or an open grassland. So how do you, as theDM, deal with all the possible locations and events that might make upa wilderness campaign? What if you design an encounter in a desert oasis,but the characters Miss The Oasis because they wander off course? How do youavoid creating a boring play session of uninterrupted...

...slogging across a rocky wasteland? Onesolution is to think of an outdoor setting in the most in the same waythat you think about a dungeon. Even the most wide open terrain presents clearpathways. Roads Seldom run straight because they follow the contours of the land,finding most the most level or otherwise easiest routes across uneven ground, valleys,Ridge and ridges. Channel travel in certain directions. Mountain ranges present forbidding barriers, traversed only by remote passes. Even the most trackless deserts reveal favored routeswhere explorers and caravan dret drivers have discovered areas of what wind blasted rock thatare easier to traverse than the shifting sand. Okay, so if the party veersoff track, you might be able to relocate one or more of yourplanned encounters elsewhere on the map to ensure that the time spent preparing for thoseencounters doesn't go to waste. So Chapter One discusses the basics of creating awilderness map at three different scales to help you design your world and the startingarea of your campaign, especially when you get down to province scale. Sothat's one heck, sequels one mile. Think about paths of travel, roads, passes, ridges and valleys and so on that can guide your characters movementacross your map. So basically it says pair. Unless the location in yourwilderness is specifically set and the players know where it is, you can moveit so that the encounter occurs anyway. That's funny. Yeah, I meanyour players aren't going to know whether they're supposed to meet someone on the roador in the Wilderness, I guess, right, on an offbeaten path,or whether they were supposed to fight this creature in an oasis or, youknow, in in the dunes that they decided to go to instead or gotlost in. Yeah, the sounding about random encounters is that, like,unless there's a very purposeful narrative that they have to take place in Xlocation,they can kind of be dragon dropped a rubber yeah, Yep, it's great. I like how it just tells you to yeah, just do that anyway. It's a living world and all that, but it also is one that isnot set in stone unless you decided it's well, I mean to acertain extent, like you're planning out all this stuff, right, you dohave the work to make sure that this session is going to be good.So it really sucks, like I breaks my heart every time I'm watching criticalrole and they left their way out of an encounter or something in that justlike holds up a piece of paper. He's like, well, there goesthis encounter. Yeah, yeah, like that sucks. So I can like, especially when the DM put so much work into it, right, soI can see that being like an easy way to go. Yeah, wedidn't get to do this here, but we can do this somewhere else right. Yeah, it's true. I feel like I I want to believe thatmy world is like set in stone to certain extent, where it's like thingsare going to happen, you know whether the players are there or not,and then like, as they progress, they can come across things. ButI also know that's so unrealistic and so unreasonable. Like I can only do, you know, we can only do so much to prepare for a sessionand then you just have to hope that it's good enough and you move thingsas needed so that the players have fun and so that you can have funtoo, because it does get really it could. It could just be reallydraining if you put in all that work and then, yeah, it justcomes to nothingness right in the work. Yeah, have you guys ever hadan encounter that you just had to throw out because the players just ditched it? Yes, but did that last week where we with the Jarny Dards,no different session that was running. Did it? I suck because I waslike there we turned a dragon into a chicken. I feel like that's kindof circuit to get encounter. Well, no, because that encounter still happened. It just got move field to a new location. There we go.Yeah, no, I was playing. I was running a one shot forsome friends and they had to essentially it was like a dungeon. They hadto sneak through this dungeon, but they...

...cast passed without a trace before theydid so and then proceeded to roll insanely well on every single stealth check.So of course, supposed to be three minor encounters leading up to the lastencounter, they just breaze right past all of them. There's no straight through. Did Not tip off anybody and got to the final boss. I waslike, all right, well, there goes that session. Yep, basethe mom there bound their way back, except they could probably just sneak pastagain. Maybe it does, or you can have a few of them.Oh yeah, that's a bit of an issue. But yeah, that thatdoes suck three encounters down the drain. That's that's ouch. I mean toa certain extent we say that you know, the work isn't lost and you canbring it up whenever you want to, but it's lost. I always feelthat way anyway. So feels bad Braden. All right, let's continueon here. Movement on the map. Narrate wilderness travel at a level ofdetail appropriate to the map you're using. So if you're tracking our by ourmovement on a province scale map, one hex where one heck equels one mile, you can describe each hamlet the adventures pass. At this scale you canassume that the characters find a noteworthy location when they enter its HEX, unlessthe site's is specifically hidden. So the characters might not walk directly up tothe path of a ruined castle when they enter a Hex, but they canfind old pass outline, ruins and other signs of the of its presence inthe area. If you're tracking a journey of several days on a kingdom scalemap, where one HEX equel six miles, don't bother with details too small toappear on your map. It's enough for the players to know that onthe third day of their travel, of their journey, they cross a riverand the land starts rising before them and that they start they reach the mountainpast two days later. So that's that's all you really need to do.You just kind of like outline what it is that they're passing as they gothrough wilderness features. Okay, so no wilderness map is complete without a fewsettlements, strongholds, ruins and other sites worthy of discovery. A dozen suchlocations scattered over an area of roughly fifty miles across is a good start.So do you guys? I don't know, like I've never really created a mapthat like on this scale. Braiden, I know you have on the Skalymiles you mean? Well, I mean like on the scale of likea world or province or the area, that kind of thing. That likea big wilderness, like, I mean wild mount has a map. SoI just use the locations and features that are already written into that and thenadd a few if I really want to along the way, whereas I knowyou've created some from scratch. So you know what do you use that,like the chapter one talking about the province in the kingdom scale kind of thing, and then you go from there to the to these, adding these wildernessfeatures, like you monster layers and monuments and such, or do you justmake stuff up because you like doing that? Now I have everything pre written inthere right. So yeah, I would say that in general I startwith the major locations that I want. So I'll start with the cities,yea. I will move from there to the outlying regions. I'll start tofill it in. What kind of an ecosystem it has, what kind ofa what kind of encounters can be found there? What kind of I liketo break it down as well, like I have a whole sideboard for mymap that's like a population, population composition, population density, trades, major tradesand trade routes and allies, enemies, that kind of stuff, which Iguess is kind of getting off topic of the map itself, but it'sall, it's all part and parcel for me. Yeah, okay, allright, so different features. Guys, we got monster layers. So awilderness area approximately fifty miles across can support roughly half a dozen monster layers,but probably no more than one apex Predator such as a dragon. So ifyou expect the characters to explore our monsters layer, you'll need to find orcreate an appropriate map for the layer and stop their layer as you would adungeon. Super for interesting that they actually have like an approximate area that dragonwould essentially control. kind of cool and...

...make sense. Like there you don't. Yeah, like if you have two of them in the same area competingfor resources, they're going to rip each other apart. Yeah, I guessI never I just never put numbers on it before. You know where it'slike. I was like yet like dragon is there and you know there's nodrug probably over there somewhere and it's fine. I mean I don't think anyone reallyknows for sure, but this is kind of cool that it has likea set thing. It's interesting. If I were to go building a map, you know, for a new homebrew world, I might try and usethis to see if it works. But yeah, I find that interesting.All right, monuments. So in places where civilization rules, civilization rules oronce ruled, adventures might find monuments built to honor the great leaders, Godsand cultures. So use monuments table for inspiration or randomly roll to determine whatMonument Adventures Stumble upon. So they've got things here like the sealed burial moundor pyramid. They've got like an intact statue of a person or deity.They've got the ruined or toppled obelisk, they've got the great stone archs orthe found or fountains or totem poles, things like that, all kinds ofstuff that you can put there. That've got table here that gets you nearlytwenty. It's like fifteen, fourteen or fifteen, I think, but it'son a D twenty rolling system. It's weird, all right. Ruins.So obviously an area, a wilderness area, has to have ruins. Crumbling Towersand ancient temples and raised cities are perfect sites for adventures. Additionally,noting the existence of an old crumbling wall that runs alongside a road and asaying stone windmill on a hilltop or a jumble of standing stones can add textureto your wilderness note. Side note here that I'm throwing in. Don't describeit too much. Are Your players might think it's important. If that's notgoing to be important, probably gloss over it a little bit as part ofyour travel day. I feel like that's been a recurring theme of the lastcouple episodes. Yep, all right, settlements. So settlements exist in placeswhere food, water and farmland and building materials are abundant. Of Civilized Promovens roughly fifty miles across might have one city, a few world towns anda scattering of villages and trading posts and uncivilized area might have a single tradingpost that stands at the edge of a wild frontier but no larger settlements.In addition to settlements, a province might contain ruined villages and towns that areeither abandoned or serve as layers from a rotting bandits and monsters. This is, I assume, well, assuming a fantasy setting. That's like, Iguess, average for for campaigns, like like the forgotten realms. But doesthat change, do you think, from setting to setting, like based onhow modernized, I guess, the the world is. It can get quitepacked, I would think. Well, I think this is referring to thedefaults. Yeah, the world which is forgotten realms, like yeah, yeah, we want like I wouldn't read the DMG and go wow, this isn'tdirectly applicable to my modern day setting. Like no man fair enough to justkeep that in mind when creating a guess you got to have their strongholds here. Strongholds provide local population, provide the local population with protection in times oftrouble. So the number of strongholds in an area depends on the dominant society, the population, the strategic importance or vulnerability of the region and the wealthof the land. Yeah, so when I think about it, I thinklike okay, and wild mount you've got the the empire is going to havea bunch of strongholds because military is a big part for them, whereas Ithink like in the gray and wild lands and Uthadurn, that kind of thing, where the dwarves live, they don't need it as much because it's mostly, you know, frozen lands and big force that nobody wants to enter anda mountain and that's where their city is. So they don't really need a alot of strongholds. They got a few settlements outside of their main undergrounddown and that's about it. So yeah, so keep in mind what kind oflike society you've got going on there. All right. Last but not least, here we got weird locals.

So a weird look hows make thefantastic and supernatural and intrinsic part of your wilderness adventure. So they've got thingslike a dead magic zone, which is similar to an anti magic field.That would be fun. They've got a wild magic zone, so where youroll on the wild magic surge table in the player's hand book whenever spell iscast within this zone. So much fun. Oh, I want to add thatboulder carved with talking faces. You've got crystal caves with mystically ants thatmystically answers questions. Who ancient trees contained containing a trap spirit. You've gota battlefield where lingering fog occasionally assumes you northern forms, gas trap permanent portals. Yeah, we in the in the Braden campaign, we came around ana free te WHO's behind the salt wall and tantalizing to release this creature ornot. I don't know. I still kind of want to go back andtalk to it more, but I know it's a bad idea. Yes,what to do with trapped creatures? I know we recently released one in ourother campaign with Matt from a cage. We're hoping that it's not going tobackfire, but so far, so good. He's we'll see. It's yeah,calls himself no one, so that's always good. You know it.Donue is always all right. Yeah. So a couple of the really coolplaces that you need to get and wishing well that the river fairies, youknow, guided by skeleton captain that, you know, just basic stuff likethat. Of course, but yeah, it goes could be really cool.I definitely want to add in a few of these. I'n't going to haveto try and remember that this is a thing. Yeah, but I thinkwe'll stop there for today. We'll continue on to wilderness survival on next timeand and. But for now, Braden, why don't you take her away?Sure, let's take a quick second here to hopefully hear from some sponsors. Maybe. Okay. So this episode of triple advantage we are going todo a segment of talk of the town. And talk of the town is thatsegment where we ask you the society question. Then we respond to thatquestion or respond to your responses of that question. And this week's question is, what is it class you have always wanted to play but you've never gotaround to it. Excellent question. Hum, I think I have played them all. At this point, I decide. Used to believe that there's no wayyou've played every there's hold on, I haven't played artificers. You haven'tplay all. Artificer was not originally a part of the player's handbook or isAmatar's guide, so I hadn't gotten around to that. is now part ofTasha's so I will probably get around to playing that at some point. Otherthan that, I have, I've I've played a barbarian. Most of theseI played in like one shots. I haven't played in them in like fullcampaigns. Played a barbarian, I played a cleric, I played a whatwe got bards? Yep, I have played one of those. Of playedfighters and monks and I played rangers and I played a Pallad and I playeddruid and I played a wizard and warlock and sorcerer. So I think that'spretty well all of them. If I'm missing any, I probably played thatone too. So I've tried them all out because I want to to dothat. It's it's it's part of my creation process. Actually is have Iplayed this before and, if so, have I played it in a fullcampaign setting? If it's a full campaign setting, that I'm bring it upor if I do, if I if I so, if I haven't playedit in a full campaign setting, then that's the thing that I worry about. So I have wanted to play a wizard in a full campaign setting fora long time, but every time I enter a new full campaign setting Ialways find a way to choose a different class because of backstory and stuff thatI come up with. So so that's that's the thing. It's very difficult. Well, well, I've always wanted... play an artifles, artifles ora wizard. I think both of those are, it look like Pretty Funclasses that I I've just never really liked gotten the chance to play in likea long form campaign as any of those. I think the closest I've gotten wouldhave been like a sorcerer, but that's completely different. And Yeah,yeah, I mean at lower levels it's kind of the same, I wouldsay, kind of calm, and that's pretty much where I stayed at.But yeah, those would be my to the my to primary interests here.I don't think really that like nothing really ride need to play ranger, barbarianor fighter. I think I'd like to make characters with those, but Idon't necessarily know that I'd want to play in a long campaign with them.But I think like a wizard cooled, because it's an iterative process they giveit gives you sort of like goals to work towards in a campaign which arejust like to a teen your spells, which gives a gives a nice littlepersonal drive to any character and then, similar to an artificer, which wouldbe you're constantly tinkering and upgrading creations for the party, right and you know, maybe just multi class into both of them. Why not and make myown magical items as a wizard, you know? Yeah, there you go. Not. Yeah, I've always I've really wanted to try blood hunter.I've still never done blood hunter. Surprised, that seems like very you. Yeah, exactly, like I've I play too many warlocks. That's the thing. I get distracted with the warlocks. So yeah, blood hunters probably prettyup there with what I would like to wry out, and there's a lot, like I know that there's a lot of options that Matt himself has comeup with. There's also a lot of really cool homebrew ideas that people havecome up with based on the blood hunter for specific creatures that they hunt.There's one really okay. There's one really neat one that I was looking atthat somebody come up with where they had done like their favorite opponent or whateverit is. Their favorite monster to hunt is in mummy and because of thatthey'd basically looked on to the embalming process of themselves. So it's a lotof their character was designed around like a preservation of the body, in thefact that, like, you can't really die because you're kind of already halfdead. It was a neat concept for a character. But blood hunters,yeah, blood hunters are great. They do not either respect serve. Yeah, I forgot they were exactly Jordan. I have yeah, no, Ihave not played a blood hunter either. I have a couple ideas running aroundin my head and I technically play a few blood hunters in the wild mancampaign as a DM, but not as a player. So that or maybea shift a chef. Chef, it's a home for class. Doesn't justa chef play? Shall yes, this cook things. Okay, let's takea look at what the society had to say. Over on our discord page. We got our mandycups coming through with I haven't played a cleric yet andI really want to wardmain obviously, ha ha ha. Yeah, over doingthe INSTAGRAM. We're popping off this week. We've got a document at you ofwealth responding with I'd love to try being druid lie sometime. It's goodchoice. DRUID is one of those ones that I feel like intimidates people sothey don't play it like first, and then it kind of gets shunted tothe back of the line. Yeah, it can be difficult. I thinklike part of it is like if you're playing a Druid, you feel likeyou have to act a certain way, almost. I don't know about that. Like it's a little bit it is a little bit more limited to acertain extent, because you are related to nature, guaranteed. Limited. Isn'ta pretty related to nature, but it's what I arly. But I meanlike you have to fulfill some sort of role that's related to nature, whereas, like, if you choose a cleric, you got like fifty different subclasses thatyou can choose from based on like what you want to be related toand what you want your character to know about, that kind of thing.Yeah, that it's still like it with all of those. They're linked toa God. Yeah, like you're related neither what you choose, your subclashoptions are limited to a certain archetype based on your class. Right, yes, to a certain except. I just...

...mean that like your back story isalmost guaranteed to, I guess, like be related to nature, and Iget that, like cleric's are going to be related to God's kind of thing, but you got a choice as to, like which God or God's right.Like there's a there's a lot of different routes that you can go withit. I don't know, I don't know. I don't like it looklike I don't know where this like wall comes to the like. Well,I don't know. What's the limiting ass? What's telling you that a cleric addneeds to follow one particular deity? No, it's not. Other day, it's not a day day, it's not a day. The day,day is nature itself. That's that's that's I guess where the wall is.I'm thinking that when I think of Druid, one of the first characters that comesto my mind is keyleth from critical role, and she was very muchlike. Her entire backstory was rooted in her tribe and her people, whichwere like a naturalistic tribe and people, but her goal wasn't really nature oriented. Her goal was to become a better leader for her tribe. I mean, you could just as easily say a druid is some sort of millennial UberVegan. I don't know, like it's trying to make the world better.Yeah, that's pretty funny. Like, no, like, I mean like, like, as long as your goals and your purpose, your character's purpose, sort of aligns with the better ment of nature, are nurturing nature,you know, like they'll somewhat align with your abilities. But even then,like it doesn't necessarily it could be some sort of urbanized character that just,you know, likes plants. You know, it's like a plant mom in Toronto. It's the clussest you'll get with to being to being a druidic creatureand you're just talking to your little plants as they has a growing your lavishapartment. Hey, guys, I like new character. His name's Justin,but it's spelled Jo you, because his parents wanted it to be unique.Sorry to all the Koh you Justin's out there. All right, I feellike. I feel like with a lot of these classes, like, Imean, it's up to your creative whatever, but like, yeah, like I'venoticed you oftentimes go oh, this is limited because of this, whenI feel like it's just your on the initial interpretation. Yet sure, so, yeah, like, I mean I get that and your stand I guessI have a limited imagination to a certain extent, I guess. Well,we can leave it at that, I guess. Yeah, you know thather hs. That just your yeah, exactly. But like there are,I'm sure there are others out there like me who are who do see itas a little bit more of a limited class in that extent. To thatextent, remind you there's a lot you can do with a druid. It'sreally cool. I like it. I've played it. It's fun. Yeah, it's the class itself has so many spelled and I think that's like that'sone of the things where it's like that's the part that's overwhelming. Yeah,the form, it was definitely like I started, my first character was adruid and I had no idea what I was doing with that Druid, becausethere's a lot bughly to take in with the DRUID. Yeah, and Istill have not gone back to druid. I mean you got spell casting andyou got wild shape and that that that's the good things. You need toknow. The spells where the tricky part for me especially. Well, Imean it was your first care exactly. I mean I'm like now with yougo back to it, probably, yeah, but I just haven't, but thatwould be the same as any spell caster. Then, like you,any like your first spell caster is always going to be the trick, youknow, because with something like maybe with a wizard or something, you havethat same choice fatigue or a cleric, but with a sorcerer or a warlockyou're very locked into your spell list. You have these spells. You canchange out one every so often, every time you level. Oh that's versuslike a druid. You just have all the spells all the time. No, you still have to you have to prepare them on a long yeah,exactly, but like you have that unlimited choice. I guess so. Imean, I didn't see that as a difficult thing. I saw that asI oh, what do I want today? Well, I want this one,this woman and this one, and if I really need to change somethingbecause something crazy is coming up, then I would change that out. Idon't know that it's a difficult thing when you're learning the game to not havethose I don't know, handholding. Yeah, the wrong is the right choice,but like that have that structure to just have Right, here you go, here's everything figured out right. Fair enough. I guess I'm yeah,like wizard was my first class. Technically drew it was my second. Butyeah, I didn't. I didn't.

I don't know. Maybe I gotover the whole spellcasting thing quickly because my first two classes were spellcasters. ButI like warlocks. That's that's that's what this whole Rantis been about. Ilike warlocks. Invocations are much more difficult, I would say. Now we haveKay I. Warlocks and sorcerers. Are the choice limited. Are theare the ones that I get the the like get crazy about, because Ican't change it out later, or at least I can't unless I level up. So if I don't like what I chose, I have to stick withit. Yeah, so that's when I start to go, I don't know, should I choose this one? Does that one fit my character better,or is this one, you know, more of a Oh, I don'tknow, I don't know. Wait, but this one is technically a betterspell, but it doesn't fit my class as well or my character as well. I don't know. I love that. I Love I start to just thechoices become too real. When you got clerics and druids got it easy. They just go okay, well, if I need a spell I canjust go get it later. Give me a day. It's fine. Let'skeep let's keep looking at what what the society said. We got. WeGot Eagle and serpent coming in wanting to play a zealot barb with sentinel andpull arm master and they haven't yet. Usually stick to the spell casters.Fair enough. I feel that one feller, I don't know. Once I onceI'm right in the spell casters, I don't want to go back toMarshall. Are Burying with the Sentinel and pull arm master. Reckon anybody withinten feet of me. No one's leaving my area. Yeah, true.I'm not sure I would want to do the sentinel polar master with a barbarian, though, specifically because the barbarians keep their rage up as long as theyeither hit someone. Are Or is it do they just have to make anattack? It just makes the range higher and then they can root everybody asthey move around. No, no, no, the rage, rage,right. Rage stays active as long as you either get hit or hit someone. Or is it just make an attack? Role? I think you actually havethe system. Yeah, so, but like with the greater range,you have more targets. Yeah, I'm I'm assuming that with greater range,you're attacking people just like yeah, see, but I can attack you, butI won. The sentinel polar master keeps them at bay. Essentially.That's what it does, so that you don't get hit because you keep themin their place. But it's on a reaction. So it does the reactioncount to keep the rage active? Oh yeah, I guess. I don'tthink so. I guess so. Yeah, yeah, it'd probably be fine.You're right, kind of a keep them keep that in mind by planein my campaign. Oh No, the sentinel polar mastered combination is just it'sit's horrifying for for characters. It's crazy how powerful it is. So butyeah, no, I'm not going to. I'm not going to be running thatwith my guy. He's he's different. Okay, we've got D six Phoenixcoming in. They'd like to they've got a character made. It's adruid. He's just a big old dumb brute who likes mushrooms. Sounds soundsa lot like your boy kaducis clay. But yeah, I've circles. BarDrud is something that I've always wanted to try. I've never been that attractedto the circles forts. To be honest, it's just like mushrooms. Yeah,it was a that is Ravnica to you, right. Yes, that'sit. That's a very ravnika class, like that's a very Gogary druid.Yeah, I can get hind now. Finally, we've got cathanid coming insaying he's interested in trying the soul knife rogue. I never really jumped atthe PSIONIC classes. I thought they were cool ish, I didn't love them. Is that because it's hard to see where they fit in with the otherclasses? Or like just like because no one else chooses the PSIONIC classes,so it feels weird to be the only one with it? Or is itlike it's like watched in Marvin did that interest? It's like watching marvel andeverybody's either human, enhanced or an alien, and then all of a sudden there'swizards. It's the same feel to me, like magic or Dandie hasmagic, but then all of a sudden there's like Pekis now and it's right. Is Different. It's like magic but it's not really magic. Is thesepsychic powers? It's like, okay, I I don't yeah, exactly.It's like the first human enhanced people, right, almost, yeah, kindof like it's like super powers in a world where there's already magic. Yeah, it's just it's a weird concept for... I feel a love itas much, yeah, of others. Yeah, yeah, I agree withyou there. I think if other people, like, if there is more thanone person in the campaign that was running it as well, I wouldfeel more comfortable like running a psionic character. Yeah, I don't know where theywould fitting. Like a theme for my well, was that it isanybody else sensor? Nope. I think that's it, and that also putsa wrap on this episode of triple advantage. So you like what you're hearing?If you want to be part of the discussion, follow us on oursocial media. That's at Real City society on Instagram, at rosity social ontwitter. Links to the community discord can be found in both. Check outour content that were constantly producing on DMS guild. New stuff coming soon timbesides that. Keep it locked here for a new episode of triple advantage everyMonday. We'll see you next time.

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