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Season 2, Episode 19 · 2 years ago

Bonus Action - Elder Dragon Patron


In this Bonus Action, we talk with Matt Newman, the lead writer of the new Elder Dragon Patron option for the Warlock, about what makes the subclass so special. This new 5th edition content is now available on DM's Guild.

Ladies Gentlemen, Non Binary Friends, welcome back to another triple advantage bonus action. As always, I'm Britain Jordan, joined today by my good buddy Jordan, and joining US additionally today is a good friend of ours for a long time, the lead author of the New Royal City Society Project, the Elder Dragon, patron for the warlock, that is out today on DM skilled, and here to talk about it a bit is the one behind the magic, Mr Matt Newman. Welcome to the show. Hello, hello, thank you. So I'll kick this off because, as as you both know, I am Mr Warlock. It is ninety nine percent of anything I play and DND is going to be warlock or warlock related. So yeah, it's always a surprise when you play something else. It's shocking, I know, but let's let's start by figuring out what's going on here. So what is an elder dragon, Matt? Let's start with that, sure. So the elder dragon is something that isn't exactly defined currently in fifth additional really in dungeons and dragons at all. Obviously we know dragons currently kind of in terms of high scale, you know, monolithic dragons that are kind of larger than life. We have ancient dragons at kind of a high end of things, in at the kind of higher, even more unapproachable level, we have some examples of draconic deities like team Mountain Bahammout. So what we wanted to provide with this subclass was the kind of outline for a very powerful and legendary, almost monolithic dragon that isn't necessarily any one of either of those. How we're kind of flavoring the elder dragon for this is anywhere in between, you know, in terms of power and scale, in or now, and in between an ancient dragon and thustric count draconic deities, as I mentioned before. So you could, you know, this kind of gives players in DMS be a bit more creative freedom to come up with their own elder dragon and whether they want it to be kind of as powerful as some of those draconic dates, that's totally fine, or it could still just be a, you know, slightly more,... know, powerful and vicious ancient type dragon that's located physically in the material plane somewhere. Yeah, that definitely opens it up for different personalities between the dragons and things like that as well. Right, exactly yeah, yeah, that's nice. What were your I guess, what was your inspiration behind like creating an elder Dragon Patren? So I was actually looking through some older source books to try to get some ideas and inspiration for new things. I didn't get a chance to play three point five, e that it had some incredible ideas in therefore for classes in the like, and what I found actually going through some older books for was a full level one to twenty class called the Dragon Fire Adams, really interesting class. Right from the beginning they got a breath weapon at level one as well as a bunch of other sort of draconic themed abilities and it all scaled up from there. Just a fascinating class. I mean dragons are a mainstay in the game we play. It's literally in the title Um and I think throughout the history of dd you know, it's kind of an exciting incentive for players to either get to meat or fight dragons or maybe even have some kind of connection to them with their character, and this class really kind of encourage that idea that right off the bat this this character has the very specific influence of a dragon. As they grow in power that kind of increases with them and they grow kind of more and more powerful with those draconic abilities. I love that idea and I was kind of surprised that we haven't seen any more direct comparison to this class come up and you know, the current edition or or anything released lately. So I wanted to try to I didn't exactly want to convert this specific class because how a lot of things going for it, but I wanted to try to convert the theme at least over to V and get that that feeling of having you right off...

...the bat you have this very intense draconic presence within your character. So you know, right off the bat, kind of trying to find a shell to put that onto the warlock seemed to fit, not only in terms of the flavor. I mean, you know, you talk about, say, like a gnome character breathing, you know, a line of acid out of their out of their mouth at level one. How are they capable of that? You know, for me it kind of makes sense that they've devoted themselves to this this patrons dragons, ancient, powerful being with their own motivations for giving but a modicum of their power to these mortals in exchange for servitude. Essentially and that's how these individuals, you know, humans, gnomes, dwarves, whatever, are able to conjure these draconic abilities. And also to the dragonfire depth actually had some hints to the warlock design. Later on, they got a lot of options in terms of what they could pick with the class and flavoring some of their features. One of them was actually called draconic invocations. That they got to pick. So right off the bat I kind of saw that parallel to the warlock class and immediately as I began, can I think about it, just all seemed to fit together in tries it. So it sounds like, if I can kind of put a put a label on it, sounds like more of an homage of this of this class from three point pad than a full conversion. Yeah, it's definitely kind of taking that theme and running with it, but not necessarily trying to copy it per se. Okay, so let's talk about the the features. then. You've touched on the you've touched on the idea of a breath weapon. Yes, yes, so the breath weapon. Obviously in the dragonfire add that they got right level one, which thought was really interesting and kind of fun to get that flavoring right off the bat for the players, you know, and a powerful, unique tool like that. So that kind of became the foundation of what this subclass is for the warlock. The defining feature I'm going to talk about today...

...for this class is the one you get right at level one, you know, in combination with your expanded spell list, as all works get, you get the feature elemental breath. This gives your pc the ability to bathe their enemies in flames or acid, or poison or lightning, what have you. Whichever you know, ancestry you pick. Now, obviously this has been seen a little bit in the past by players. You know, dragonborns is race. They have an innate breath weapon and if you're familiar with the sort of stat line for it in terms of you know, you select your ancestry. So if you're a red dragonborn, you'll get a fire cone specifically with a dexterity save associated. If you're familiar with those doubts, you'll kind of be familiar with the base stat line of how this begins. Your ancestry will be based off your patrons ancestry, so if it's a black dragon, they'll give you acid. That's kind of where the initial comparison to current existing breath weapons kind of changes up a little bit. We wanted it, instead of being, you know, kind of a set amount of damage and kind of a one and done feature, to have it really, as I say, be kind of the the main focus of this subclass and and the main identity of these warlocks really. So not only is it a pool of dice that you will get, which will increase with your player level and you can choose how much you want to expend when you use it as an action, it will also slightly recharge on short rest. You'll get half to pool around it up and obviously you'll get all your pull back on long rest. I can't Stillson of how you know how fun this feature it seems to be to use in this and how the whole class kind of was designed or round it and to synergize around this feature. This is designed to be featured that's going to be useful for you guys at Level One and level twenty. You're going to be using this throughout your entire campaign and as you grow in power and level,... will get some improvements with the class and other features to kind of synergize with it and just in general. I mean, Braden, you've mentioned you don't warlocks your favorite class. It's one of my favorites you personally. It's such a flavorful class in terms of what you can do and there's so many options when it comes down to combat. A lot of the time, with the limited amount of spell slots you have, it can kind of devolve a little bit, you know, the warlocks actions. You know, maybe they spend a spell, then they use their cancerative choice, you know, probably ultras blast, and there's nothing wrong with that. But the Nice thing about this feature is it introduces another base tool into the warlocks kit for these one specifically that they can use throughout, you know, the adventuring did a. They can kind of mix up their action economy a little bit with this breath weapon to kind of, you know, breathe a bit of new life into things, if you will. Also, excellent Punjab. First of all, thank you. Ye, yes, that's not quit intential, I realize as I'm saying. I was like, oh no, yeah, I got but I do like that as a as a consistent warlock player, it can get a little monotonous. I know, I know other classes are similar sometimes absolutely specifically, like, especially with the reliability of eldritch blast, it becomes almost the foolish not to do that whenever you can. So exactly. I like that. This introduces another level. Yeah, and hopefully this will feel like another reliable to kind of like I'll just blast for these arts that they can reliably use, you know, as I say, throughout the adventuring day, throughout their combats or or not. Yeah. So do you have any other like tools or anything like that that are provided on this particular class subclass? What kind of things? What other kinds of things can people expect right so now, I don't want to exactly kind of spoil every feature right now for you guys, for what I what I will say is we've really we've really worked hard to kind of take what makes dragons truly iconic and fit it somewhere...

...into this class so that the subclass will get those kind of features and yet to feel that kind of level of power of themselves. So we've already talked about the breath weapon, as I'm sure any of you can imagine. You know, you can only be in thinking, for dragons are truly capable of. Where we already men we've already mentioned the breath weapon. You can probably start to piece the other some things in your head what you may be capable of in this class and, as I say, I really want to stress that if you can picture it with a dragon, you can probably pull it off to some extent in the subclass, and I do not think people will be disappointed with that flavoring. So another let sorry, go ahead. Thank you. Sorry, I have some indications. Is that's is gonna go the warlock. Exactly what I was gonna say. They absolutely yes. So that is something we have included in addition to this model, the module. There are some new invocations, which I mean obviously you know it's a basic heart part of the warlock. It's what makes them so exciting, the different things you get to pick and I'll see you the let in with the kind of comparison to the dragon far adepts. You know, they had those draconic invocations, so it really made sense to us to add in a few of those that really kind of fit the subclass and added more flavor onto it. You know, if people really wanted to double down on that theme, and I really encourage you to do that because I think it's gonna be really fun. They can do that. So with these invocations, many of them are themed around the subclass itself, obviously, but there's one in particular that you know as an as an option. You know, you could potentially try to, you know, obviously run a by your DM first, but you could try to run this for your warlock of different patron as well, and this one you can pick it level one, so you know, right when you get invocations you can, you can select it. It's called shrewd eye. It allows you to cast the identify spell at will without expanding spells, love or...

...material components. If, obviously, if you guys have played in a campaign with any kind of magical items that needs to be identified, this is extremely useful and a potent ability that warlocks would not normally gain access to any capacity. If your party doesn't have a wizard with the spell. This is really potent option for you guys and again kind of reinforce that theme of the that Shrewd I have dragons that really can, you know, look through a treasure hoard and kind of piece at what's most valuable, what you know maybe a little more than it appears. It's a really fun feature. There's another invocation, I'll give another example here, one that benefits the subclass specifically, and this one really interesting. So it's called elemental drifter. You can take it a little seven. So normally your breath weapon will be, you know, fire related or cold related, based on what your ancestry is. This invocation will allow you to use any element when you make an attack with your breath weapon. You can change it on spot whenever you like. You begin with a cold breath weapon and you can change it as you use it to a lightning or fire, poison or whatever you're feeling at the time, whatever best suits the situation. That sounds amazing. Yeah, so hopefully just kind of provide extra, you know, options for these players this Ay, if you really want to double down on the theme of the draconic abilities, taking these invocations really will create that full picture for you. All of that, you know, draconic theme presence. You're going to feel, you know, capable of your conic like abilities with some of these and I think it's gonna be really rewarding for people awesome outside Jordan. Any final questions for our friend here? Yeah, I guess one. One last question. How would you say the elemental breath weapon compares to say, for instance, the dragonborns main race ability or the dragons breath spell? Right? Well, that's a good point,...

...because that is something to mention obviously right off the bat if you do pick a dragon born. So I was kind of mentioned in our in our side process. You know, maybe it's redundant if you pick one they already have a breath weapon. I'm not necessarily the dragon warns get to keep their breath weapon. That's signals always is, but they'll just gain this one on top of it. So again, if you really want to double down on that theme, just constantly be breathing all kinds of different elements, maybe you do want to pick a dragon born for for that extra usage. But so it kind of starts when you first get the breath of it seems kind of similar at first to the Dragon worts type, but obviously the damage is different because you get to put, you know, D sixes from your pool into it. So it's it can be, you know, a very small amount or or it could be, you know, perhaps even greater than the Dragon Barn is capable of dealing damage. In addition, you do also add your charisma modifier to that damage, to just get a little bit more of kind of a reliability with some of those numbers, a bit more consistency. So right off the Bat, I think people who are used to perhaps just using the dragon barns in a breath weapon or the bread dragon's breath spell putting that on people, this will feel similar but probably a little bit more potent in some areas, especially as you increase on level. Later on you'll get some other features to improve your breath weapon and you'll just have more dice available in your pool so you can kind of be a bit more tactical and how much you want to use it and maybe you want to spend a giant burst in the situation or you want to spread it out and be able to use it almost every turn. I'll be a lesser damage. You know, if the the theme will be very similar, but those of you who really enjoy using those kind of effects, I think we'll get a lot of enjoyment out of this particular breath weapon. It's kind of designed to be a little bit more reliable and, as I say, we want our players to enjoy using this a level one and level fifteen and twenty and and you know, everywhere in between. So you know it's designed to be rewarding for the players to use... combat. I'm glad to hear that because I was recently, actually just before this, watching an interview with Joe Manganello, where Stephen Colbert was interviewing him and Steven had never he hasn't played since like first edition, I think, and the concept of dragon born was being explained to him and he was floored by the you can breathe fire right off the bat. Yeahs is not that good. It's and I agree like it's a great thing to have at level one, but it almost immediately falls by the wayside. Yeah, as soon as you care being more powerful. So the fact that this kind of evolves with your character is something that I really enjoy about it. MMM for sure. Yeah, but I believe that as all the time that we have for today, thank you much for coming on and talking about this with us for a little bit. Well, thank you, guys. It's been a pleasure. Those of you listening. You can now purchase the elder dragon patron for the warlock on DM skilled. find it on DM skilled or on our instagram page at Royal City Society. If you choose to try this out, let us know. Drop us a review, drop us a comment. How did it work out for you? What do you like? What might we change? We're always looking for new suggestions and, besides that, keep an eye out for a new episode of triple advantage coming on Monday. Will get you, guys in the next one.

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