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Season 1, Episode 13 · 2 years ago

Bonus Action - Wildemount part 1


In this bonus action we talk about the newest collaboration between Critical Role and Wizards.. Wildemount!

Hello everybody, and welcome to another triple advantage bonus action. I'm hoping that we get more of these done. Actually, I think we can record a couple of these quick ones and just maybe release them. I guess we're not able to get the regular scheduled podcast out to you, guys in time today. Brindon Jordan are here again, guys. HMM, hey everyone, and so this week's bonus action is about wild mount and Jordan, you're the one that's read this the most, so why don't you take a lead on this? Yeah, so it was. It was released on Tuesday and I have been reading it and pretty well all of my spare time, you know, spending all this covid nineteen time going outside and just reading the book, you know, in the Sun. It's been super awesome. So I would say the like this book is fantastic, absolutely phenomenal. I haven't seen a book like a module like this yet where it just goes so in depth into like a world creation rather than like a module creation. So I think like it starts off with like the history of the entire world and then it gets into the history of the continent, and this continent is what is focused on in campaign two of critical role, and there are other continents that they have gone to for I think campaign one they might have touched on some of the stuff in there, which I think is an awesome kind of like tie over for them. The the whole like beginning of the world is super cool, like it was really interesting just to read up on how it started out as like the gods found this plane and saw potential in it, and so they started...

...creating but didn't realize that there were already primordials that were living there, and then they started to kind of like have the disagreements with the primordials, who were like Nah, we don't want these creations here, and so like this war started happening and then that's how they, like the betrayer guards, ended up coming about, because they started to see all their creations kind of die off and get destroyed and they just didn't know how to deal with it. It was really cool. Highly recommend reading it. The next section kind of goes into factions, which were awesome. Like this is where you start to really build the world where it is so that you can get into dming. I found that this was like probably the most useful tool so far. I haven't read through the whole thing yet, but it gives you important people and devices that they can use to kind of implement some sort of a story, no matter where you are on the continent. It was also really cool to see how they tied in things from the first campaign or from other campaigns. Like they mentioned the Darrington Brigade. I know almost nothing about that since I didn't really watch campaign one, just bits and pieces of it. What do you guys know about the Darrington Brigade, because I'd really like to know, because it kind of plays into this burden to think you're the most versed in this. So spoilers for anybody listening for critical role if you haven't seen it. In the first campaign, Sam Regal, currently playing not the brave, played a character called scandling, scandla short alt, who was a no bard, hysterically funny. But there was a period where his character almost died and...

...when considering what would happen if he did die, he drafted up another character and after he didn't die, he ended up sending scandling away for a time anyways, taking a brief break from the group, and brought in his new character and artificer named Terry and Darrington, who was this very kind of like. It reminded me a lot of Professor Lockhart from the Harry Potter series in the Second Book. He had all this bravado and confidence and bragged about his abilities and about how fantastic his adventures were, but in reality he had done almost nothing and it was all time nothing to back it up. But after being accepted by box mock and I, he kind of did become a full fledged adventure in his own right and afterwards formed the Darrington Brigade, which was a not for profit adventures guild that would go around solving problemms for people. That was tackled and ended up being covered in a one shot that they did, but it's it's a hilarious story. If anybody hasn't seen it, I would recommend going to watch it because the character is funny. What he does with this brigade is hilarious. It's good times all around. Titles the factor into the story of wild mound. That intrigue turned yeah, so they just they just make mention of it as one of the factions is called the Golden Grin, which is essentially bards who go around trying to bring happiness and joy to the downtrodden folk and then sometimes they will have to bring down the tyranny and evil people who are, you know, breaking the Commons, the commoners right. So the Darrington Brigade is one such area that. That is one such, I guess, Group of of inside the Golden Grin, which are... just starting to appear on the coast of wild mount it's really interesting to see like kind of the timeline of these kinds of things and just like see how each of these different groups kind of bring it in and start to interact with each other. The Golden Grin and the Library of the cobalt soul are two of the ones that like really are starting to get along, but they are just starting out in their relationship, but they're both trying to do almost the same thing, where they're exposing those who are corrupt and bringing about some sort of a piece to the common folk for the good of all mankind, kind of thing. There are a ton of factions that are very much not like that. You've got the children of malice, the myriad, the revelry, all that kind of stuff. Tribes of the Shady Creek run. I also love how this book leaves a lot of a lot up to your imagination but at the same time gives you enough background to be like, Oh, okay, I get how this kind of started, but if the players were to go and investigate, you could almost make up whatever you saw fit to do. So there's enough there for you to to start off, but then if you want, like if your players are really interested in it, then you can start to make up things for yourself and for your own world, and so that's where it can kind of start to diverge from the campaign number two. Speaking of they do mention the characters, the mighty nine within the book and just some of the things that they have done, because I think they started this book partway through the campaign and so they had done some things already. They recommend starting after whatever the events were, but they also say that you can start whenever you want. Of course. One of the other cool things is the new like character options that you can get. So there...

...are a ton of different races that you can include, include that you can have, including totals, which was awesome. Yeah, yeah, totals are sweet. I just I just keep imagining the the the pirate navigator that the mighty nine are using. I got a question them regarding you mentioned time, like regarding what time you want to start your adventure as a m what do you mean by that? Like is it in a sense because, like a lot of the other campaign books that I've read, kind of had the the start, but it's not a campaign. But like a lot of the source books that I have, it's almost like this has already been running and you're just plopping it into that timeline. But it seems like with the factions and how they're involved it, does it give you the tools to sort of figure out what state the game is in when you startled? Yeah, and you get to change that depending on like you maybe you're flavoring of the campaign. Hello, yes, yeah, sorry, you guys cut out there for a second. The flavoring. Okay, I'll we'll cut this part. Yeah, so the world has been set up so that you can run it right from where, right from where they are, I guess the mighty nine are, which is, I think, around the year eight hundred post divergence, or PD. But they do state that you can roll back the time and they give you enough of a history that you can kind of see where the factions kind of come in and whether they're there or where they kind of started. There's different events that happen, like the the savelier wood has been corrupted. Maybe you want to bring it back to before the savelier would is corrupted and...

...kind of play that in as one of the big defining moments ever your campaign. You can kind of run a campaign starting out in the savelier wood and then all of a sudden it starts to corrupt. They don't tell you exactly how how the corruption happens in the book, but that leaves it up to your DM to be able to make a story out of it right. But it gives you those timeline events that you can work into whatever story you want, whether you travel back in time or whether you just want to start off where they are. Have you gotten to those, because I know it includes some some sample campaigns. Say Yeah, yeah, so they give you for kind of like starting off adventures. Most of them are set to work from levels one through two three, so they're not like super I guess world's changing events, but they are away for you to start off in one of the four main areas. So they've got one that kind of starts along the the Menagerie coast and that's going to deal more with the sea and the and the revelry and the Conclave, the Clovis Conclave, and then you've got the dangerous designs, which is where you start in Hopper Duke and they've got all kinds of mechanical warfare kind of research that they're doing to create new weapons for the empire. So that'll be starting within the empire. And then they've got the frozen sick is what it's called, which is going to start up in the north, in the in the frigid depths are or near the frigid depths, which is the the sea to the north, and possibly crossing into Isole Cross which is a little offshoot of the wild mount area. So that might have to do a little bit more with the Savilier Wood as well. And then finally there's the unwelcome spirits, which is going to start you off over in...

...western win end deer, which is where your Hoss and the whole Dark Elf drow nation is located. So that less you kind of like start off where if you'd like, or wherever it fits for your group, and then you can go from there and it is. Campaigns are sorry, do these sort of starting points? Could they flow into one another or are they like set in different times like we discussed? Oh, they are. They can essentially take place whenever you want them to. The Times weren't specified. They were. They're just kind of like campaigns to help your groups start off and kind of group together, because an important part of any Dingdi group is finding a common cause and a reason for your group to be together. Right. So these are events that are going to set off a cascade of events and that'll get you started into whatever campaign you really want to run. So they're really just starting things to get your group can nected, which is cool, and it kind of they give backgrounds as well. So right before they get into those campaigns, they give backgrounds which can really help bring your characters into the world. So all of the different backgrounds that are found in, or a lot of the different backgrounds that are found in the players handbook. They give like a suggestion as to how it can be fitted specifically for wild mount so the the criminal can be part of the myriad kind of thing, or there's a way to become part of the cobalt soul, as like a background. There's the there's two new backgrounds as well, the volstrucker agent and the grinner. One is for the Golden Grin and the other one is the scourgers, which I think Caleb is a part of in campaign too, or was going... become one rather yeah, and then it's really cool how he kind of like ties in those kind of things. There's a ton in here, but it's really, really cool how much everything is interconnected. A really important part of Matt Mercer's storytelling and his world's are the are the deities, and he goes into a lot of detail as to what the deities are and where they're worshiped and why they're worshiped and just kind of how they kind of made the world, which I think is great. That's cool. Now, I'm sure you've done a little bit of reading of the appendix. Is there anything that you haven't read that you're really excited to get to? Oh well, I haven't gotten into the gazetteer, which is where all the like real main information regarding the different cities and stuff like that. It gets into enough detail that it's like here's what the population of the city is and here's what the government style is and all that kind of stuff, which is really cool. I'm really excited to get into that. But I think that's going to be more of a like depending on where my group is starting, I might read up more on one particular area rather than another. The maps, I haven't gotten quite too yet, like I've looked at the big one, but I really need to get into the indepth ones which are at the end of the book. And then, of course, the vestiges of divergence. I mean, who doesn't want to start learning about like super powerful magic items, right? Yeah, absolutely so. Is what I'm hearing. Is You're going to be hosting a session and I'm just trying to reserve an invite. Yeah, that's all. You got it, you got it all right. Yeah. Well, I think that's great and I think that this book is going to provide a lot of content. So we're probably going to do another bonus section on this, I believe. But I think is a good it's a good time for it's good time for the next bit of content. To absolutely catch you guys next time.

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