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Season 3, Episode 17 · 1 year ago

Ep. 42 - My Character Is Better Than Yours


On today’s episode of Triple Advantage, Carlos leads another lightning round of
character creation to celebrate Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, Jordan walks us
through how to create event-based adventures, and we hear your thoughts on the
best characters you didn’t create in this week’s Talk of the Town.

On today's episode of Triple Advantage,Carlos leads us on another lightning round of character creation to celebrate Tasha's cauldron ofeverything. Jordan walks us through how a creat event based adventures. We hearyour thoughts on the best characters you didn't create on this week's talk of thetown. As always, keep it locked on our social media pages to stayuptodate on our latest releases. Enjoy the show. Welcome back, everybody,to the continuation of TASHA's lightning round, part two. Last week we startedthis just going over the subclasses that were available in Tasha's cauldron of everything andgetting Braden and Jordan here to quickly think of some sort of NPC or characterthat they first see using any of these classes. And guys, hello,welcome to the show again. So good to be back, Carlos, thanksfor having us just so. Yeah, round two of this of the segmentis double jeopardy, so your creative points will count double for this second half. Still sorrow. Yeah, that is in fact through two. MOSTIPLE isintet zero. Excellent, I'm ready. But for all you astro lovers outthere, for those of you Zodiac lovers out there, we bring you thecircle of stars. The major theme of this subclass is starlight and, bythe way, sorry, I should have stated and we're going to pick upwhere we left off with the Druid sub class here, just picking up witha circle of stars. So the dirt complete our star map, which becomesa magical to the use of our tell Omans cast spells and even embody certainconstellations in the night sky, while in the starry form, the Constellation appearson the body of the DRUID and changes how they participate in combat, castspells and even maintain concentration. Guys, I'm going to take Braden here onthe HOB seers. Okay, I'm thinking. I always found this weirdest and Druidsubclass. This always struck me as more of a wizard thing, justas a just conceptually, just because, like wizards are supposed to be thescholars versus druids. I get that, I get the nature aspect of stargazing and whatnot, but drew, it always seems like people that are likeactually part of it. In Astronomy Guild, mapping out stars would be more scholarlythan more naturally. But I digress. I would like a high end,full research, dedicated individual that does take that more scholarly leading. Thatis there. There a DRUID, but they're definitely more of a city druid. I guess. I don't know if that's really a thing. Let's butless of like that, this arch type of like, Oh, I wanderthe forest doing all these things. I'm more of like no, like Iknow nature, but like a I know it from the safety of my towerwhere I watch the stars. Interesting. So I've actually I assume we're movingon to me, but I've actually played as this class before and it isawesome. I love it. And for my character I created a simple andcheery little dwarf who basically just use the stars or played on the omen sideof things a lot more, and so he just sought guidance from any sourcesoutside of himself. So he would throw bones, he would, you know, read the stars and stuff like that like be oh well, this starcame out first today, so you know what that must mean, that Ineed to go in this direction or something along those lines. Very simple,you know, oriented that way, where it's just like let's just follow thesedirections that are given to me via the stars and I was on that wasthe DM for that game. It was literal astrology. Yeah, great,I mean, I think that's where the attraction of this some class comes from, which were sure form a nice little culture inside, you know, theRoyal City, Hmm Hans, you know, this sub class dramatically reimagines what itmeans to be a druid. You'll druds can expect a wild ship chargesto sum in a wildfire spirit who has the step up and acts much likethe updated ranger pets. Over time, the druids mastery over fire expands,improving their bond with the wildfire spirit and...

...the ability to heal or deal damagewith the powers of death and primal flames. Jordan, you're on. Yeah,give. This is definitely like a regrowth is where I would go withthis. So you have to bring things down to its base before you canrebuild something, hopefully better. We would be all about destroying corruption and Iwould probably have my character focused on taking out things like undead specifically. Itseems like that that's a little bit of a clericy thing, but I Ijust based on what I'm hearing from that class, like it's it's very muchoriented towards regrowth and undead are something that are kind of, I guess,an a front to nature itself. So I would go that route with mycare actor. I like you. Yeah, I like. I like Jordan's planthere, but I'm going to go with when I first saw the wildfirewas one of the first ones that made me look at the the new youa classes and go oh, it almost looks like they're trying to come byin a couple classes now. So to cut down a multi classing, andthis one struck me as a big bridge between the DRUID and the barbarian.So what I would like to do is a druid that has experienced some kindof devastating losses, lost everything in his fully given into the rage, andthat rage manifests itself as a blazing wildfire. The nature itself is actually viscerally respondingto the rage in this individual and causing its rage to take shape andmanifest. Cool, I like that. Cane my answer. Just kidding.See, I was thinking with this subclass or a little bit more of likemiasakey where how and calcipher kind of relationship. I don't know if you guys haveseen the Oh yeah, asshole. Now, a little bit of adifferent out, little bit of a different take on this fire spirit in asense, but I think it works all right. So moving on to fightersnow, and I think this is kind of cool because one of these subclasses we've talked about before and we've talked about the lack of SI warriors.So Si warriors are the epitome of psychic combatants, powered by a pool ofsounic energy. Dive. The SI warrior has various sonic powers they can useto alter the battlefield. They gain access to barriers, teleknie's attacks and evenflight through the mastery of their mental energies. Braden, you're on the hot seat. Give me a character. This is the this is the warrior,right. HMM, I'm I was. I was, I think, likethe one percent that is really not huge. On the the PSIONIC. You awhen it first release. I did a good thing. I didn't askfor your opinion. I asked for a characters. Exactly what you asked for. That's this entire show. But what I don't yeah, I don't havea this is one of the few that I don't have like a fully formedidea locked and ready to go. Into a campaign because I don't like it. I haven't given that a lot of well, that's the point of thishot seat. It's to ca yeah, I go, I go, Iguess, but I've been, I've been. I've been under digging like Jordan mostcommunity. Yeah, yeah, go for him, all right, supereasy, barely inconvenience here. Jedi. All right, this is this islike a clear kind of like thing leading up towards a type of Jedi.PSIONIC telepathic powers are going to allow you to do things, I assume,like push people around or potentially do some sort of mind tricks and that kindof thing, and your warrior abilities will just kind of put you in thatposition where you'll be able to be a type of Jedi and it could bepretty really I don't know, would be pretty cool, I think. Iagree. I think every time that I see say on its being used,my brand defaults back to my stircraft day is. So I'd make maybe somesort of pro toss kind of character. It's hard to say without the specificabilities that you might gain or again, we're just looking at this from areally high level overview of what these subclasses are and just abstracting from there.But maybe that's where we could go when shields and flying. Yeah, butyeah, I think. I think Jedi is definitely the easy ticket. Youdon't okay exactly, but brand didn't give you an answer. That's totally apoint for you. Oh Yeah, all...

...right. Moving on from side warrior, we have a little bit of an overlap here, which I found reallyinteresting. I mean, we have the route night, the rut night augmentstheir weapon armor in trinkets, with powerful rooms to imbue them with unique powers. The best part is the run I can use the rooms to grant protectionsto their allies to as your mastering increases, the run I can force opponents torerule attacks and even growing stature permanently to reflect the influence of their rooms. Now, Jordan, so it sounds a lot like an artificer kind ofI guess, with just the almost like your equipment is this stuff that's doingthe improving. So I'd go to like a type of anime that that hasto do with a special weapon or something that is actually the part of youthat is growing, as opposed to you becoming more skilled. It's like thisweapon is becoming more powerful, and I try and play along that that lineas long as possible or as long as it made sense, and then,if the moment arose, I'd look for some sort of way for me toalmost like lose the weapon for a short period of time or something like that, just to like have this character kind of like push to his limits andsee what happens. All right. So, similar to brain, I asked fora character and you gave me the description of a shell of a character. So, Britain, can you steal this point? I hope so,but I'm also thinking along the same way. Length is Jordan. I wanted acharacter that has a that uses the room night, less of I'm somebodythat is really good at run Simon scribing them, and more of somebody thatlike, I've inherited this set of armor and this blade and they have theserooms and they make me powerful, but it's almost sentient. So sometimes I'llwake up aiei level up and then go to sleep and wake up again andthe runes have evolved and the rooms have let switching around and I'm now suddenlymore powerful, but I really don't understand. So, yeah, I read thisdoing the work. Yeah, I played this pretty low int I wouldplay this as like I there's clearly something happening that's giving me all these powers, but I have no idea what the hell it is. So I'm justgoing to keep using the me that flow up in my face somewhere. Allright, I think to make the statement a little bit, to make thissegment a little bit more streamlined, I'm going to a couple more rules.Halfway through US playing this game, I want you guys to give me acharacter named and I don't know, is less streamlined? Sorry, a nameand what else? Well, maybe not just the Carlos character. Name isthe last thing that I come up with when I'm creating a character. Oh, you're in trouble, then, time for all of the zero some points. For me, looks like the halfway twister rehas throwing Jordan under the bus. I'm pulling up my sheet with all the names that I have. Okay, are here. So just just just to clarify a little bit. Sowe'll use the next will use the next subclasses and example. So we're talkingabout monks and the way of mercy. This monastic tradition gives monks uniques healingfeatures, including new proficiencies, healing attacks and new ways to combine dealing damageand healing eyes in the same attack action. Higher level monks who follow the wayof mercy even master the ability to resurrect the dead. So what theway of mercy? I'm thinking of some accolytes, some fighter, perhaps,a boxer named Johannes kick sure, and his abilities started manifesting when he realizedthat he couldn't win any fight, as his opponents would stand up and almostfeel reinvigerated. Really. Well, God, what's the word I'm looking for here? Really invigorate, invigorated to fight further, as his attacks dealt healingenergies to him, or something like that. Yeah, give me the start ofa character with the sub classes. That wasn't the best one. I'mhoping that you guys can give me a little bit more. But now,still staying with monks, let's try this with the way of the actual self. Follow this path, use the body as little as little more than arepresentation of self. They know they're true power is inside, in their form, is of their astral being. At first, the one can only summontheir astral arms, but as the increase in mastery, they become proficient andsummoning their full astral self, giving them a bonus attack, improved skills andhand senses and much more. Ultimately,...'s the ghostly appearance that will markadhere, and so the way of the astral self, since they manifest aghostly body over their own body. Spook alert brain. That's spoopy. HMM. Name is Stella. Gotta have something to do with the astral side ofit. The HMM. This was tricky because it's so easy to default backto just like somebody who walks the astral seas. I don't know. Oneday, when she was young, she died, had an out of bodyexperience and once she was resurrected she never really came back from that out ofbody experience. Who That's? She's now able to just dissociate her consciousness entirelyand walk outside her own body. All Right, Jordan, I'M gonna useentropy as a name, little on the nose kind of it has to doa little bit with the randomness of the universe and, I guess, justthe energy. I guess of the universe too, and so I am goingto say that she went through some sort of a portal at some point andsomething along those lines kind of like confused her with a semblance of the astralplane, and I'm just going to say that that's kind of like where herpower started manifesting. Cool. I'm going to give this point to Britain andwe're going to move on to salads. So, for Paladins, we're bringingthe oath of glory introduce and theos. Paladins who take the oath glory areprepared for their destiny as a famous savior, hero or even legend. These areknights who can who can tell you their five year plan for becoming worldrenowned, and their new features reflect those goals. To a new channel,divinity options allow you to be an exceptional athlete or grant math numbers of temporaryhip points to yourself and your companions. As you level up, your speedincreases and you have an aura which increases the speed of your allies. Eventually, you gain the ability to turn defensive movements into attack, and both ofthe defensive an ally at the same time. Ultimately, you become a legend andcan perform feats that regular mortals only dream of, including turning attacked intoattack and attack miss into a hit, saving through into a success if itfails and gain advantage on some skill checks. Jordan. You Europe first. AllRight, I'm going to name my character oft Neil, which means likestrength of God, and I'm going to play him off as like a Samsontype character, where he was born blessed with certain abilities and things like that, and he has to follow certain codes in order to maintain those abilities,almost like like pregame superstitions kind of thing, almost like where if you do thesecertain things, you're always going to win, type stuff, and soI'd love to play my character that way. Follow these codes, you win oryou get powers. Very cool, very cool Britain. His name isConstantine and, especially because the theos release was where this first came up,I want to really lean into the Greek origin of heroes, kind of archetype. So very, very humble beginnings. was just an exceptional, exceptional athletewho at some point is told that he's been chosen by God and he kindof by the gods and doesn't really like buy into it too much, butthen it's kind of thrust into glory. So level one you'll see him beinglike exceptional, exceptionally talented, especially athletically, but not like devout or anything.And then by level twenty he'll have come to accept his destiny and realizesthat he is a hero of the realms by birth. But will he beable to overcome the greatest feat of all, which is real player scheduling? NoRip. Level Twenty, yea. Next we have the the watchers.Watchers are Paladins who are not constant alert against the dangers of extra planer threats. New Channel Divinity options all the watcher to vanish extra planar creatures or provethe defenses of an ally's mind. Later features improve initiative for you and yourallies and retaliate against mental attacks. Ultimately, you gain extra senses, advantage forattacks against extra planing creatures and the ability to banish creatures when you hitthem with an attack brain. You're on the hot seat. First. Idig this subclass a lot. His name... stark. He is the lastremnant of a actual organization of oath of the watcher, Palletan's, that werecompletely destroyed when an advant being actually did break through into the side. Sohe's the last one. He's setting about trying to solo defend the world fromthese threats. will all the well seeking the one that actually did break throughand try to end it. It's very cool. That's very on the noseand I like it. Jordan. Hmm, I am going to say her nameis Mara and she is actually a blind and or uses some sort ofa mechanical I I'm not really sure I would. I would probably like.It would depend on whether there's features that would allow a blind person to slightlysee. If there's not, then I go with like her eyes were gougedout and she uses these mechanical eyes to see, or magical, magically enchantedmechanical eyes. And yet she's still like a watcher, you know, someonewho watches out for these sort of barrant creatures, and she would have tolive on some sort of a wall or something like that near or a townthat is known for having these kind of creatures kind of appear. More often. Say That's raiding takes the Palette in front. Just move rising grounds here, because keeping track of who saying what when. But addition, to introducesome MOSTCO before is a guard from the city. So Mosco was in thebattle fields constantly and now that she has retired, she stares out the windowsof her family home watching her city, kind of like those elderly ladies fromEastern Europe or Latin America, take your choice. The exist everywhere, protectingthe neighborhood from unusual wanderers, in this case from extra planers. Sources.I don't know the setting here, where this town is, you know,in constant threat, but whenever I think of a watcher, I always thinkof old ladies watching out of their balcony. So that would actually be awesome.If, like, you're living in the town where it's like, ohyeah, crazy old ladies always just like mumbling about these threats that itatures andshe's just bast extra planer. We're here constantly, the only thing keeping yousafe. He's like she's protecting we know she just had nothing to do.This is handling for Chris. Happens in family. Come on, yeah,Braten, just checking in here. How are we on time for this segment? I is a good question. That's this probably not a bad place towrap it. Okay. Well, looks like gonna be able to have TASHA'slightning around part three, which is incredible because I'm really enjoying this and Ithink that's party three will be the best of all of them, that wehave a proper form out of what to expect you, guys, as answers, as next week we will hash out some brand new characters, the liveright here, well, actually not live for you audience, sorry, societymembers on the spot, and we'll be talking about Rangers, rogues, sorcerers, warlocks and wizards. But for now I think it's time that we goback and become better DMS. So, Jordan, can you please take usthrough the next section of the DMG? All right, sounds like a plan. So everyone, we are going through the Dungeon Masters Guide. We areon page seventy seven and we're talking about event based adventures, creating it eventbased adventures. So when starry clarification? That's page seventy five. No,no, so we talked about event based adventures, but I believe we madeit to the part of mysteries which is still an advent based yes, center, but you'll remember that that entire segment l white. That is correct,because, Craig, that's right. Okay, my apologies everyone. We are onpage seventy five. Great, okay, so event based, event adventures.Let's see. So these event based adventures are in comparison to the locationbased adventures that we talked about last time. So locations focus on creating the locationfirst, and the event stuff is going to I'm going to explain thathere, all right. So the focus... is on what the characters andvillains would do and what happens as a result of that. The question ofwhere, where those things happen and is of secondary importance. Building an eventbased adventure is more work than building a location based one, but the processcan be simplified by following the straightforward steps that they talked about here. Sostep one, start with a villain. So putting care into creating your villainwill pay off later, since villains play such a pivotal role in advancing thestory. Use the adventure villains table found in the previous section. So withthe location stuff to get started and use the information in chapter four, whichwill get to eventually, to help flesh out that villain. For example,your villain might be an undead creature seeking to avenge a past imprisonment or injury, and interesting aspect of an undead villain is that the past injury might haveoccurred centuries go, inspiring revenge against the descendants of those that harmed it.So you can imagine a vampire that's imprisoned by the members of a religious orderof Knights who now seeks revenge against the current members of that order, whichis a pretty cool villain, I think. Yeah, I still like that idea. Yeah, for those of you that are thing, if it soundslike we've talked about this before, because we have that. Don't know.We did this entire episode last week and then our recording thoughts in this lovelytown of pandemic just absolutely collapse on itself. So everything was corrupted. We decidedto just re record everything. Yeah, we kept the lightning round. Yes, it's so sound. Was Awesome, but thing after that was Carbo.But yeah, I can't remember if I did mention this last time,but I would like to point out that it says start with a villain.HMM, in in an event based adventure, I feel like doesn't have to bea villain in the traditional sense. I feel like your villain could bejust any large scale obstacle. See, you mean like intrigue stuff or mysterystuff that comes out? No, I mean like plague. Oh, yeah, yeah, we're sure that's not necessarily villainous in nature. It's just aforce of nature. Yeah, but it's also like if it was a wildfireor something, that would probably fall into location base. But I feel likeplaying calls Morn into event based, maybe depending on how the plague spreads,right, like, because if this plague spreads within a location, then yourlocation is of the most important part, right, that's fine, but presumablythe villains doing something within a location to. So no, not necessarily, right, like, because a villain is able to go out to multiple differentlocations and take from different areas and or show up in multiple different places anddo different tasks. Right. So that's why this part two is determine thevillain's actions, right, because now this action is it depends on the typeup a villain, I guess right. If it's a oneandone type thing,then yeah, it's only in one location, for sure, but if it's alarger scale thing, then likely they will have followers at least in multiplelocations or will show up in multiple different areas in it your and it'll bemore of a long term thing, right, if that makes sense? Yeah,yeah, that makes sense to me. Okay, yeah, so step todetermine the villains actions. So once you have a villain, is timeto determine what steps that villain takes to achieve its goals. Create a timelineshowing what the villain does and when, assuming no interference from the adventures.Building on the previous example, you might decide that you are vampire villain murdersseveral nights by slipping past lockdoors in gashes form. The vampire is able tomake these desks look natural at first, but it's soon becomes clear that adepraved killer is behind these murders. If you need additional inspiration, consider afew different options for how the villains actions can unfold over the course of theadventure. So they give you six different types of event based villain actions.So there's big events, there's crimes, freeze, growing corruption, one anddone, serial crimes and step by step. So big event, the villains planscome to fruition during a festival and astrological event, a holy or unholyright, I. Royal Wedding, the birth of a child or some othersimilar fixed time. The villains activities up to that point are geared toward preparationfor this event. So these are the stereotypical like okay, on the eclipse, you know, the fire nation is going to attack, kind of thing. That that's that's the feel I get...

...from this kind of thing, whichis which can be really cool. I'd almost want to use that like ina later like campaign where your characters are a bit higher level. Maybe.I don't know. I don't I'm still a really big fan of this particularone just because it it kind of even if you don't have like a setcalendar like I do your campaign, like I use a very rigid callyder becauseI kind of back myself into a corner with a lot of mechanics that Iwas using for my for my home brew world. But if you don't havelike a rigid adherence of times, a little bit more fluid and it's justnot like I'm tracking day to day to day, day to day, what'sgoing on? Hmm, then you can kind out of a yeah, thiskind of gets you a little bit. It'll help put that urgency of timeinto your yeah, with her actually having to have a rigid structure. That'strue. So you can it can be like, oh, it's going tohappen on the Solstice, that's only three days from now. Does own,no matter when. The cell stysis is now, three days from now,and you've got three days. That's right, it's done. Yeah, I likethis. I like this for villains. I also like this for players.I have a player that has a he has like a special events,the special thing that he can do with a book that he has every everyfull moon. So he's constantly like waiting for the full moons that he cando this cool thing and probably, if it is it a fum? Yeah, is it a fom? Every nice happening? No, we're not thereyet kids. Yep, but it's cool. I like that. You know,it is interesting like if so, with these big events, make sureit's like one big event, is what I'm hearing, because, like fullmoons can be big events. It's just that you don't want it to belike something that is reoccurring, like in Braden's campaign, because then it willkind of put you in this place where you okay, well, at fullmoons, full moons only happen every x number of days or or months orweeks or whatever it is in your world. I guess you could make it upor you could have full moons, you know, more frequently, butevery moon's a full moon. Yeah, that's right. Okay. Let's moveon, though, to the next type, which is the crimes free. Sothis is when a villain commits an act that becomes bolder and more heinousover time. So a killer might start by targeting the destitute in the cityslums before moving up to a massacre in the market place, increasing the horderand the body count each time. So this is your stereotypical serial killer,kind of I think. Or Hobo Party, yeah, exactly, or murder,hope of party, no one and PC. Yeah, what's a town? Exactly? We're already the bad guys. Guys. It is a slippery slope, let me tell yeah. It's very hard to get back on thatother path to yes, all right, yeah, I like a I likecrimes free. Well, now, serial killer would be more of serial crimes. Yeah, I was. I was looking at that too. I waslike, well, yeah, maybe I spoke too soon. I do likecrimes free, though. I feel like crimes free is more like a gang. Yeah, like looting things, destroying property that can see. Yeah,exactly, what up? HMM, a gang that starts out with just likegrabbing purses off full. Ladies on the street, you know, which thenbecomes a larger, more nefarious organization. Potentially, it's all self fun andGames, until it turns out that that Old Lady is so right and canjust wasted in seconds. My time has come. It all right, goa Tandon here. What you guys? You guys seen the movie priest?No, not yet. No, it's like all my time is come.Tender, rekindle my old warriorself and go fight this evil sword as as highas the villain's power and influence grow, affecting more victims across larger areas.This might take the form of armies conquering New Territories and evil cult recruiting newmembers, or or a spreading plague, as you were saying, Braden.So I was wrong. Pretender to the throne might attempt to secure the supportof the kingdom nobility in the days or...

...weeks leading up to a coup,or a Gil bleeder could corrupt the members of a town council or bribe officersof the watch. Yeah, so I apologize, Braden. I was wrongabout the spreading plague. Apparently that is an event as opposed to a locationbased thing. I would accept your apology, but they are at the same time. No, not really, because, like I would talk about like juststrictly plague. This is this seems more like man made plague. Yes, LAN is literally creating plague, which actually, hey, sneak peek forsomething we're working on, for the real state of society. But yeah,I do like I've done the I've done the corruption side of things, I'vedone the clearly something in this town is wrong and the cops are turning ofblind eye and this person has way more power than they should. So whatare you going to do about it? Yeah, and that was a lotof fun up until the party, because party became yeah, exactly, upuntil that point. It is going very, very well, HMM, and evennow it's going very well. But yeah, it's I like the Ilike the corruption aspect. Is a lot of fun to run, absolutely,and it's kind of cool just to have that like that mob boss Type Villain. It's just a lot of fun, I think, to run or beHa yes, actually, I've done that a lot of an I maybe Ishould try something else. It has been your here, defining mark, Ithink, on the world so far, just because that's your amounts of mobbosses. Yeah, that's round amounts of corruption in mob bosses. It's great. Yeah, all right. So next step or next thing that a villainmight do is a one and done. So this is where a willing commitsa single crime and then tries to avoid the consequences. Instead of an ongoingplan to commit more crimes, the villain school is to lilow or flee thescene. So this is like heist stuff, is what I'm thinking. You know, rob a bank this one time, guys, and then we can goand buy ourselves our own island kind of thing. You know, pulloff that big crime and then run or, you know, murder the royals andthen run. Hope it's enough to like change things in the world.I guess maybe is what you're doing, or you're just doing it for youknow, assassin. Yeah, I like this. I like this concept asone of those like if you can think of every heist movie ever, it'sjust like we just need to do this one big school and then we're out. Exactly. Yeah, that's that's what I picture this as. And Ithink until the next time movie, yeah, until until the eighteen peoples that comeup for eleven. Yeah, that's right. I think last time whenwe did this the first time, you've mentioned that this would actually be reallyfun to run as a reversal. Oh Yeah, for sure, on theplayers perspective, where they're the ones that have to pull off the heist.Yes, and I think that I do think that would be even more funthan being on that as somebody who is run a bank heist mystery. Yeah, I think that it almost would be more fun to run your right,because like when the players are kind of just chasing down this villain's it's itis like interesting. There's like a little bit of mystery maybe and clues thatyou can follow in that kind of thing. But it would be even more funto like kind of pull off this, okay, we're going to do thiskind of thing, or like a prison break, you know, likewe got to start this riot and then we got to do this thing inorder to get out of here without being seen. In that kind of stuff. It just adds a little bit of like urgency and like Oh no,like I'm a little bit scared that my character is going to get caught kindof thing. I like it, all right, I will move on hereagain. So the next type of villain actions that you could consider our serialcrimes. So this is where they villain commits crimes one after the other,but these acts are repetitive in nature rather than escalating to greater heights of depravity. So the trick to catching such a villain lies in determining the pattern that'sunderlying their crimes. Those serial killers are a common example of this type ofvillain. Your Villain might be a serial arsonist, favoring a certain type ofbuilding, or a magical sickness that affects spell casters who cast a specific spell, or a thief that targets a certain kind of merchant or Doppelganger, kidnappingand impersonating one noble after another. Really cool ideas here. Basically it's saying, choose a particular type of thing that this villain wants to get rid ofor destroy or take in some way from someone else, and if, aslong as that villains sticks to that type, you can kind of like play itoff that way and hopefully the players...

...will catch on. Okay, weneed to protect these people or these types of buildings or, you know,we can set a trap using this kind of Bait. So it can bereally fun that way for the players. I think if they can, ifthey can figure that pattern out, run a DD session, but kind ofmodel it laughter a criminal minds episode. Yeah, exactly. I would beactually sick. That was the first thing that came to mind, although anytime I hear serial killer I think criminal minds. It's just it's always there. It's yea, the best shows of the sty W are you with it? Are Starting to date ourselves? Yes, but I would I've got a I'vegot a I've got a cool concept for a one shot. I thinkthat it's more of a mystery style where they're they're finding all these people thatare dead and ex sanguinated. De sanguinated was the term. No Blood.Is that what you're trying to say? Yeah, exactly. I don't know. That's using, you know, big fancy terms as opposed to just theirblood is drained. They got no good. Yes, essentially that. So they'reobviously the parties brought into look into whatever vampires draining the these of theirblood. But as they investigate they find out that it's not a vampire.Is just like this super sick. Oh h, he's just nuts and istraining everybody of their blood, because that's how he do right. Blood testing, guys, it's got to be done. Absolutely. Okay, so let's keepgoing here, because I think I'm starting to run out a time.So, step by step is the next villain actions. So this is inpursuit of its goal, the villain carries out a specific set of actions ina particular sequence. A wizard might steal the items needed to create a flactoryand become a litch, or a cultist might kidnap the priests of seven goodaligned Gods as a sacrifice kingdom hearts. And alternatively, the villain could befollowing a trail to find the object of its revenge, killing one victim afteranother while moving ever closer to the real target, real target. So Ithink this is the one that I most commonly used for my villains. Ilike them having some sort of a long term goal that they need to performcertain actions in order to a mass power or make their way out of whatevershackles they're in currently, or, I guess, just progress towards a certainultimate goal. I just think it's really cool to think that way and Ilike doing that. So that is the type of villain that I generally speaking, make, but I should probably try and branch out, kind of likeBraden this. I like this, but I don't like this in the adventurescategory, because this isn't this is an adventure, this is a campaign.For sure. Exactly what a campaign is? It's a huge long thing thing whereyou're following the villain, usually one step behind as they do steps.Yeah, I said so, I guess. I like at the end, Iguess, like what's the difference between an adventure and a campaign? Itwould depend on how long it takes to complete said goal. Right, ifthey've got, you know, only three steps to completing their master plan,it's technically still a step by step thing. You know, they need to getto this thing and then they need to go and get that thing andthen they need to do this ritual here, and that's their step by step villainactions and it leads up to some sort of an ultimate goal. ButI understand what you're saying. I do tend to make them more long termstuff, for sure, where it is like more of a campaign type thing. It's going to take you from levels one through to ten, or onethrough to five, or whatever it is kind of thing. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, all right, what do you think should I keep going?Here? We are. That is a lot of to the we've been herefor like twenty minutes. Are we had a natural stopping point of this.So this is moving on to part of any more. Yeah, it's wehad an incredibly unnatural and forced stop. That's right for this. Can wedo that? This would be a little you know what I might do?I'm going to quickly do the the parties goals, I think, and thenwe'll call it there. Cool, cool, all right. So this is partthree of creating your event based adventure. is to determine the parties goals.So you can use the event base goals table to set the parties goals. A goal can also suggest ways in...

...which the adventures become caught up inthe villains plans and what exactly they must do to foil these plans. Okay, so they give you like twenty different options here that can kind of inspireyou. So the parties goals might be to protect an object, negotiate peacebetween enemy nations that are or feuding families, smuggle weapons to rebel forces, wina tournament, those kind of things. So you want to make sure thatyour event based adventure has some sort of party goal as well as villaingoal, almost and then hopefully the two kind of intersector collide somehow. Soif it's winning a tournament, maybe your villain has some sort of steps inplace in order to stop that from happening. Or the serial crimes, or sorry, the crime spree, might happen where you know someone to guys togo and kill the people at this event, and so you want to have thosetwo things kind of colliding. So it says, for example, youroll a ten on the table indicating that the parties goals is to secure aidfrom a ruler or council. You decide to connect that to the leadership ofthe order targeted by your vampire villain. So maybe the orders leaders have achest of jewels stolen from the vampire centuries ago and the characters can use thatchest as a bait to trap the villain. So it's important to just kind ofmake sure that your party has something to do at that intersects with yourvillain. Okay, so that is where I think we'll call it for today. Will continue on with our event based adventures next time, but for nowI'm going to hand it off to Braton. You Bet so, before we moveon to our next segment, this episode of triple advantage is sponsored byour newest release, the path of destruction barbarian. Hey, kids, Tushis not enough for you. You want more subclasses, everyone a level ofbuilding. Path of destruction barbarian. It's got all you need. It's gotyou're an unstoffable juggernaut tank that just rolls over everything and lives for nothing.But this diruction Jordan wrote it, we helped edit it. Tons of funavailable now. Pay What you can on DM s Gild. You know thedrill. Check out our other stuff when you're over there. What's that youguys? Ever play page? No, but I know it was a bigish think there was a rampage movie, wasn't there? There was. Ohyeah, yeah, it's like about giant monsters kind of coming in and destroyingtowns, isn't it? Yeah, yeah, it could be. If you levelto twenty in path and destruction. That's right, do it. Notso much it is now this is outtime for talk of the town, thesegment where we ask you the Society of question of them. We talked aboutthose answers on this segment of the podcast in this week's question is what isyour favorite character that another player at your table has designed? So this canbe either somebody that another person in your party has assigned or NPC that theDM has thrown at you that you really liked discuss. Yeah, okay,so I really, really really loved to to two things actually that I knowour good friend Matt basically did the voices for and created. So the firstone was most recently we played a one shot with him where a particular weaponwas sentient, the weapon of warning, and so this character, or thisthe character who owned it, didn't exactly know that it was sentient, Idon't think, and it was just kind of great because the first time thatwe walked into a room and it just started talking, it was like Kimboo, watch out. It was fantastic. I loved the voice for it.It was just great, and their character just started freaking out like what isgoing on here? It was fantastic, hilariously over the top of the voiceon this thing. Yeah, yeah, it was just so good, sogood. I loved it. And the other voice that he does that Ireally loved was one of the major villains in our most recent campaign where thisguy was kind of like a ban character where he took like this and itwas just kind of great to experience that Bain type feel against this large mechanicaltype villain. It was just such a well played character. I loved it. He hurt too, for those Oh yeah, protest for the play bandlike characters while at the table. If... get a solo, cover theway the mass sounds. Yes, you know, just some just some tipsfor you might look a little funny. Well, the big red look up. It's already game. It's all exactly exact prices. What's your what's youranswer for this all? I actually gotta give a big shout out to ourgood friend Matt, because every character that he makes he so good time curninga back story and then are seing the characters whenever we play, which isalways welcome and fun to partake in any session with him. That I thinkthe two characters that I've been most too, mostly exposed to our yawned are fromthe rise of team at campaign and another character that he made fully,a very classic Shire halfling with good intentions playing in a, you know,this dangerous world. And actually in that other campaign I have another another playercreated a furbowled character called Rubra of Alder Wood, who just takes things slowly, time passes as needed. Awesome, and interacting with this character was alittle difficult because you didn't really know, as a DM, when she wouldstop, I thought, and start something completely different. That was tortures.That must getsful online. anyways. That's that's a couple on the play gets. You can you can't even like gate like in our in our in ourcovid world, where we're not at a physical table necessarily. You can't likegage. The response, at least usually assobly like you about to say somethinglike your kind of hang on to like it just sounds like you're sitting therein silence. It's like, yeah, yeah, it's especially he say you'rewaiting for you able to talk online? Right, yeah, did the DCshould we reconnect? Yeah. Anyone else experiencing technical difficulties here? What?Yeah, it's like I'm getting like flash from Zo Zootopia. Is that grabsloth? That? Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely painful, but awesome. I like the concept. Yeah, that was not maybe the best.Probably only do that for like a one shot. I don't know if Icould pull it off for a whole like campaign. I feel like I'm thekind of person who might give up on that part or like say it's emotionalgrowth, like Jordan, you know, one of my players and my homebrewplays. It can't coup. And Yeah, the actual mimicry part of the cantcoup, I think, is gone to quite out the window because sheis very frustrated with her limited vocabulary. Yeah, it was like really cooland she really liked it at the beginning, but just after a while she justis like, I need to be able to talk normally. It's yeah, nobody, nobody can. Like they're making plans and she can't jump intothe plans, even though she's got good ideas, because she doesn't have thewords to describe exactly wants to say. I remember, I can't remember whatshe was trying to describe. At one point she was trying to described likea tiger or something, and the only large creature where she had was elephant. Trying to get people's attention to just kept pointing meat like elephant and everyperson what there's none. But yeah, but my I think my favorite.I feel bad for also not showing out that now, but that's that's beenshouted out enough. Yeah, despite the fact that he does have some great, great characters I could mention. But I really like a character in ourtwo of anihilation game currently going by the name of Leone. He is notalways gone by the name of Leone. He was previously, when we firstmet him, Alferte, the giant Luchador, Barbarian Goliath, always had all thispride. Was was convinced he could beat anybody in a fight, andthen he got he got he got destroyed in a one on one combat withthis professional gladiator and he went through a weird redemption arc phase where he justditched the luchador mass. He's went back to his birth name of Sabin.And then we were in the jungle and a bunch of US got petrified andthere was a time skip for those of... that were and when we cameout of it, he was draped in Leopard print with a new mask incalling himself Leone, and he just like he plays up the the wrestling anglevery great. I've seen him jump off of a cliff and attempt to pina flying reptile. Yeah, off the side of a cliff. That didn'tend well. For him, but I appreciate the commitment to the bit.Yeah, it was pretty great. But yeah, I like the I likedthat this cut, this constant shuffling of personas that he's got. I thinkhe might stick with Leone. I think that's the direction he wants to head. But I part of me says he doesn't his characters to yeah, yeah, that's true. They're always like how way through, you forgot that thatwas not the original name Stary. Yeah, it's like watching best it's like watchingcritical role, except the dam's not in on it. Actually, that'sa recurring trend with a lot of our players. Yeah, which probably addressthat at some point. But let's take a look at what the what thesociety had to say? A bit of a bit of a slow week.Now that we're getting into the end of the year, I think a lotof people are maybe a little bit busy. We have seen a little bit ofa downtake and online interaction, which is totally cool. But the onethat we do have that I want to mention is, I want to sayit's pronounce mcgoeone on Instagram and they responded that a bodyguard to their character whohated their character was their other player character. So this character, this person wasplaying a character who had a bodyguard and this bodyguard despise the character.I think, Carlos, this was in your campaign correct. It was infact the tale of Leandro Kalith and the bodyguard, Eric, the human andwith Pilith is an Aladdyan Elf who lived a very posh life in the Faywild and I guess one day they found a human in in their ferk wasactually tyler's character, and Frek grew up and was almost adopted into the family, but as as a guard, as an assistant to leandrol. Now thatleander is out in the material plane seeking adventure and the renowned to enter backinto his higher ranks the Fay wild. It's a bit of a back storyon, you know, family, a com plish men's and personnel drive andetc. Ferrik realizes that, you know, maybe he doesn't have to do everythingleand roll says. I mean we're not with his family anymore and he'sa big boy. You can handle yourself right. So the dynamic is prettyinteresting between those two characters. Yeah, that would be awesome. I'd loveto see that. That does sound like a very interesting dynamic, but Ithink that we are running out of time, so let's call this segment of talkof the town and therefore our episode of triple avenge. For those ofyou that are listening, if you want to join in the discussion, wepost new questions every week on our instagram page at Row City Society, onour twitter page at royal city social and on our community discord, which canbe found at either of the last two mentioned social media pages. As well, we have a tendency to release content, music content for DD, written contentfor DD. If you don't already know, now you know. Checkout our pages for more information and keep it locked here for more information onthe next triple advantage. We'll see you next time.

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