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Season 2, Episode 17 · 2 years ago

Bonus Action - Unearthing Arcana: Feats


Welcome back to another Bonus Action! This time, we tackle the new Unearthed Arcana that covers Feats, discuss our favorite new inclusions, and ponder at what this might imply for the future of Dungeons and Dragons.

Ladies Gentlemen, Non Binary Friends, welcome back to another triple advantage bonus action, where we take little bits and ideas that we do not have time for in the regular podcast and we do them here instead. I'm Braden with me today is the usual proof we are Carlos and Jordan, gentlemen, are you ready to unearth some Arcana? I believe so. I brought my shovel. Excellent, let's start digging. We're supposed to bring shoubles. Did you get the memo I brought to I'll end you one. Thanks for your letter. Rays topic of conversation is the new unearthed Arcana from just this last week, July. It is tackling a variety of new feats that wizard is playtesting for potential future release. Now let's start by touching on the conversation that we kind of had when we first read through these as a group, which is what these new options are possibly suggesting. Jordan, you had some thoughts on that and I think we all yeah, that's so. Yeah. So these options, a lot of them are abilities that are found in the different classes. They're like some of the more unique things, like invocations from morelocks or Meta magic. From the sorcerers or fighting styles from the fighting classes. All these things kind of like are small feats that allow you to do bits and pieces of what people in those classes would be able to do and it's opening up the customization options for your players so that they don't have to multi class anymore into these different classes to get those abilities that they want. They can just take a feat that allows them to do something like that. So if you...

...want a wizard that can use subtle magic so that they don't have to speak when they're doing their magic, you know you can do that. You can get sorcery points without having to dip into a level or well actually three levels into sorcerer. You can take it as a feat instead. So I think that's awesome at that. You know, the customization options are opening up, but it also kind of almost runs against the normal, I guess, or the original reason for creating e which is, you know, it was created to be a little bit more simple and kind of divert away from the massive amount of customization that was available in previous versions to make it more user friendly. I just yeah, so I'm not I like I like the customization options, obviously, but I'm not sure I would offer it up as something for new players to use right off the get go, because it just it offers too much for them and they're already overwhelmed with the amount of information they have to learn. To just keep adding in more and more customization options kind of just defeats the purpose of having something simple like in v SOS A. It's a given take care. I like. I like some of the options there and I want to use them, but do I open it up for other people that are newer and maybe? I don't know. I have been of a thought on that and I think it comes more from the game design aspect then it might be for the game play itself as well. But regarding that concern, I feel like that's not too much of an issue because, well, if a new players buying the players handbook to play, they only have the feats available to them there. That's what they would see anyways right now.

If a DM wants to introduce them to possible other options, then well then I would assume that the DM is helping them build their character at that point, which then doesn't really give me any, you know, concern with regards to maybe them choosing a feat that isn't good for examp right. So that's where I sit with that. I don't think. I don't think like having these extra feats would confuse players, and I know that it's unearthed or Conna, but it's not directly in the content package that new players would see right, right, right, for these are things that you might experience once you're more into the hobby and trying to figure out what other options you have as a player, but that already takes a little bit of engagement initially. True. Now, I do think that the release of this makes sense, not only with, you know, the constant evolution of this game, but also with, like, the their mission statements and direction that they might want to be taking their like Ip over, you know. So they have stated that they want to create a world where characters can choose and have all these other options to truly craft unique characters, and I think that this is in large as step towards that. Right by allowing the well, I want, you know, to have misty step because I like that feat from the fails. How could I possibly have that as my character? And since it sits behind that layer of me know, DM player interaction or more experienced player than maybe you have a little bit of like a reason to have these feats in game. That's kind of where I stand with that. Yeah, and and to kind of attack onto that. Yeah, it adds a little bit of... extra layer of complication. But is it? Is it more complicated than the full multi classing experience? My immediate first off no, yeah, you're right, it does. It does really simplify the multi classing. Actually, let's try to buy by eliminating it's but right, they're limiting the need for at least yeah, that's interesting, because you wouldn't necessarily like, if you really want to have certain abilities from a class. It's been more levels into it. Right, yes, for sure. But if you're if you're going in like if you're if you're a minmaxing type, who's going in because this one ability really synergizes with this one class that you're doing, it's much easier and really more beneficial for you to just take that one ability. Rights. Multi class has a niche spot in oh absolute RP as well in the game. I could easily think of you know someone who was in a wizard in school and well, all of a sudden your country's going to war so, guess what, you're a fighter now, right, and you go from there. But like, yeah, it's kind of confusing. As a player, you normally just take it for like I want to have, you know, this ne six, your sneak attack or whatever. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So, like I'm looking at this and I'm like, Oh, my Bard would love to have Meta magic so he can go around, you know, not saying anything or moving his hands as he's delving into your mind. And you know, it kind of just seems more like, Oh, yes, I would definitely use that, but I don't want to dip three levels into sorcerer so that I can get that. Because, number one, it's not as men Maxi, and I tend to do that a little bit when I'm creating my characters. And number two, I like three levels takes a while to get. Like not only that, not only that, but by doing this, they essentially allowed players to have those level twenty abilities. Right,...

...yes, because I'll sue multi class. Well, guess what, you can't reach level twenty anymore, exactly. Like so, just because you wanted this one little thing like cost it is like the class defining ability. He's like the iregend key points every time. Let's go. So I definitely appreciate like the audibility, for sure. So out of the ones you guys have seen, which ones stand out to you? which ones do you yes, you've been super effective my my first two. I'll pick two. Okay, and I'm not going to say effective, because that's that's not about play. These are these are the things that I find really, really cool. First one immediately, chef. Yes, love every N it was so cool. I Love I love the the the RP potential that that brain it's I love the little flare. I like that it is one of the ones that doesn't really have an accompanying maybe class diversification to it. It's kind of a bit of an original idea. Yeah, so the the chef feat essentially, as you have proficiency in the cooks tool, you get a plus one to your count or Whiz score, and you also, as a short rest, can cook food for a number of creatures equal to, for plus your proficiency bonus, and as they eat it they get an extra eight hit points, similar to bird song of rest, I think, but actually even better because it's ad a versity. Six. Yeah, Song of rest improves as you go. So yes, and additionally, it lets you cook food with either an hour of work or at the end of the long rest, and that food last for eight hours and they a can get temporary hip points from them.

Not even what's your proficiency bonus. So you're cooking so good it gives life. I guess that is kind of similar. I think there is a druidic feat similar to that, or druid expel perhaps, that I've seen used a couple times, but the name of it is escaping me and it's definitely not exactly the same. So you mean the spell that gives temporary hip points? There's no, there's an actual like feast of something or other. That's a feast and it gives right. Not not the same as this. Is just, yeah, thematically reminding me. The second one that I was looking at was poisoner, because the I immediately saw that, because we do have a rogue that Jordan, you and I play alongside and Carlos Udm for, who's constantly asking if she can find poisons and if she can make poison. Yes, how she can go about getting her hands on some poison. And Hey, now you can with this nifty new feat that we get here first of all, you you now cut through resistance to poison damage. Nice. That's code a weapon in poison as a bonus action instead of action. Okay, you have proficiency with the poisoners kit. If you don't already have it, a lot of robes may have already taken that. That's not a huge thing, right, but with one hour of work, using a poisoner's kid and expending fifty gold worth of materials, you can now create a number of doses of potent poison equal to your proficiency. Bonus once about. The poison retains potency for one minute or until you hit with the weapon. When a weapon coded in this poison deals damage to a creature, they must make a constitution saving throw or become poisoned and take two d eight poison damage. Yes, so easy, easy way to kind of cut out the middleman on this one of having to find a poison a shady back alley. person. This is this is step one, and I'm sure what is wizard's collective effort to write...

...out render Mata mensal's roguish environments completely redundant. Big, Big Dand taken on the little guy again. Yeah, I really like that. I think it's an awesome feat. There's a lot of potential there. Jordan. Thoughts on any yeah, so the one, the big one that stood out to me I think, was shield training, which increases your strength, dexterity or constitution score by one. You gain proficiency with skills shields. Sorry, in combat you can donnered off the shield as a free object interaction. If you have the spell casting or packed magic feature, you can use this shield as a spell casting focus. So suddenly now your wizards can use a shield with major armor and the shield spell as a reaction. So I think that brings their maximum a see up to a hundred and twenty five. Everybody look out for those defensive wizards. It's going to be I think that's a little bit crazy personally, but yeah, we'll see. We'll see. I think the other one that stood out to me I love invocations. So the ELDRICH adept that allows you to learn and eld rich invocation of your choice and then improve upon it when you gain levels is, Huh, so cool. I love that, fantastic. I would hundred percent, you know, use that for any type of spellcasting character I'm using. I would definitely love like the invocations are just amazing in in the warlock class. That's kind of why people choose it. So you know, it's awesome. I agree. The drawback to that one is if there is a prerequisite, you still need to meet the prerequisite.

Yes, yes, so you cannot you have prerequisitive? Yeah, nothing, nothing, crazy. Most of them are levels, if I'm not mistaken, but some number levels, like a couple of them, you have to have a specific pact, which doesn't write luck. Yes, yeah, and I like how, even if you're a warlock, you can still take this feat so you can get another invocation. Oh yeah, so, like that's also awesome because more, a lot more indications, exactly. So those were my two. That's about to me, Carlos. What are you think? Well, I think you guys will be excited to know that I think I have a build for a future character I'll play in one of your campaigns and I'm really excited for you guys to have to rule for my shield carrying wizards with the mobile feet as well. Oh Gosh, you just don't die. Yeah, that's cool. No, that's fine, that's that's totally fine and no be and I'm definitely going to build a character around that because I want to want to take the Rooud that, to give the ideas. Keep it in them. Right wizard, but kind of like a you know, doctor strange wizard will just like flavor at that. Whenever you're not getting hit, I'm just like running through the mirror dimension or some other weird the the feats that I'm actually excited about in this unearthed Arcana I like fae touched because I do like the misty steppability. I think it's just like a fun little extra bit of movement that your character can have and having a monk has shadow step even with that, just because I love just are peeing straight into the characters, but having yet another little blink would be really cool. So that excites... personally as a player. I think the piercer feet has a really cool RP element to it, which is the you stab something and then you push your blade in like a little bit further and it just fits in so well with the mechanic of it of just re rolling one of the die. It just like really robust. I don't know, there's something about it I really enjoy. And then the last one, I will have to say that the tracker feet is kind of fun in general. One hunters mark. You know, can I just throw it all? That creature as a rogue? Sure, why not. Kind of fun. Watch me delete this. I've learned a new ability. It's called deleete. Just wipe everyone out. Sure, why not? Yeah, it's fine, it's fine. Yeah. One thing that I'm immediately jumped to that I think could be included into this, that's never been explored before, I don't think, is the idea of almost RP style prerequisites. So, especially when I'm looking at FAE touched and shadow touched, because the ideas the exposed, your exposure to the Fay wild or one of his denizens has left a magical mark on you. So and and missy step isn't exactly a non issue for people like missy steps. A good spell right. So to just to be able to take this is nice, but the idea behind this being like, in order to take this feat, you must have visited the Faye wild at least once in order to take the denizens. Yeah, or yeah, in fact with you. Yeah. So this leads me into thinking about interesting and relatively niche house rules or just mechanisms behind...

...the screen for this game. With regards to character building and your role is a DM. MMM, maybe this touches on your concern earlier to Jordan. But maybe if a players joining in and they don't necessarily have like a huge rpeback story behind their character, well, here you go. Here's a set of eight or so feet that you could take right shorts to sink. You can pick your favorite, relatively diverse with regards to like melee spells, mobility and whatever. But if they give you more and more RP, I would actually change which feats are available to you as a character. And I know that some people might take that as subjective and taking away from the players, but something I'd like to experience with in game. Right it's like, Hey, here's your character backstory and here's the feats that you have. The heres like the standard eight, and because of your back story you have unlocked the possible extra for that. You can start with interesting, which is a method of Gino pulling that rp out of the players. Hey, you're getting rewarded, this is good, you know. Yeah, so with my campaign that I started up, I actually gave feats to people based upon their back story, so I kind of rewarded them for having a fleshed out yeah, I rewarded them for having a fleshed out backstory. So if they so. One of them was a daughter of a surgeon. So I said you can have the healer feet because that matches with your character. You're playing as a ranger, so you don't you have like some sort of like magical abilities that can do some healing, but this feat here will actually kind of compensate you for the ability to or your backstory where you learned how to heel people using medicine...

...and different like, you know, bandages and how to sterilize things and all that kind of like nursing training or doctor training like isn't going out the window because, you know, you just don't have a feat that goes with it or you're not playing a class that matches with your backstory. So this kind of like opened up the avenues there, I think, and and rewarded people for thinking outside the box a bit. So I didn't tell them what they would be getting out of it when when they you know their character, I just kind of said, okay, what is your back story? Okay, I think this feat goes well with you or the skill or this you know blah, blah, blah, and I just kind of rewarded them for whatever they're backstory was. I like that direction. I think that's a really positive feedback with your players and the story itself. Yeah, but yeah, I think that that pretty much does it for our bonus action discussion on feats. Those of you that are listening, what do you think of these new feats? What are your favorites, which are completely broken and need to rework? Let us know at row. See Society on Instagram and keep an eye out this come on Monday for the next episode of triple avenge. Gett you next time.

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