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Season 3, Episode 19 · 1 year ago

Bonus Action - The Wasting Disease


Join Jordan and guest host Matt as they interview Braeden about The Wasting Disease, our most ambitious module release yet! Featuring three full chapters, two complete subclasses and more, The Wasting Disease is available now from the Royal City Society on DM's Guild.

Hello there, society. Welcome to another bonus action episode of triple advantage. I know you are expecting someone else to do the introduction, but today we've got a surprise. It's Jordan doing the intro today, and with us we've got matt here again to help us out with this bonus action. And the reason we're doing that is because Braden has come out with a brand new piece of tasty content to put out there for us on the Royal City Society during yeah, what do we call in it? They're Braeden. That's a good question, Jordan. You think I know that as the writer? It is called the wasting disease. So sous, tell us a little bit about this venture. You got here or well, the the wasting disease is an adventure that is skilled to seventh level players, three to seventh level players. It is the first multi session, or at least multi chapter, piece of content that we have put out collaboratively as the society, so I'm pretty excited about that. It it focuses on the city of water deep and a mysterious plague that has that is overtaken the streets. Essentially, you are being tasked to track down a the origin and possible cure of a apparently magic based plague that has broken out in the city. So there's a little bit of mystery, a little bit of intrigue, Little Bit of Action, a nice little combination of something I think everybody enjoy over the course of something that's meant to be played out over three ish sessions or one extremely large session. I would say mystery and intrigue are like right up your alley, bradens. So you guys, you can expect something real good in that area, I hope. So. Yeah, yeah, so the adventure itself, like you said, was like three different parts. But even before that, I'm seeing here you've got like different factions, which is awesome. So it look, I guess, the players do they get to decide between like joining different factions or do they get to like meet each of these different factions? What do we got here, Bradon? They definitely get to meet all the different factions. So I have three factions that are included with this the benevolent wings, the plague bearers and the hands of mercy. The benevolent wings and the plague bearers are introduced as allies of the party early on or benefactors, I should say, I think Tash Hass calling them patrons these days. Essentially, one of the two, or what technically both both players can choose one or the other to join up with to accomplish the goal of crrying this disease, and each one takes very, very similar path. You will generally tend to end up at the very much the same places, but the goals are slightly different. The Benevolent Wings Look specifically to find the source of this, to seek out the root of where this play came from, versus the plague bears look to find a cure more specifically, and through it all, the hands of mercy. For a lot of it is kind of this shadowy third faction that is kind of lurking in the background that you get to learn more about throughout the second chapter and into the third chapter. HMM, yeah, they're really interesting, really interesting. Before we go any further, I totally forgot to ask you this. What like inspiration did you have for coming up with this adventure as a...

...whole? So I don't need to tell people that the world sucks right now, because the world kind of sucks right now. If you if you haven't turned on your TV in the last year, for if you have been living under a literal rock, that is probably the safest place and you should stay there. But, in case you haven't heard, there's there's, there's, there's, there's, there's disease about. So this was I've been I've I wrote this a while ago. I had had it written out and edited several times over before I even sent it to the two of you, who were my first kind of proof readers, before I sent it to the society at large. So I've had this for a while and this was basically I had been wanting to write a multi multipart campaign for a while and after after a while of just being on self isolation, it just like got to me. And there's I'm sure that there's some people that would see this as possibly being in bad taste. Writing a writing a module about plague during a time of plague seems maybe a little too on the nose, but there's something to me. First of all, it was super, Super Cathartic as a writer to be able to write this given the current circumstances, and I think there's something to be said about giving players a module where they have the power to actually conquer and overcome this disease where maybe we're a little bit less or more helpless in the real world. Yeah, can definitely, I inspire message of hope and in an otherwise can of trying time. I hope so. And just sort of going back to the previous point you talked about, like the thing that I really like about this module, with the different factions and all that. There's a lot of choice involved with this module and I think it's really, really interesting for us to hear about, you know, what what parties choose to go with, what factions and you know, maybe they don't follow the the intended path, and there's a lot of different directions you can go with this. So I'm really excited. So you can all the deviations and the stories behind keep running this for sure. Yeah, so society, if you do end up running this campaign, like tell us about it. We want to hear like what happened during it and different ways that maybe we can improve it or something along those lines, and just like get the stories about it, because it's really interesting to us and we want to do these kind of things a lot in the future. HMM. Now, talking about the the the plague itself, in this, in this module. How, how bad is it really, without going into too much detail, like, are you expecting the players to be not only potentially exposed to it, perhaps even even affected by it directly? In I have that is that is a distinct possibility in this I have tried to craft a delicate balance of disease in this, because disease is a tricky thing to run. I find in D and D I've almost met you've been part of a campaign where I almost hit a hit a player with a disease and like as the DMA is and they're going, please make this safe, because this is going to get weird if you all thanklay those playing a pet and they can clinic. Yeah, but it's tougher to balance, in my opinion, because if if you rely on them getting hit in order for encounters to be balanced, like if you rely on them essentially taking a penalty and then they don't end up taking that penalty, it could be too powerful. Or if you rely on them not getting hit and they end up getting right and infected by this, then it's probably going to be too difficult. So I think I've struck a balance between the two. I hope I have between still being able to have fun whether you're infected or not. But I think that the potential to become infected and the possible...

...fallout of a player becoming infected adds a very, very timely element to this. It adds an extra layer of suspense on top of it, which I'm very excited to dig into. It definitely does. I've run in my campaign where three of my players ended up picking up some sort of a disease that was going to eventually kill them over a period of time and they had seen the others, other people who had suffered the same kind of like des from the same disease, and it definitely adds like a whole like okay, we got to go and get this cure and we got to get this carrot now. So it is definitely really fun when you add that level of like suspense and let's go and get this done. Like time is of the essence to a campaign, so it's definitely an exciting thing that you can do, for sure. Let's see what else we got here. We got there's you said, three chapters, right. So the first chapter you got basically introduces them to the plague and to the different potential factions that they can interact with in that sort of thing. Right, yes, crab. And then chapter two actually to do you want to just give us like a quick breakdown maybe of each of the different chapters, like? Sure. So Chapter One, as you've described, it's a bit of an intro chapter. So they're introducing the play. They get to see it firsthand. There's a minor combat in there, not meant at all to take up resources, mostly just to demonstrate what this plague does and how deadly it is. They're introduced to our three leading factions. They get an opportunity to speak with two of those factions and to ally with one of them, and they're sent on essentially a fetch quest for one of the two factions that will result in them getting information that carries onto chapter two. Chapter two they follow up that information with a visit to the the hands of mercy, the third faction that they cannot all with. That results in, well, it results in different things depending on who sent you. You get a you you there is a different vibe, a different specific task that you've been sent for, depending on who is who is sending you. But that culminates in chapter three, which is a very large, very potentially literally explosive ending where everything comes to a head and you the the the life of your party and really the life of a lot of people hang in the balance. And so there's these three parts. But, and you mentioned with initially, like you could run it as one super long social or maybe three separate ones. Do you feel like each chapter kind of has enough that it could be like the majority of the sessions? You could have each one kind of you know, you have chapter one, session one, chapter two, social two and in kind of continuingly, my belief is yes, I think that chapter one is a nice a nice length. I think the channel more more will play focus probably exactly. Chapter two is, it looks at a glance maybe a little bit shorter, but it is fairly combat heavy and the closest that we get to a bit of a minor Dungeon Carol, where it's very location focused and it's very much kind of slogging your way through this temple that you're investigating. And then the final the the third chapter, maybe a little shorter, admittedly, but I think that there is enough there and...

...enough information there and enough of a final combat session that there will be a very satisfying ending. Yeah, I absolutely love chapter three. Like it's it's going to it's going to be. It would be really fun to like run this, for sure. Yeah, it's got such an interesting ending there. But also I love like the whole like idea, I guess, of like joining the different factions and then like kind of ending up almost in the same place. It gives the the players the option to like make choices that do end up mattering, but they kind of can get to the same day destination at the end of it, which is a really tough thing to pull off in a way that still makes the choices seem like meaningful. For sure. Yeah, and you've done a really good job of getting that both both sides kind of like together and putting it together like that. I got a credit to our mutual friend and fellow Royal City Society member, David for that. David, as we've seen, we've interviewed him on the podcast before. He's an old school dd player that likes to likes to run some interesting campaigns, and David introduce me to a concept that he likes to use called the illusion of choice. Yes, basically, that's I'm sure we're all familiar with this, but for listeners that aren't basically the idea that essentially set it up in a way so that the players feel like they have autonomy and they feel like they it's open world and they can do whatever they want, but essentially all roads will leach to exactly where you want them to, and I've kind of tried to structure it in a way very similar to that. But so it in in essence that the combats will essentially be the same no matter who you take. The missions will be very similar if the motives are not different. But I feel like those motives are significantly different enough that it gives a it gives a different feel. Yeah, it makes the way that you approach the quest significantly different depending on who sent you, even if the actions are objectively the same, and it can appeal to a bunch of different like types of Parties to oh for sure. So like they're like if you've got a super lawful group, like there's a way that you can go with that. If you've got a really more like chaotic version, there's a more suited route for them kind of thing. If they if you've got like a group that's like very like love, Ewe like like, let's do all the healing to all the people's and stuff like that, and you know, there's there's a way that you can kind of implement that into this module. So it's very easy to fit almost any type of party into this setting. Sure. Now, speaking setting you mentioned, for it's set in water deep, mm, the official forgotten round settings. But where would you recommend or or see parties kind of encountering this kind of adventure? Like is this something you could drop into just but any campaign, like official or hungbrew kind of thing? I would definitely say so. I've structured it in water deep mostly because I find that water deep, especially in the forgotten realm water deep, reminds me a lot of Toronto in my head. It to use, though, to use a relatively local large cities for us, because it just seems like there's something for everyone in water deep, like it's one of these big cities were like, no matter what you're looking for, you're probably going to find it in water deep in front. Just so, yeah, I do use it decently frequently in my in writing because it grounds it in official DD setting, which opens up a lot for for campaigns, but it also it's one of those things...

...where it's like I could write. I don't think there's anything that I couldn't write and set in water deep and it would feel out of place. That's true. Yeah, I think like everything everything works in water deep, which is does and yet. But yes, I do think that you could, pretty much, because I don't use anything that's specifically pre written to water deep. I don't use anything that is from official wizard's content besides the actual city setting itself. Like there's no buildings or guilds or anything that are right sial. So you could, yes, you could absolutely like pick this up and drop it into your own home brew setting if you want to. Yeah, the exe, and I mean even for some official ones, like there's I don't know a lot about it, that water de Dragon Heist obviously sittin water deep. This to be, I don't know, potential wayts you to expand on that story or some yeah, The Times, for sure, for sure. Yeah, so I think if that's all we have for the actual like writing portion of it, I guess there is something else that you've also attached to this. Yeah, right in, like, you crazy man, you crazy crazy man. That's quite a package. I think this is what you have with a just a value. Yeah, Q, have attached to two different subclasses here, which are both, I assume, related to this package. There is the primal path, the path of the plague bear, and there is the arcane, Arcane tradition, malady. Yes, so do you want to tell us a little bit about that? So the path of the plague bearer actually predates this module entirely and just happened. I had wrote this a while back with the intent to release it as one of our subclasses, and then, as I started to write this adventure, I was like, you know what, like this is so spot on, or this venture like it's. It's a barbarian subclass that specifically has to do with your rage, comes from the fact that you are infected with a with a sickness that there is nothing you can do about and it's absolutely twisting your body into into something else. And there are things that have to do with additional damage from reckless attack due to the unbridled agony that is caused by this plague. There are things that have to do with immunity or advantage against certain conditions as a result, there are things that have to do with essentially, you being able to infect others with the plague that you have. And when I started, when I started writing this module, I was like, you know, it's too perfect to not including added. So I decided to visit and with that I was thinking, you know, maybe this is done, and then I was like, well, you've one subclass act onto the end. Feels kind of weird. I feel like I need at least two. And I also felt like the the main villain to this was kind of missing something, because I felt like, yes, this person is clearly like a not too of small spoiler territory here, but I've already said that it's a it's a magic based plague. So somebody created this plague and as you get to fight eventually the person that created this plague, they have some cool features and those cool features are essentially borne out of the fact that I was thinking, like I was like, I could make them a necromancer, but that's boring. People have done that before, you know, I can make them just kind of a generic castor well, that's kind of that's kind of boring too, but I was like, you know what, like there's there's no domain for sickness specifically... the wizard traditions. So with that I created the the Arcane tradition of malady, which is essentially a wizard tradition that deals specifically with the research of place, with the research of sickness and disease, and with that knowledge you can really go either way. This, the the villain, obviously leans into a to a significantly darker side of the subclass, but I've tried to build the subclass so that it doesn't have to be a negative thing. You know, our play an evenings not based on evil care exactly. Yeah, so there are options. Basically, each option gives you the power over increasing power over disease, and you can use that power to protect yourself and your allies through healing spells and through being able to grant condition immunities or resistances, be giving your self and aura of healing, or you could use it to inflict your enemies, essentially instilling those same conditions and instilling extra amounts of nick, chronic or poison damage and aura that is significantly harming those around them. It was it was a lot of fun to work on that one, actually. I enjoyed that a lot more. I kind of had like this rough idea and I was like that's cool, play wizard now. Yeah, but like, as I started to flesh it out, I was like, I'm I really I really enjoyed crafting these crafting these features, to the point where I'm probably going to have to play a malady tradition wizard in some points. Yeah, I mean healing on a wizard, you'd sign you up. Hell, yeah, let's go, let's go. Yeah, that's awesome. It is a really cool class. I really enjoyed working a little bit on that as well. It was it's quite interesting. I am excited to kind of see someone play it and the just the role play, like potential for it is just so great. It's going to be so cool. I just know it. I hope so, I really hope so. Yeah, okay, Whoa. I think that's all I had to say. Matt. Did you have anything else you wanted to add real quick? Yeah, it's just like, if you get a quicker like what's your favorite part of this Brittain, like, what would you call all really excited about? Oh goodness, that's a hard choice to it. Oh Man, it's so hard to say because I've put I've this wee week. You feel a lot of work in this. This is lot, this is our rests to me, and I mentioned too. I mentioned to Matt, I think I don't know if I mentioned to Orman, but I mentioned a matt early on as I was writing this, that I really considered not bringing this to the Royal City Society. I considered releasing this just on my own because this is an adventure that I spent. I spent a lot of time on one time that I've spent on anything else, and there was something that I felt just really special and just a great connection to this. And obviously, like the society is great, it's so it's so awesome to have you guys to work with, but I think we all know that, like sometimes things get ideas get tossed around and things get changed and sometimes when you're like really, really really enjoy an idea, you don't want to see it changed and right it doesn't matter if that change is necessarily beneficially. You have like a like a sentimental attachment to that, to that, and you would like by the time of society got it was like very like almost it was as as what it is. It was. Basically, I tried to make it air tight and I'm very happy with the fact that it is largely the same adventure that I went in, with the exception to that being I got a shadow at Cam, our good friend Cam from the arcs, who essentially rewrote a large part of the third chapter to make... an absolute the spectacular third act to this, which is just just took it in a direction that I did not think of, and I'm very glad that he thought of because I'm incredibly happy with the way that that turned out. Yeah, yes, a very exciting, inclusive counter, I think so. I can't. That's a long way of saying I can't answer my favorite part of this. This is, this, is, this, is the entire rating as a package. Is just one yeahs of thing. That is all. It looks really good to you, like you guys are only really great job of funding heart. That fits it and like it looks fantastic. Well, I'm gladually awesome. Well, thank you so much for sharing that with us, Braden, and talking to us about it. And Matt, thank you again for coming on to our show. What happen you here? It's not thanks. And Yeah, be sure everyone to follow us on instagram twitter. We've got those, and this can be found the wasting disease can be found on DM's guilt. Yeah, so try and find it there. I look up the Royal City Society or some of other Braden's other works. We've got a bunch there that you can check out. And Yeah, we'll see you guys all next time.

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