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Season 3, Episode 22 · 1 year ago

Ep. 46 - Let's Go Shopping!


On this week's episode of Triple Advantage, we go shopping for our favourite parts of D&D, find more ways to complicate a campaign, and share our dreams for the future to come.

On this week's episode of triple advantage, we go shopping for our favorite parts of d d find more ways to complicate our campaign and share our dreams for the future to come. As always, follow us on our social media to see what we have in store for you. Enjoy the show. Welcome members of the society to two thousand and twenty one. Are we late by an extra week and did we take an extended vacation off of this podcast? Maybe, but here we are back again with more Hashtag content today. On the echoes of the outlines, I really wanted to just get a general sense of where we're at. I guess guys as DMS as twenty one is starting and just I thought it would be interesting to get like, after, you know, a couple of years of playing, what are your guys's favorite aspects of dnd? Now, to break this down a little bit further, you know we have your role playing, your adventuring in your advancement in game, like the renown and leveling and whatnot, that you might get it, but I was wondering if there's any little subsets of that that you guys could think of that you have found that you really enjoyed this past year and that are looking to maybe explore even further this coming years, both as DM's and as players yourselves. So it's a bit of a vague question in a sense. I'll give a bit of an example here and for example, I've liked over the last year of playing, I found that I really enjoy the role playing aspect of characters and I've I'm going to try to find a way this year to, as a DM, be able to roll play a little bit more, using NPCAS and whatnot, because I really do enjoy interacting with the party. But have these characters be a core element of the stories and, you know, adventures and problems that your characters might have. Think about it in like those anima shows where like your main characters find some new person, or even in like kingdom hearts more specifically. Actually, yeah, you go to a you go to a new you go to a new area and you have a specific npiece on there. That kind yeah helps you. But you can choose whether to have them very direct the close your party. Right. Yeah, you still give the the players that sort of the choice. But I really want to explore that sense of level design and mechanic where you could have somebody like a close source of information that could help you and solve specific problems, maybe to the new dungeons that you encounter. So that's personally where I what I've found a lot of interest in this past year. But I want to pass this question off to you guys because I'm interested to see. We'd sometimes we play together and in some campaigns, but I know that we also play in many different campaigns as well asynchronous Lee. So I don't know any of you guys can take it away with this one, but it's funny that you say that, because I would Jordan. I would just talking yesterday. We're pretty sure we're in almost every campaign together. Like I think I have wondered an in without him and he has one without me. But all of that all right, cool guy. Yeah, cool. You were invited, Carlos. Well, I'm actually excited to see how you do with your goal for this year, Carlos, especially with toash's coming out and the sidekicks being introduced. I think that'll be a huge boon to anybody that's looking to do exactly what you had. Definitely was a big factor and you know, considering it's one of Tho things where it's like, you know, like with the players, right, like, if the players don't know so many exists, is it really a part of a game mechanic? It applies to DM's as well, right, like if somebody doesn't specifically tell you, hey, you could have like NPC's that. Totally do that. Yeah, so my big thing. So I don't think it's a shock to anybody that I'm big into the role play aspect. What I know. It's crazy. I've talked about that at length on this podcast and outside of this podcast. I have never noticed it during and of any of our games together. I know I keep it on the download. That's not really my thing to break it down into a subset. I like moments that either make me, if on the player or the players, if I'm the DM, say wow. And part of why I think that that doesn't translate so well to combat. Like if I'm playing combat or I'm running combat for players and the villain does something really cool and...

...powerful, the response isn't usually like wow, that was cool, it's usually like crap, I just got hit, fell like half my hp and now I'm dying. Thanks a lot. Yeah, and maybe I mean like afterwards, like we have a debrief sometimes and it's like Oh, yeah, like that was fun and I'm just like really, because didn't seem fun. It didn't seem we are some pretty cool out on your back for camera and you've seen M Redu some cool shit. Yeah, but I okay, yeah, I guess as the player I also play. I also play warlocks a lot, which I like the role play aspect of, but my move sets tend to be a little bit limited with so many spells, loots and such. But as a subset specifically, I think I was talking to my Tier Nave of dragons campaign about this recently, I love running shopping or but a dam. I love running shopping sessions because it's a chance for me. I spend a lot of time tried to infuse like cool aspects from, not necessarily like other properties even, but like from things that I see. Like if I'm browsing the DD subrit it's and I see like a really cool homebrew item that somebody's made, I'm like that's really awesome. Or like I follow big shadow to the Griffin Saddle bag, who does custom content, custom homebrew items complete with art and a full that block every single day. That guy works tirelessly but he always has these cool ones. I'm just like man, that's so cool. So I collect all of these into like big packages and then when people go shopping, when they're like I need to stock up, and just my time to shine. So I get to break out all these cool items that have been sitting on for a while, that some of which I've designed, some of which other people have designed. I get to like it. The most fun thing for me recently was like they went into a shop and I knew I knew what their budget was, and this guy tried to sell them this really cool sword that I got. I think I got it from the Griffin Saddle bag. It was essentially like an old thin Japanese style urn and once you opened up the top of the urn and extended into a sword made of ash and shadow whoa very cool it had to be a tuned but it did like a lot. I can't remember off the top of my head just what Adab did, a lot of extra stuff on top of just being a sword. And then he kind of like crooks it back up and was like yeah, the so that's the sword, and they were like Oh man, like we'd love that how much. He's like tenzero gold, and they were like you serious? Why would you show us that? It was like because it's fun and I can. Yeah. And then, I mean like during one of our recent adventures as well, Carlos actually was asking. He was like, Oh, well, what if I, like, you know, I'm a monk, I don't need weapons, but what if I got like some gloves that were maybe they'd gotten these dragon teeth? He was like could you do something that is like you could make the gloves into or the teeth into gloves rather, and then I can wear the gloves and then I can you m sestus like like like I'll like tip knuckles. Yeah, and that I can do the monk stuff, that I can still have like an edge, and I'm like looking through I was like, well, there's nothing here, but there is now that we just kind of home breweding item on the spots. That was a lot of fun. I don't know. Yeah, I approached that in a very aristark requesting gendrey's aid and making a specific weapon cut, but it was a lot of fun to make it. I'm kind of I'm pretty happy with the weapon that came out of it. Still in the still in the bucking excited to use this still in of the party. They didn't time mode, so we'll see if that has to be scaled back a little bit, but I don't think it'll be too terribly bad during the level. What's the right sorry, what do you think is like the hardest part of like running a shopping session? Would you say, like for people out there so looking or like maybe give them like a breakdown as to like what you do to like get ready for a shopping session, because, honestly, well, I show me session is a lot right. Some people, like I know Jordan, you're more of a combat guy than a well, yeah, some situations. Yeah, yeah, I like flavoring things, but I find when I'm running a shopping session for my players, it's difficult for me because I find it's a lot of Improv on my part, like, Oh, what would be sold in this town? I don't know, general goods. And then someone asked, can I get a carved duck? Sure, maybe I can find one. Yeah, how much would that go for? I have no freaking clue. You know, it would be like under trinkets, I guess, or something, and I'd give a random price.

But like for me, I found that it was like, if I'm not totally a hundred percent prepared, like with, okay, here's these five different shops that you can go to and they sell this, this, this, this and this, and have like a full list already composed, then I'm floundering. Okay, here is my several step tutorial for running a shopping session, as this is my favorite thing, I have a method. Step one, if possible, ask your players ahead of time to let you know if they're going to be buying anything specific. So, for example, if you're in the middle of water deep in your players or something like, I'd like this super expensive ring on the spot, the answer might be no right because, yeah, that's something that I'm not completely familiar with. That's something that I'd like to take the time to look into, to see what the stats are and to see how much I'd like to price that at. That means not. No, not, no, permanently, not, you can never have this item, but not right now, because you kind of drop this on me and I need to take a session or so to look at this and I don't want to leave you guys sitting here in the discord while I do that. Step two use, sorry, do you use a specific site for pricing items? Well, here we go. Step to is have a resource for pricing items. I downloaded there is an awesome site that I can't remember off the top of my head that has a price for most items associated in the DMG. If it's an if it's a DMG or a PBH, item is in there. I also have a lovely list of shop archetypes. So I don't remember where I got this. I can share this with you if you want, Jordan, and I can share this well, everybody, because it's sitting in my google drive. I can't remember. I'd love to credit the original person who came up with us, but I honestly can't remember who originally came up with us. I'll post it on twitter, I suppose, if I can find it, but essentially it's a list of like if you go into a potion shop, here's when they can expect to find out of the standard items, like anything PBH or like minor kind of minor dmg items, because you're probably not going to find like high tier magic items everywhere. You'RE gonna have to find a specialist for that. So in a potion shop you might find all these items and then they'll have a breakdown of price or average or lower end price shops and for higher end price shops. That is expedited a lot of time for me in terms of I just have to be like, okay, it's this, this and this. You're looking for this. All right, it's right there. You can find this shop and while you're in here, oh, you also wanted this. Yeah, you can find that here as well. MMM. Step three is to really just kind of have fun with it and to try and see if you can find a way to rope everybody in. So, if your party is more Rpantry, to come up with some fun shop keeps that they can have fun interactions with. If they're more about those roll moments, have a couple of wool items. If they like to flex their skills, have them make a perception check when they're in the shop and maybe have them spy something that you know the shop keep wouldn't normally show to just anybody but this person's spot and they can be like, Oh, I see you have an eye for this school stuff, so let me explain this to you. If they're really if their combat oriented, then make sure to emphasize at least one weapon shop where they can buy stuff or at least look at stuff and give them a goal to set that can make themselves stronger. Maybe they can't buy that tenzero gold earn sort, but maybe now you've caught their attention because that synergizz is really, really well with some of their abilities as a martial character and they're thinking now that that's a great item that I could have. That would make myself way stronger in combat. So that's going to be my goal, is to circle back to buy that eventually so that I can have that and enhance myself. And now they're already looking forward to a second shopping session. But honestly, don't if if you're not a big fan of this, like it's if it's not clear. I this really gets me going. I said to my players I was like I would just run shopping if I could. They were like that's funny. I was like, I'm not kidding this. This could be my whole dd and I would be happy. If it's not your thinger, if it's not, your players think shopping session is a lot to do. Shopping shopping section in a session. Fine, we want to take yeah, the thing I did. I did probably three quarters of its just session of shopping and I could have kept going. So this is, I mean it like an hour and a half of shopping, and shopping takes a while... because usually it's like, oh, what do I want to buy? I don't know. Why do they have? Okay, well, now we have to look at things and then we have to look at pricing and then we have to be Oh, do we want to do that? Can I make a persuasion check to make like, you know, the pricing different? And it adds up real fast. And try and have the players also converse amongst themselves to like it like RP amongst themselves to decide what they need before you even step foot in any shop. Of them kind of like take a minute ago. Okay, we're shopping, but let's be a little bit focused about this. Now, as the DM, it's fun to derail that focus by throwing cool magic items at them, but have the focus at least narrative. But what do we need? Okay, we need like six potions of healing. We're looking for some rope, we're looking for something, some new armor for the Paladin. The barbarian wants a new weapon. And I think if we can find some cool arrows for the robes, that would be cool too. So what shops do we need to okay, then you can go. Okay, so you can hit up like a general arm shop for the Arrows and or the barbarian you can hit up an armor shop at that Palet and what he needs. You can hit up a potion in your shop to get that to maybe not get the potions and maybe just did a general good shop for the ropes. Yeah, and you, as the DM, have focused that down to there are four shops that they need to visit. Anything else is on them. I feel like I'm one hundred percent just hijacked this segment for the tels to talk about it. Yes, I will turn this over. So what aspects of DD do you like? The shopping get in loser. We're going shopping Jordan. What do you like in Dud what do I like in Dnd? Oh boy, okay, I'll just be real fast about this, but I'm sure I've said it before. I like story, guys. Story stories the big thing for me. I so enjoy seeing a story start, go from start through to finish and seeing like how things played out and just seeing like all the like side pieces and the the complications that come along with it, seeing how people react to them. When I'm building my world. I've noticed this over this past year where with wild mount I love connecting things together. So right from the beginning I have an overarching theme that is going to be like the big bad and, but I've got multiple different big bads who are also slightly connected, and I've got like different areas that are connected, even though they really shouldn't be, or they wouldn't normally be, but I of found ways to like make links from one place to another, just so that the players have the opportunity to follow almost any type of thread that they want and they can make their way in towards kind of the end goal of this campaign that I've set before them, even though they have no idea yet what that and goal or campaign is. I've set so many different threads out in motion that they can pull almost anyone and they'll end up in some of the very same spots. It's to me that that is that's interesting. I love like seeing, okay, how are my players going to like do this thing? Oh, that that's cool. Okay, so now they're going a different way than I expected, but that's okay, because each of these different things are still slightly connected, so I can, you know, hint at these types of things. And now they're getting a little bit more angry at this type of character, which is totally fine, but like it's still going to pull into this one bigger story that they're kind of creating, which to me is kind of cool. So that's like the big thing for me with regards to DD, just the overall story and having it linked together and having things in the story that kind of like point in a particular direction. or I I like the role play aspect of things. For sure, I'm not the greatest at the like out of Combat Roleplay, I think I'm fairly decent at role playing my combat. I don't know if you can agree with that or not, Braden, but I think most of the time I like even even as like my fighter character. I've given him the shield master and I like to say, okay, I go to, you know, attack this person, but I've made it so that it's efficient strikes with this character and it's very proficient and you can see like that he's aiming at specific points. And then I always talk about how when I go to bash them, I go for like a knee or I just like bull them over or I talked about exactly what it is that I'm doing as I do it, and it's not just like okay, I tack, I shove,...

I attack again kind of thing and make roles for it. or at least I try to stay away from that. I try not to take up too much time on my turn either. So there's it's finding that balance. So but I enjoy like the moments where I'm like yeah, I can. In the most recent in one of my more recent sessions, I got to block an entire lightning bolt with the with the shield master reaction, and that was just so much fun where I could just like I got to step in front of it and just put my shield in front and just all the lightning just kind of got smashed into the center and then dispersed around in my shield and it was just a really cool scenario to me that I was like yes, I feel so cool, it was awesome and yeah, at that I'd say that that's like my favorite part, I guess, of of DD is having those cool moments in combat. Out of combat. Is a lot of fun to I like staying in character as much as possible for the for the entire session. So, yeah, all right. Well, yeah, the section. We're still running on the same segment. Yeah, so, Jordan, why don't you just carry over into your sex sounds good. So this actually kind of carries over really well what I was just talking about the story and the complications and things like that, because now we're going to turn over into the DMG, page seventy nine and we're going to talk about complications, which it can include moral quandres, twists and side quests. So follow along if you'd like to page seventy nine again and let's just dive right into it. Okay, so complications. Let's talk about the moral quadries. So, if you want to give the characters a crisis that no amount of spell casting or swordplay can resolve, add a moral quandry to the adventure. A moral quandary is a problem of conscience for which the adventures must make a single choice, but never a simple one. So moral quandaries can include ally quandres, friend quandaries, on our quandres, rescue quandaries and respect quandaries. So and then they go into detail about each of the different types here, so alley quandre. So the adventures have a better chance of achieving their goal with the help of two individuals whose expertise is all but essential. However, these two NPCs hate each other and refused to work together, even if the fate of the world hangs in the balance. All right, well, well, this is getting into like some spoilers for what I kind of want introduce in my next few campaigns. All right, yeah, like this is good stuff here. It's great, like reading up on this kind of stuff can help you make campaigns that are very interesting. Like when I preread this a little bit right before we did this recording and I was like, Oh, I want to introduce some of this stuff for sure. I'M gonna look over each of the ones. I might try each one just to see what like, what works well with the group and then like try and improve, like use that one more often, just to see what and say, I think would be really cool. So side tangent decide here. Let's see. Yeah, mpcs hate each other, refused to work together, even the fade the world hangs in the balance. The Adventures must choose and the MPC that is most likely to help them accomplish their goal. So it if they if they choose one guy, they're not going to be able to use the other. Essentially, is what it's getting at here. So it can be really interesting. High levels you could have like different gods that hate each other, kind of thing. Lower levels you're talking about like different patrons. Maybe if you join one guild you're not going to be able to join the other. I know we've done that in one of your one shots, Braden. So it's it can get very interesting for for the players that way, especially if they really want both people. It's great. So yeah, friend Quandry, an MPC that one or more of the characters cares about makes an impossible demand on the characters. So a love interest might demand that a character turn away from a dangerous quest. A dear friend might plead with characters to spare the villains life to prove that they are better than the villain. A week NPC might beg for a chance to win favor from the characters by undertaking a dangerous but essential mission. And so what's that all its? Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's that.

That last one. I really like that one, just because I enjoy the idea of a weaker and PC, kind of being like, I want to be like you guys. You know, I tried running that and you guys ended up getting pissed off at that MPC for not contributing to combat. Was that? Oh, Musherie, let me know. Mushery contributed to combat, he just couldn't hit anything. Yeah, nine times out of ten. But yeah, I mean, yeah, I think like in terms of like week NPC, I would make it more like this character is likely to die, kind of weak, where it's like if they bring this character along despite him begging for it, you know, they'll get to know him a little bit, they might become a little bit attached. I'd make him very friendly and like, but then like, if he goes into combat, there is a high chance he's going to die unless they spend their turns protecting him instead of actually doing the mission. Kind of thing. You know, is a Jordan. Have you watched critical role season one, like the first campaign? I have watched parts of it, but I haven't watched the whole thing. You may have seen this section. There is an excellently role played section where essentially voxmachina returns back to their key and there's a there's like a fanboy waiting for them, and this kid is like a commoner who wants to be an inventor, and he's like Ban bowing hard over vox mockey's, like you have to take me along with your adventures, and they're they're like, they're like you're not an adventurer, like it's very dangerous. It's like I don't care, like I want to be an adventure you have to let me in, and so that's just kind of like. Stealth's up behind him and just whax him over the head with the blunt end of his dagger. Almost kills him, just like the blunt end of his dagger, and then they read they bring him back up and backs was like, yeah, that was me not trying, like you will die. He's like this is a tough lesson, but you will die. He just crushes this kid's dream and sends him off and the arrest of the parties, like that's you kidding me, like was he's like, you know what, if we took him along, we he would die and that would be our fault, like I did him a faith. Yeah, it was already comes back, because the villain, I don't think he did I can't remember what happens to him, but they don't. would be so good. He comes up again, but I honestly can't remember what the resolution for that was. Guys, it's syndrome from the incredible, it really is, buddy. But yeah, that does sound like it like that's the kind of scene. I would love to see my characters handle it. It would be cool. Right. Moving on a little bit here honor quandry. A character is forced to choose between victory and a personal oath or code of honor. A Paladin who has sworn an oath of virtue might realize that the clearest path to success lies in deceit and subterfuge. A loyal cleric might be tempted to disobey the orders of his or her faith. If you present this quandry, be sure to provide an opportunity for the character to atone for violating his or her oath. Very interesting, hard to pull off unless the PC is also very vested in that personal oath or or code Yas I know, a lot of people build Paladins because they're like, oh, I want to smite and hit people really hard and also be a little bit of a healers, tanky person and they don't really think too hard about like the the actual oaths that they're kind of like taking it and the tenets of their faith kind of thing, and they don't really use that as part of their character. But if they do, this can be a very interesting quandary for them. My my Paladin in our tyranny campaign did something very much against his oath. And you he was a Paladin of tear and he had like tears, like the Scales and everything emblazoned on his armor. And then he woke up the day after he essentially, he essentially murdered an NPC who was like morally gray, but like it was still like they were unarmed, like they were defenseless, and he killed them like for it was an emotional scenario. It was. No, it wasn't a dry scenario, but it was still like it was something that he was would for sure. Yeah, it's something that was very clearly against his own so he woke up the next day to find that all of the iconography on all of his armor and everything, the skills were incredibly ill balanced, tipped in one direction, and so ever since he's on been on like the path of redemption and every time he has been completing these these very heroic deeds, of the scales tip a little bit further...

...back into balance. Yeah, see, that's very interesting, super interesting. I'd love to do that kind of thing, and a lot of them. Yeah, rescue quandre's guys. The adventures must choose between catching or hurting the villain and saving innocent lives. So, for example, the adventures might learn that the villain is camped nearby, but they also learn that another part of the villains forces is about to march into a village and burn it to the ground. The characters must choose between taking out the villain or protecting innocent villagers, some of whom might be friends or family members. This is the age old question of well, it's like the moral it's the train scenario, the trolley, I guess, where you've got two options, you know, one, maybe you take out the villain and it stops other people from dying in the future, or to you save the people. That you can write then and there, but the villain might get away and kill more people in the future. So you know, what's how do you make that choice? I feel like it's very we've all played the the at least the first mission of God to the Dragon Queen in some capacity or another. I feel like that's kind of similar. How you know this town that you just encounters like on fire and being sacked by this cult, and your kind of your railroaded a little bit into into just kind of like defeating the cult and getting them out and doing these like side quests. But at the same time, like the village is on fire, you could freely like just be like I'm going to ignore the village and just focus on saving the villagers and getting them all out of here. Yeah, that's true. I never really thought about that. Actually, I just assumed the players would go for the villains kind of thing. Well, that's that's what the module assumes too, and I think it kind of really yeah, you into doing that, but I mean, like if the players were like, you know, I like forget the villains. Can can we just like go about helping people? And Yeah, why not? M Hmm. And they definitely have like I think in the module they have like there's a bunch of different like rescue missions that you do. I think that's only like really but that's really mostly only after you go and you talk to like the mayor or whatever of this town and then he sends you out to a different place, I think the mill or like the church or something like that, and there's a few different areas, but all of them involve some sort of combat as well, because obviously there's villains running all over the place. But you never they never talked about like yeah, putting out the fires or anything like that. They're just like go save the people, bring them back here kind of thing, and make sure you kill as many of those gobolds as possible. Yeah, that is interesting. Next time I run and I'll see if I can play that up a bit. All right, respect, Quandrey is the last one of the moral quandries. Anyway, two important allies give conflicting directions or advice to the adventures. Perhaps the High Priest counsels that the characters negotiate peace with, negotiate peace, sorry, with militaristic elves in the nearby forest, while a veteran warrior urges them to prove their strength with a decisive first strike. The Adventures can't follow both courses and whichever ally they choose, the other loses perspect for them and might no longer aid them. This feels very similar to the Alle Quandrey, but I think the difference is that the respect quandrea means that you can earn respect from the other person by doing other things. At least that's the difference I'm saying here. What what do you guys see? This feels and Carlos, would be interested to get your take on this. This feels like in reseve t him at, there's the Council of water deep, which is this kind of governing body ish of like royals, and all these like different delegations that are allied against the cults of the Dragon and they're kind of your quest givers or right and most, if not all, of rise and they're sending you to all these places. But no matter how you do the job, you'll always end up making some people happy and pissing off some people. Right exact always be like they recently saved or not safe. They captured one of the high level worm speakers in the cult, one of the high level members, and brought him back so that he could be exhorted for information, and most of the people were super happy about the fact that they now have this wealth of information available to them. But there was a couple of them that were like, well, you know, this guy's like he's better off dead, like he's committed a stupid amount of crimes and his very life is like a perversion of nature, like just the fact that he's alive and allowed to keep breathing is he will he will break out and he will keep doing the terrible things that...

...he was already doing. Like you should have killed him, you should not have brought him back, so picking like they the the party, makes their choice kind of without knowing what the dances are. Yeah, it's a little bit exactly. It's like they don't know that these will be the outcomes, like they'll piss off this person, but alle with this person, but right it. Ultimately it does come down to the same thing, which is they can't these all of them. There's no situation. But there can do that. Will make everybody happy? No, but you can piss off the other person in the future and, you know, become a bit more allied or respected by the general again later or whatever. You can always a yeah, exactly, like you can. You can change sides a little bit. I guess that's the difference. Like, whereas the ally Quandrey is like these two people hate each other and if you ever ally with them you are considered their enemy or something. I guess that's that's what I'm I'm I gotta make some sort of line here. I don't know. So okay, let's move on a little bit. The twist, guys. Twist can complicate a story and make it harder for the characters to complete their goals. So they give a few. They give ten different things here that could be twists. So the adventures are racing against other creatures with the same or opposite goal. I have a one shot in mind for that exact twist, as like a major part of it. The adventures become responsible for the safety of a noncombatant, NPC. The adventures are prohibited from killing the villain, but the villain has no compunctions about killing them. The adventures have a I'm limit. The adventures have received false or extraneous information. Completing an adventure goal fulfills a prophecy or prevents of the fulfillment of a prophecy. The adventures have two different goals, but they can complete only one. Completing the goal secretly helps the villain. The adventures must cooperate with a known enemy to achieve the goal. Or finally, the adventures are under magical compotion compulsion, such as the guys spell or in order to complete their goal. Interesting, very interesting. I'm not sure if I would ever do that. Last one, the adventures are under magical composition compulsion to complete a goal. That's interesting. It's one of those that gets I feel like it's one of those that gets a little bit weirder, especially if your players aren't more accustomed to artp yeah, actually, I feel like Claire, dependent on the kind of mechanic to be exactly like and your players would your players would have to be up for it, like and I definitely would not want it to last very long, like it'd be for like maybe a couple encounters, or like maybe one adventure is under the compulsion to do such a thing, but like having the whole Party would be it would feel really railroady, you know what I mean. So I'm not sure how much I enjoy that one, but maybe there's a way to make it work and I'm just not seeing it. So all right, let's go over this last section and then I'll turn it over you to Braden. This is on the side quest, so as the last complication type that they offer as examples. So you can also add one or more side quest to your adventure, taking the adventures off the main story path defined by locations or events. Side quests are peripheral to the characters primary goal, but successfully completing a side quest might provide a benefit toward completing the primary goal. So some of the side quest options they give our finest specific item rumored to be in the area, retrieve a stolen item in the villains possession, receive information from an NPC in the area, rescue a captive, discover the fate of a missing NPC, slay a specific monster, discover the nature and origin of strange phenomenon in the area or secure the aid of a character or creature in the area. So I use almost like side quests here, like I'm reading over this and I'm like, Oh, I use these side quests as like main quest stuff almost. I'm like, well, it's not quite main quest, but it's like because my main quest is so like overarching, all the side quest can kind of like peel into the main quest in some way. So even if they were to go off and get like well, unless they decided that they just wanted to totally like dip on the entire area that I have kind of like planned out. So if they went at you know, halfway across the world, then it would be far more difficult for me to find connections to the like big main quest or primary goal that I have them kind of on. So...

...then like these side quests might just become like things that they're doing to pass the time almost. But for now I have all sorts of like threads that they can pull on that will kind of connect in some way, shape or form to the main quest or give them some sort of information or benefit towards the main quest. What did you say there? Exactly? Basically, I'm saying that, like the side quest, I'm using them as a way to a reward people with information that goes towards the main goal. So like it won't be if it's even if it's not directly like here's the main quest and they're not following that path exactly, even if they were to take a side path, that side path would still have information connecting them to the main quest, unless they were to like just go halfway across the world and have nothing to do with any of the stuff that they've encountered so far. In that instance, then the villains would be able to just kind of like REC havoc and the world would become a far more chaotic place, which would also be interesting, but, you know, maybe not great for the world at large. Okay, it's like it's like recording your players. It's like a little bit of like extra granularity in the yeah, exactly, it's like. So, even if they were to be like like, for instance, I offered them the thread of like, Oh hey, so these people have gone missing recently from this place that you've been staying at. We're wondering if you wanted to, you know, follow up on it or not. You don't have to, you know, like your we just need some people to go and like look for them and see if they're there. So there's going to be some sort of connection to that from that to another thing. But I've also got they've also got a time limit to get back to their main their original goal, which was set out from their guild. And so they had to make a choice there between, you know, do we do this reckon rescue mission or do we go back to the main goal that we originally set out from? And so if they eat. Either way that they went would eventually like lead towards this overarching goal that I've set for them, or quest. But you know, the choice then changes, I guess, how they go about being their characters. All Right, the rescue quest is really just a side mission. It's not something that's directly like part of the main quest, but it is something that they could do. Okay with that. That is the end of the complications. Next we're going to get into creating encounters, which is going to be a hapty one, but for now I'm going to hand it over to Braden. Okay, so, before we get sort of with my segment, this episode of triple advantage is brought to you by something I should have prepped something. It is brought to you by Kringles wonderings work. Yeah, the Yay, I think, I think we I think we plug this last time too, and it's past Christmas, but whatever, get prepped already for next holiday season, my granmas. But that that's this that's making on for the Christmas that you missed. Yeah, fantastic holiday module, written by several of us here at the real estate society. Lovely art by Carlos, some storylines by me and our good friend cam fantastic, a lot of it. It's already getting fantastic ratings. Thank you to all of you on DM skilled that have already purchased this is easily been our most successful module yet, yet being the key word. We will have more. I pros just taking a bit of a holiday break. But now it's after talk of the town, the segment where we ask you, the society, a question and that we respond to that question and answer it ourselves on this section of the podcast. In today's question is he guys, it's a new year. What what are your hopes for your table in twenty one? Well, I actually have an answer for that. I hope to see more new faces at my table. I've gotten sick of my regular friend group ex and I really want to meet New People. We hate your face too. Just kidding now, but there's such a big there's such a big dnd community locally and I know that from other groups to like through playing like ultimate Frisbee. I know...

...that there's a lot of those friends that play dnd and I think it'll just be really fun to get to another and now it's interesting because, like obviously the dynamics of this game might be, might be with like your your small tribe, you know, like the friends that you're usually usually with them playing right. So, like for me it's something that I want to like start reaching out and seeing if other tables are like wanting to play like one shots and campaign stuff like that, and I would be much more fun to some meeting New People with new ideas for new characters, you know. So that's my hope for this New Year. What about you, Jorn? Let's see, for the New Year, to see from my tape, what do I want to see for my table? I guess I want to see them become more comfortable, which actually they already are. I'm super impressed with this group. They started out basically as new players, but I have seen them grow both, like in knowledge of, like how the game works and in role play. At the role play aspect has been phenomenal with this group. It's been. I just love it so much. I'd like to see the DM do a better job of being able to Improv and that sort of thing, which is me. So, you know, that's that's a that's a goal. That's what I'd love to see at my table. I I mean, I'd love to try and do like more tables and like added more friends and things like that. I know a lot of people that are interested in it and would love to like test it out and like join a campaign. I just wish I had more time to be able to do this kind of stuff. It's yeah, I mean we'll see what happens. I have one person already in mind to see if I can add him into the table, but we'll have to see if it works out with like covid and everything too. So it just it's a bit of a mess that way. So we'll see what happens there. But I am actually really impressed with the group as a whole and I am excited to see like what they come up with for the future in terms of like how they're going to play and like how much investment they can put into the characters on their own. So one of the characters started out with almost like zero knowledge. Had Amnesia, like the character had amnesia. I had his real character sheet. He didn't even have his real character sheet, and now he's like getting into it and he understands the mechanics a little bit and he's getting to know like how his character works and I've been implementing that as like his character is starting to gain regain some of his, quote unquote, memories and or understanding of the world, I guess, as a whole. So it's been really cool. So I just want to see that continue. All right, what about you, Braden, I or one? Got A couple plans. My homebrew campaign is quickly coming to a close. We're in the final stretch now of what's that is going to be like. So that will hopefully, I say hopefully because, like we try and meet weekly and it ends up being monthly. Hopefully, by the end of two thousand and twenty one that campaign will have concluded. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, the tyranny of dragons campaign that I'm running is going very strong and I hope to continue that even after we are done tyranny. I'd like to branch that out into some eye level adventures for the party. HMM. Want to keep playing with the great groups that I'm a player in. I'm already toying around with a new campaign that I'd like to start, but I this point I playdd for nights a week and that is way too much on top of working. Oh so, at least have to wait for a while after my first campaign ends in order to do that. I've got two dragon fights coming up this coming week. Yeah, baby, yeah, that's spicy. Let's so ready to use those new spike gloves yet. Let us know on twitter, everybody, how many players you think I'm going to kill in the next two weeks? What's your party size again? Six minor fix for homebrew and five for right Yrney, so at least ten, I think. Are you going to be dead? But One? Yeah, I will say. I will say Jordan. You'll find this really fun Um. So I am playing a monk in Braden's campaign and I just hit level ten.

So I got purity of body and I guess I guess I misread this. Initially, I did too, but I I thought that it was like immune to being poisoned, not just immunity to poison. So I actually took a full breath attack from no, from a poison dragon now, and I guess I was just chilling. I didn't realize that I really didn't take a damage until past some other members of the party fact checked. Yes, I own monk skills. There you go. So I'm gonna enjoy the plate a few monks. I'm sure he was the yeah, he's the one that brought it up. Yeah, yeah, so let ten months. Man, interesting. The dragon has already messed up a lot of the rest of the party, though. So Oh, yeah, I mean breath attack with like fifty seven damage does nothing to the monk, does a lot to everybody else. Yeah, but but at least a monk will be able to do damage to this dragon. Yeah, yeah, yeah, a little bit quick for this. I I'm really worried about our group. Braden, I was like doing some calculations in my head. I was like, okay, so we've got a warlock who has lost the ability, he ability to week, which means that he can't use eldridge blast. That's correct, which is like his main way of fighting. Also correct. We've got my character, who is, you know, really not combat oriented, has a negative one and constitution will die basically on the first time that there's a breath attack and he's involved in a very correct we have an assassin who is now poisoned, which means they have disadvantage on all attacks, which means no sneak attacks. So correct. Yeah, so that leaves us with an assassin, a barbarian and a fighter with sharpshooter. So like those three characters will have to take on this dragon essentially on their own. Yeah, that's what we're looking at, but the others of us will just have to like spread out and get the dragons attention and die individually. I'm not skimping out to this is like a full black adult dragon. It's a pretty fun well, I'm so dead. We're all gonna die. Possibly, maybe the campaign ends next week. Will See tu it in next week to hear her SEBK. Let's take a look at what you all said when asked what their hopes were for the coming year. Coming, you're indeed at world either. Six sixty six says. You play it again, not h yes, that's all our that's rough, buddy. Yeah, yeah, I feel for you. Hang in there, it will get better. I'm enjoined my party. It sounds like I'm going to have at least five openings, and one of them at our see Robin says they hope to finish their two yearlong campaign that they're streaming on youtube, fifty plus total episodes by the end. CONGRATS. That sounds awesome. That's really cool. Yeah, we've toyed around with the idea of do it a little bit of a little bit of the let's play thing a couple times. We may still we'll see much watch for the inevitable Royal City Society twitch page. But that concludes our episode of Triple Advantage for today. If you like what you hear, be sure to follow us on social media, that is, at real city society on Instagram, at real city social on twitter. Check the links in the description for a link to our community discord where we like to hang out and talk with you guys and discuss what is going on in your personal campaigns and like to hear your ideas and thoughts and feedback. Let us know how you think we're doing. Check out our stuff on DM's guild. And Hey, it's two thousand and twenty one new year baby. We'll see you guys next time.

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