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Bonus Action - Fizban's Treasury of Dragons


With Jordan away for the week, Carlos and Braeden take a look at the latest announced sourcebook for D&D: Fizban's Treasury of Dragons.

Hello everyone, welcome back to another triple advantage bonus action. And know what you're thinking. It's Monday and there should be a new episode, but there's not. Why is there not a new episode, Carlos, because we're alone. As we're alone, it's just the two of US sitting all by our lonesome and two separate houses. Jordan decided to do other stuff than to do the podcast and left us in the Lurch and I think. I think he's fired. What do you think? Were we ever hired and we fire him? Do we have that authority? Do we have any authority? I don't know. We'll figure that. I mean. Well, and just so you guys know, it is going to be two weeks of no Jordan. So yeah, maybe you know. We definitely need to consider this. Yeah, then, if you're not liking this batter, take a couple weeks off. You know what, it's just going to be us for a bit. But what we have to talk to you about today is the newest D D book that has been announced, which is fizman's treasury of dragons and new source book, and I am super excited about this. I think that we started calling that they were going to do some dragon stuff around the time that they announce the two conic classes. Yet the the way for the two sub classes, which was the drake, warden ranger and the is it called the ascendant dragon, a monk? A? Yes, and we also got draconic options as well. Yes, we did, and it looks like it looks like those are both going to be appearing in this source book. But let's let's break down what this actually is. So, from what I understand, fisband the fabulous, who is kind of the Volo or the Tasha of this particular module, is a character from Dragon Lance, which is the setting that a lot of the official books took place in. Did you ever read any of these books? NOPE, fortunately. I think this would have been a good time to have Jordan here, because I do think he did read quite a few of these books series, but he can join in on the talk of the town conversation on this particular episode. Look for his answer on twitter. But yeah, for what I understand, this was a pretty popular character and they've resurrected him from the Dragon Land Setting to do the Dragon Lance to do the dragon themed book, and I've I thought that maybe this was going to be like a Dragon Lance source book, and it looks like it's explicitly not that it's more of a an overview of dragons and traconic options and dragon related things, which is neat because I am the interesting. Yeah, go ahead. The interesting part two is that Fitzman, if you do a little more dicking, is actually a an Avatar for the god Palladine in this world. And yes, I did in fact just read Dragon's land the Dragon Lancewiki for this information. But with that in mind, we're talking about like a good God dragon of sorts. So with that in mind, I feel like this book is going to be more flavored towards a nosy manager or something like keeping tabs on it's like because it's people or denizens. Yeah, Dennison's yeah, that's just an assumption, just like a dragon creation God, that he's the Avatar of. Yes, he is one of the first gods summoned by the High God from the beyond. Quite literally, just a big, big old dragon. Other names goes as Bohammad kind of thing, just a flavored differently in...

...dragon lands. Very so we've got the we've got the pictures of the both the original cover and the alternate cover that they tend to do. I do like the alternate cover. All cover looks real nice. Some of the recent ones I haven't been digging, but I like I'm liking the kind of Yin Yang Vive that they get going on here of the the Ren Dragon with the what appears to be a Gold Dragon. Yeah, I guess so. But yeah, just like representing the good and evil, I guess, of the I guess that the balance that they're braining forth, because I think all the all dragon alignments are evil. Is a not a red? Dragons are at least redd. Isn't it more divided among metallic chromatic versus? I don't know, you just ran a dragon theme campaign and that's what that's what I mean, like that's how it is. Okay, in a hoard of order. The Dragon Queen and Tomb of Nihilation the metallics or more good lines. The chromatics are more evil aligned, and it tends to paint them as exclusively one or the other. I don't know if there's any precedent I may of crossing one crossing over to the other side or not. I think everything just be like interchangeable, right, like in the cases of there there. There is a little bit of a multiversal Lore kind of associated with with this particular character as well, which I mean like in the way that DD is kind of going right now, right like I kind of just picture like a DC universe where, like all the superheroes are bad kind of dragons, you know, the all the metallics are now evil, reds are not good, but swapped by out some gum dragons as well. Yeah, which we will talk about because I'm so exact. But scrolling down, the first thing that I wanted to touch on is so we released a module a while back written by our friend Matt Newman, the elder dragon patron, which the idea of the elder dragon was essentially a dragon far older and far more powerful than even a an ancient dragon, a dragon that was basically like subgod Toire, not like Bahama at necessarily, but like right under and that was fun to come up with. But it sounds like this that's also in here. Not Not our concept. Obviously I'm not saying wizards ripped our concept, but we've got the the massive godlike great worms which dwarf even the ancient dragons that have long set atop the DD monster manual food chain, which is just that's that's that's like that's a lot. That's a big bad. That's boss big bad. Well, and this book also covers are at least we were. We're getting now into the realm of like introducing mythic creatures, right, so that was also there was something like introducing even farther more powerful characters. Do you think? Perhaps another another guess right now, but like a lot of higher level campaigns perhaps going on. What's the power scaling been on the last couple of book releases? Last couple of book what were the last couple of book releases we had? Well, like I'm thinking like more thn cannon's introduced like higher than crten monsters as well, it did. They last couple of been like averagness and Right Ryan of the frost maiden, which both start at level one and they don't definitely don't go up high enough to be grown great rooms at them.

Maybe. Like there really aren't a ton of options for like high level prewritten campaigns, are there? I think so we might. Yeah, you might be right. There might be going in a direction where we might see more. I'd be interested. HMM, there's the player base matures a little bit too. It suck. It's nice and seasoned. So we've got new character options for players. We've got the monk and Rangers up classes that we already talked about. The Way, the ascended dragon in the drake warden very cool. We've talked about those at length before, so I don't think we need to dive into those. We got few options for Dragon born characters want to be descended from JEM dragons rather than chromatic or metallic. And speaking of Jim Dragons, we've got Jim Dragons which are really, really cool. I think we touched on these a little bit as well back with the draconic options were out. It's another you a are in our case would be like a bonus action cover. Yeah, as well. This is definitely one of the things I'm most excited for. So what we've got here for Jim Dragons is that we have a lot of new damage types, it sounds like. So we used to have like the elemental damage types for your breath weapons and now it sounds like we have necrotic radiant options. It hints it having PSIONIC power. So dragons that might be able to do psychic damage. Perhaps force damage very much damage types that aren't traditionally attributed to dragons. Yes, and along those lines, the the dragon born races also have the resistance as towards those damages, because, if you there's not many, not many classes that have resistance is to like psionic damage. So I think it's gonna throw and spice up people's games, for sure. Have you? Have you comeen a thought to what kind of dragon born, Crystal Dragon, you might want to roll? I have the do we have it? Do we have a list of gem dragons and their abilities? Yeah, I think so. Someone. I have not seen that as if yet, but I would absolutely like to our gum dragons here. Yeah, such you have force, radiant, psychic, thunder and necrotic. To have we had thunder before lightning. We have HMM, so this is literally like it's so loud it does damage. If it's thunder damage, Oh God, yeah's your wind force, all which gets into the cool ways to describe the encounter is to write like instead of like a Sapphire Dragon, you're seeing like this, seven hundred and forty seven throat open up and you see a bunch of like Sapphire Start clanging together creating this like resonating sound. That just you know, that'd be real cool. I do for all these are cool. Actually, a four dragon just like a big, big old just laces yp. HMM. The radiant damage is interesting as well too. Actually it's all cool. The radians in the necrotic that crocus. You're just bringing death on them. This is so fresh. This is also fresh, you know. That's why I like it. I like just just the sheer concept of JEM dragons is the coolest to me, and I think that stems from like there was, I think I've talked before when we talked about this, there was a series that I read as a kid that put a lot of emphasis on dragons being linked to gem stone specifically. But obviously in DD we've got metallic and we got chromatic and now to have this third...

...all new, I assume it's all new. Is this like problem? This is a call back. This is all back. It's definitely a call back to way before either of US play, though. Yes, to the old days of DND. That's yeah, I am. Oh, wait, here we go. Sorry, since third two thousand two third edition Monster Manual, this second well ground. So it's been almost twenty years since we've had Jim Dragons in the game and two editions ago. Yeah, this is all my mind to know how old this game is and that's third edition. Like it's s right Inde yeah, or man crazy, but it's also that's crazy to me that like this stuff has been around for so long with there's entire generations of players that just have no idea that this exists and this is going to be this is going to be completely new to I mean, you see a closet game, right, like be able didn't advertise that they play D nd. Very true. Now I see articles on how to include dnd in your resume, like that's it goes. It goes from one way to the other real quick. But yeah, I am. I am very excited for this. Have we this is the first source book that really focuses in on like one thing like we've had. We have a bunch of adventure things, we have a bunch of setting things and then whenever you do like a like a volos or something like, it is Bolos and you got like a ton of different creatures in it. More and a CODDIN's had a ton of different inclusions in it's any of like Tasha's or Zannath ours have a ton of different player options in it. This is like dragons and only dragons and nothing but dragons. I don't think we've ever seen that before, which is like, I don't know if we need to see this ever again, because it's it's one of the two things in the name of the game. But what else could they do? Like, could they make another like this and only this module? I think they could. For sure. You could always make new devils and demons, like a new devil's and demons module. Actually, I add ready I'd read them. Yeah, yeah, there's always I mean there's always this neat the owl bear handbook. That'd be nice to have whole bear book. Oh No, Hey, sixty differences between encountering a snow O'l bear versus a Grizzly Albar. Yeah, I am. I'm curious to see if we've talked, I don't remember if we've talked on the PODCAST, but definitely off the podcast, with people about the potential of not fv coming to a close necessarily, not with all the stuff coming up for but the like sixty maybe being on the horizon with a lot of what's being added recently. I don't I don't know what's coming next. And this is not like if you had asked me to put money on what the next horse book would have been, even with all the dragon stuff, I wouldn't have bet on a book of all dragon stuff. Like what would they need to what would they need to do with six e? I really like what will well, what would I'm just seeing like a like as a game update here, like what would they need to change to introduce a sixe? Like? Yeah, they're introducing a lot of content here, but all of it is already kind of more do as you want at the table, right, but I'm not think that they're going to a lot of its kind of do as you want at the table... an alternate rule. I could see that just becoming the norm. Let's see. And then just officially really the would that be like what the official release of six see then when they kind of just like merge those rule sets into one cohesive new book? I think so do that clean up a lot of class stuff. Clean up the ranger specifically. Seriously, there's like eight versions of the ranger and everybody hates at least three of them. Yet some I get like a apprehensive list of subclasses because, like, as much as I like all the additional releases that have come out, it would be nice to have like a collected volume of like here's all of the player options in one book, instead of having to own six books just to figure out what you want to even start a campaign as yeah, it's a big that's a big ass. There's a lot of stuff, but I could like if they were to do that. I could see them doing that. Yeah, I don't think that would make senses for like a company, though, especially when you want to, when you want to describe the Lord, you can almost expand each one and to another book to sell APPs. Yeah, unfortunately it doesn't make monetary sense, but I can dream. It's like, why don't you put all of the Dwegar music into one long song? I could actually let me. Yeah, I'm a do that's this one like heat, hot work, continuous song. He at least then you wouldn't have to you wouldn't have to loop anything. You can just like loop the track. You're good. It's true. Ambience, six hour ambience. Hey, some people want to run long sessions. You know it's coming. It's coming kids, but uh, I'm excited, you've said. What what about this particularly excites you the most? I'm dragons. Well, yeah, I don't know, I'm actually kind of I'm kind of concerned that, like again, right, we're talking about like updating content the kind of already exists somewhere else to like aggregate. Like regular chromatic dragons are going to be in this book as well, like Fitzpan's perspective of it. Sure, but how much content do you think and pre written stuff are they going to just pull into this book and sort of sound it's it's a good like. I like, how much is going to get padded by other previous written pieces? Right, because you're talking about JEM dragons and Jim Dragon Dragon Dragon Borns, you're talking to subclass options, or was two or three? Two, and you're also looking at new wells and items. Right, does that make a full book? What else are they what else is going in there aside from storry from Fitzben and colorful commentary? Is it going to be just rehashed or slightly updated information on chromatic and metallic dragons? would be a little disappointing, I think. Well, if it was like a whole section on lore kind of like how Morgan Kinnon's like expanded a lot of not stats stuff necessarily, but a lot of or not more in kintons follows that he expanded like a lot of the lower side of different, like iconic creatures to kind of flesh those out as from a from an RP side of from like a DM tool side. MMM, if they did that with dragons. I know there's already a lot on dragons, but if they added even more that'd be one thing. But like one of the interviews that I was reading said that the creators were talking about how they're trying to show, not tell, so versus, like a bunch of Lord they'd be like tables or something versus. I think the example that I wrote was like, instead of a instead of like a huge paragraph on the behavioral traits of a Breast Dragon, they're just going to give you like a table of...

Breast Dragon traits and you can roll on that to create your Breast Dragon, which I've I mean, I'm if anybody pays attention to our divining the DMG section. I'm not a huge fan of tables. I think I'd rather get the lower but it sound where the US like something at least. It's interesting that you mentioned that, though, because there is like personalities to these types of dragons, right, like, I mean to the sense of you don't it's just it's it's just getting too homogeneous, I think, at that point, right, because then what differentiates a red dragon versus, you know, a Blue Dragon, other than the breath attack, if the personalities don't change, right, like, I guess you're trying to make it so that, yeah, anybody can be anything in this world, right. That's the general sort of shift that wizards is taking towards their game. That's like, I don't know, I guess I'd like to know that I'm walking into a friendly dragons layer or, you know not. Oh well, they can just like Crystal Dragon sometimes or super chatty sometimes they just kill you. So always, because players are always going to be like on the Oh, this creature is going to kill me side of the coin. Yeah, it's and be more aggressive if they don't know, if there's no lore that could like specify. Oh, your hang out, your you know whatever, friendly dragons versus not? I don't like. When have your players ever approached a room in a well, I wonder if they'll talk to us first, if it's like an unknown situation. It's true. Yeah, combat is the is the first thing on anybody's mind? Maybe that, but I guess, I guess that brings it to the question of, like, is combat the first thing on their minds because that's what every player thinks, or does every player think like that because that's just the way it's always been? So I'm wondering if doing this will actually change the way that the games played for people that aren't like us, that are just picking this up for the first time. Maybe, yeah, and I mean like anything right, like you can choose to roll on the tables or not. But yeah, I do think there are certain elements of this game that for again, DM's having these sort of cookie cutter things like specify, yes, these dragons have this type of personality. Cool, okay, I can work with that. If you want to throw that out the window, go ahead. Yes, that's been stated in the DMG rules. Are Whatever you want it to be already. So I just like this just and also tables. Tables take ups more space, isn't now? That's yeah, that's but like I feel like if they, instead of giving me a table, if they had given me like a page long overview of like brass dragons and their overall personality traits. I would have preferred that to like here's a table roll on it. No, I've still like so, like are they going to describe? Are they going to describe per aonality traits in this book? I from the pursue from and they and there's it's so deep, right, because it's like are you going to describe personality traits? Because some you know, a human can be inquisitive, a dragon can be inquisitive, but there's a difference, I think, in perspective with regards to a being that lives eons compared to the inquisition of immortal being, for sure. Right. So that is a fun area to explore thematically. Right, because, like it's like in the horde of the Dragon Queen Campaign, right, like the players, like us, we were kind of trying to like trade with the dragons, but it was hard because the dragons were beyond any sort of stuff that we could give them. Right, describe that in the books.

Yeah, I'm ill again. This is all assumptions we're both taking. We're both beating on wizards. We don't know what they're releasing and we're both praising wizards. We don't know what they're releasing. This is just that's what the pre reactions podcast it entally specular. This is what it'll make us upset and this is what I'll make us happy. Wizards, if you don't take exactly what the two of US say in these twenty five minutes and put them into your books, were boycotting. Clearly can stop the press cycle on this. This is not a we are not a giant venture at publishing mechanism that needs soaker and can. Wizards can certainly pivot at any point in time. Yes, now we are clearly the two biggest voices in the DD community and our expectations are absolutely normal and reasonable. In fact, be fool should than not to. But yeah, I think that'd be cool to explore. I think that this is going to be really cool to read into. I mean, like if we could sit here and talk about like they're going to do this and this, we're gonna buy it. It's high that that that special edition cover looks yeah, White, Nice, I think. Yeah, that's that has to be on my shelf, on your shelf, but that's a that's a coffee table book. Man, present that no, nobody's touched, but that out for the but that they had a glass case. G'd your fingerprints on my special litter can cover my wise, but that was what we got for today's bonus action. Have you read over the unveiling of this new DD module? Would you think? Did you like it? Did you not like it? Our Jim Dragons the coolest thing you've ever heard of? Do you also use tables or not? Let us know on our Social Media at Royal City Society on Instagram, at real city social on twitter. Community discord things can be found in both. Keep it locked on here for new episodes of triple advantage coming out. We'll see you next set.

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