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Season 3, Episode 31 · 1 year ago

Ep. 55 - New Friends!


This week on Triple Advantage, we shout out some awesome new projects we've found through the #SelfPromoSaturday trend on Twitter, look at what denizens can be found in your dungeon, and see what you have to say about customizing your spellcasting.

On this episode of Triple Advantage we have echoes of the outlets where we cover my favorite things so far that I have found on self promo Saturday days. It's exciting one. On defining the DMG, we continue on to talk about dungeon factions. Who are the denizens of your dungeons and of what do they do? Find out and in our final segment, talk of the town. We talk about flavoring your own spells and Braden and I disagree. As always, make sure you stay in tune with those social channels to keep in the loop and stay in touch with us and see when we release stuff and just generally that's where we mostly talk to people. anyways, enjoy the show welcome members of the society again to another episode of triple advantage. Not sure anymore I forget that we say that already. Doesn't matter. On this echoes of the outlines, I actually want to give a shout out to some of my favorite pieces of content that I've actually found on the Self Promo Saturday posts that we do on Saturdays. I figured this is a great way to sort of talk about some of the other great creators that we have in our community and given a bit of a spotlight. So again, guys, I don't know if you got the chance, I did forward you a little bit of a late at night. I did forward you some of these. I know that we're probably keep an eye on different things across our social media's, but here are some of the ones that I personally have found to be of great interest and have been listening to and watching since discovering them on the some other self promo days that we have had. The first one is a podcast called of mice, men and monsters, and I don't know if you guys have seen this, but essentially it's a live play dd podcast in which are intrepid DM's take players through the stories of classical novels, starting with Frankenstein, moving on to Moby Dick and I now I believe they just wrapped up the Robin Hood Arc. It's a very engaging podcast. All of their actors are super funny and in general the production quality is phenomenal and I love the concept of taking I love the concept of taking these stories that we know and love and DND fying them and fantasyfying them. That when you add magic to anything, it definitely creates some interesting offshoots as so what you might expect. So I don't know if you guys have had a chance to listen to this yet, but I highly recommend that you do that. So far it's it's been pretty exciting and Braden, you like this, but I'll only say this just because it does coincide with your career as well. But these are teachers. So at the end of the at the end of each of these arcs, they also do a book report on the actual novels themselves. So they'll talk about the history of like Moby Dick and where the inspiration came from for the books, and a little bit of like an Isicu know, which I found a really, really refreshing. But as a as it goes for a DD play, what do you guys think about taking these like classical stories and d defying them, and what stories would you guys love to one day see from a podcast like that? Well, first off, that's really cool. Second off, maybe we should explain what Self Promo Saturday is for people that don't know. Yes, that's a good point. So Self Promo Saturday, for those of you that don't have twitter, is a Hashtag that goes around every Saturday. It's really, really big in the ttrpg community and essentially what it is is you post your stuff around everywhere, rather shamelessly like we do, so that everybody can see what you've been working on. So we tend to post around triple advantage plus whatever we currently have released from the Royal City of society. In addition to I post or go around quite a bit, and then we post our own post and just say, show us what you got, and a lot of people respond to us and we've met a lot of people and had some great conversations on twitter through this Hashtag about different projects that people have been working on, about the projects that we've been working on. So it's been a lot of fun. This podcast is one that I have seen as we've done the Self Promo Saturday thing. I have not listened to it yet. I'm probably going to, after Carlos just sold me on up there stories...

...that I'd like to see it done as like a d d adventure. That's an interesting one. Come back to me. Dream. Which one do you not want to see? Yeah, that's the thing. You Story. That's nothing, and I also don't know what they've done already. So I don't want to, well, I'll tell you what they have posted right now. So they've completed Frankenstein, moby Dick and they just wrapped up their Robin Hood. Okay, you said that. I wasn't sure if it was that that was extensive or if that was just some of them. Yeah, so it's a rather new podcast as well too, so it's really refreshing. I think it's definitely in my sort of like background, competitive mindset. It's like the production, call it, that they have on as incredible and it's like Oh, you're hey, well, there's standards to keep in the podcasting world. Guy This. Yeah, I also have not listened to it yet, but I for things that I'd like to see, I think I'd rather play them out, if that makes sense. I'd rather get like a group together and be like Hey, guys, we're going to do like an Aladdin style story today, kind of thing, you know. So come prepared with characters that could work in this, you know, aladdinish universe. You know, it's just a clarify Letna Griba or whatever. So these are they're not taking like settings, for example. They'll be taking players through like the main core of, you know, what makes Frankenstein or what makes mobe deck or what makes Robin Hood. Right, so they're one person is playing as Robin Hood or Frankenstein or the party is just playing through the setting. Okay, so the setting of Robin Hood would be the town. What's the town's name? Frek, can't remember, but it's in England, I assume. Then it's just basically the Nottingham that's it takes place in Nottingham. That's that's what they're doing. Or is it like a steal from the rich give to the poor type situation? Yeah, I actually haven't gotten that far in to the podcast myself. I'm still in the mobi Dick Portion of it, and that what does it look like? Essentially, what we have is just the players going through the core of the MOBE dicks are and like I want, I want to be like very vague about this just because I don't want to really like spoil it, but you have essentially your core story of Moby Dick Being driven by your player characters and then from that the thing is that it's interesting because it diverges so far and it's it's a running story as well, and that's why it's a little bit confusing too, because like they start in frank and sense setting, but then the actions and story that they have here is tied into the world of Moby Dick and they're sort of building the world, adding these books on top of one another. So that's why I'm like it's like kind of pulling from the the the the stories themselves, but then adding on to it that fun D and Dns and sort of live play. What am I looking for? Improv that you would find from other DD it's games itselves, like a decision tree more so than anything, kind of kind of yeah, like order and then they're like, okay, you know such and such a thing happens. What do you do? What do you do here? In a sense, yeah, but like it's more of like an additive world right now, like the they're like they're they're looking to add on to and build onto a world using these novels. Essentially. I mean I think I grew bokus still work in that setting. Yeah, Yep, but yeah, I yeah, again, I think I'd rather play it then listen to it, but you know, I I mean it would be pretty cool to just listen to it, I think, to get ideas on like how to run it, because I'm still a little bit confused on how all that's working. So I'll probably give it a listen to. Yeah, I did like their their prolog trailer, so you can definitely back up to it, but I do not. I do definitely know that you, for the most part, don't necessarily watch too many live play things other than like critical role at most. Yeah, yeah, right, so it's not. It's not so much of a podcast itself, it's just you don't really like a dive into these sort of view and honestly, sorrys gonna lie, I mostly do that because I run a wild mount campaign. So I take ideas from that. That's fair enough. That's fair enough, and I learned about the world, but I'm already like invested in just, you know, through it. So yeah, okay, so moving hold on Braden. But yeah, we forgot Braden.

Britain didn't come Brendon. See A story. Yeah, still, I'm stuck. I like that. You said Aladdin. I'm yeah, probably. Well, okay, fine, that sounds Nice. The only reason that I have a qualm with that is that is that a classical tale? Is that like, like, I don't put that in the same sort of. Well, there's layers, bit of och. There's a story behind Aladdin. Those not just the Disney film. It's definitely disciplined in the Disney film, but you could run the original. I mean only the Disney film exists in my heart. So well, yourn is wrong. The first time I heard to Robin Hood was the Disney film as well. So I mean, what else is there? A book? There's a book. Exactly several books were Robin it's concerned. Exactly many different I've also read many different robinhoodok books. So I mean, I get that, but all right, I know I can't read. What do we got next, Carlos? Yeah, anyways, we'll come back to Britain and I guess you said Aladdin, but we'll see if you change it by the end of this podcast. The second fun little discovery that we have had from self from Saturdays has been mastered the Dungeon. This is a youtube channel and they they post and an animated bits for tips and tricks for Dungeon Masters. Essentially, the reason that I like them is because from production perspective, there their animation is a little bit more simple, but it's very exaggerated and it's very descriptive based on what the content of the videos is and also in general, I love the ideas that they put forward. For example, on one of their little DM tips, they sort of broke down how to generally break down and create a Zelda like Dungeon, talking about generic keys that you can use within rooms and how you can sort of mix that in with the existing rules of dnd and maybe some other TTIPG's to create some sort of unique dungeon that is so somewhat Selda inspired. Some other posts that they have had are they're doing these sort of short stories recently and one of the one of the ones has been on stamina, and I think this is one that I sent you guys, essentially just sort of talking about how you know in the game your constitution isn't you know you're how much you're bleeding or how much life you have left. Quote on quote, is how much stamina your character has left, and I never really thought about it that way because I'm used to I kind of I kind of used to see that as like hp bar with your character right and once you hit zero you went unconscious. But just a little things that they cover are really unique. They've had some videos on poison traps and how to what types of poison traps, giving the examples of fun things to use, you know, having like time delays on constitution checks, for example. Right like a player gets some chor on them, you make them rule a constitution check. That doesn't really take into effect until maybe like twenty minutes later, thirty minutes later in game time, and then your character starts feeling sick and they provide some examples of it. And I just generally love the the voiceovers that they do. They're very engaging, very energetic and a really fun watch. And again, this is a it's a rather new channel as well, so they're just starting out. There sort of video machine and it's really exciting and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of them. Have you guys, maybe not Jordan, but Brittain, do you know any other sort of DMI tips, like what do you look for when you're when you're looking for DM tips online? So I actually do follow these guys. I'm a big fan of their stuff. I saw them from one of our Self Promo Saturday posts. Loved it, loved it, loved it, decided to give them the follow I like what they're doing. I really like what they're doing in terms of not even Dmi tips the best like Youtube content channel I think I've seen for DD is still critical role, and not for critical role, but for when they did the Hanbrooker helper series. Oh yeah, that was a good serious yeah, that was great, and I still said that too. If I have a new player and I've explained something to them and they don't seem to be getting it because of the way that I'm explaining it or whatever, I'll go here, check out this video and see if this makes more sense, and that's most times it definitely does. But I do like I like that these guys to follow both the the kind of DM tips aspect and also this kind of creator aspect. So you got the dungeon design ideas, which you can't use for DD, but you can also I mean that I'm sure that there's a certain extent of just flexing that they did this, which is also cool. Like I want to see how they did it, and I do. I I really did like that video on the stamina. It's something that I've heard before and I keep forgetting... and then I watched it again and I was like that's right, and I do tend to run it, as you said, as in more of an HP bar sometimes. So I'm definitely going to try and remember to start shifting back towards stampinough is. Yeah, it's definitely hard to run it that way, though, I think, just because, like you, you lose HP, quote unquote, whenever you get hit by an attack and like you know it. Maybe maybe it is more like okay, you've blocked it with your shield, but you know, you can only block it with your shield so many more times before you run out of stamina and you miss the attack. Well, no, you do like, like, I think it's like your constitution almost. So you've been hit so many times that you pass out because you've been literally sliced up with a sword so many times. Not Necessarily Blood lust, but you're fucking exhausted from this battle, right. Yeah, I mean, yeah, especially when you've got like a fighter who's, you know, wearing heavy armor. Yeah, like, it's not. It's not like, you know, every attack that hits is like stabbing through. Well, and that's that's actually something that they do. They do specify on to is saying, like, you know, when you receive a damage like slashing right when you start bleeding out is usually when you have a sword through your gut. We're ardless of the level of your character, right like it's not like you're going to be a level twenty character. That's so. How can take three great swords through the chest and you're just chilling? Yeah, so obviously this falls into you know, how you how you as a DM, flavor the encounter, but it's always good to keep those things in mind when playing. In general, I'm really excited for this channel. Even right now, I love how engaging their content is and I look forward to, you know, if they possibly increase that animation that they have, because I really love the art style that they're using right now and I would love to see more of it. Like it's very good. Jordan, I recommended it's go check it up. Most of the stuff that I look for is comedy stuff when I'm looking at dudgeons dragons, because it's fun. Well, you know what, that's something that I haven't really Dave too much into. I haven't really found too much comedy with Restis enters and Dragon. So maybe one day you can give me your list for actually out lens and I'd love to shout those people out as well. Okay, what before we continue? The final one that I was really excited to catch a glimpse of in our self from a Saturday posts was seawn someday, the shifting spire series, and I'm going to just really go over the reader post here because I think that'll sort of conceptualize at the best. But essentially it's a new show and it's got goot you. Essentially, I don't know, I don't know how to describe it. It's pretty much like a DD game show where each each time he runs a party through the tower, you have some character introduction saying who they are and how they're going to be the ones that are going to reach the top of the tower. The essential structure of it is your challenge tower kind of competition where you have parties going in and beating dungeons and beating levels of this tower and advancing further up and like up to the top. The first thing that I thought of when I when I saw something like this was kind of like a sword art online beat into the hundred levels of this tower. But yeah, it's essentially eleven teams in total get to go through the game and the one who gets the clisses to the top at the end takes out a grand prize from the various sponsors that he's got with this channel. So I think in general, cool it did. The General Concept of this game is so good because, on the one hand it's a unique thing I haven't really seen in DD and it's really taking advantage of the social channels of twitch and making it like a TV show in a sense, but also keeping it a TTRPG. And because of that you get to make those two things which are love doing in at the table, like mixing that sort of Meta element of the game of, you know, players being, you know, human beings and enjoying time together, and also that fantasy world that you're creating as your dming and playing through a campaign. So I'm really excited and I've definitely put in a bid, or I've a requested that we, the RCS group, can get a team configured for the following seasons. So maybe we will get a chance to tackle this tower in the future. But this is definitely a concept that really excited me and I did talk to I did talk to the Creator over Instagra, over twitter, when I first sort of saw them on the little thread and it's really interesting and I've been watching a couple of the episodes ever since and just I love the concept. I love this concept of the game itself. Your you're essentially just creating a brand new game for, you know, a stream and it mat and it's so good with regards to... social engagement, trying to build your channel. It all sort of interweaves within one and within itself and I love that idea. There's tons of work being put into this. I get the sense that the at brain beast, Shawn Seawan, the the the creator of this, has a very technical background as well, because on the Games they do use extra tools like Aur carts to you know, stream and generate some sort of d environment across the tables. So it's not your regular sort of foundry Vtt or what's what are the some other fantasy grounds, you know, your sort of tod maps styles. He actually takes the time to sometimes create these D environments to show players on stream. Love the mix of technology, love the mix of game showiness and love that it's a ttrpg that we're essentially running within our community and I'm glad that they posted in one of our one of our threads because I've been watching it closely since and especially if we can get to be on it. But I really wanted to get your thoughts on this. But do you guys think of the General Game Outline and how it sort of interacts with twitch? Yeah, I think it's brilliant. I know Jordan, I think, would really like this because he has run a one shot for some of us before where we were split up into teams and it was a game show essentially. Yeah, with each of us like we had a team, we had a sponsored way to reason for being there and we were racing to get like magic items, that the ender like credits towards magic items and that we can come back and defend our title if we want to later in in further iterations of this game. But it's more of an evolving game show. It's not kind of a run the gaunt let's style necessarily, but I like the idea of running the same thing for a multitude of people and seeing how quickly people can overcome these challenges. That's really cool to me. Yeah, I would, I would absolutely hey, hey, hey, guys, hey, we love to participate. Hey. Yeah, for sure. I get us in there yeah, now, I think that's I think that's brilliant. Sean also has some minds. Has added some integrations for using twitch, twitches tipping system to actually like have audience interaction, and the first thing that I can think of is imagine having your twitch tipping system be just like your hunger games, like patron. We use they can, they can have some restonsors. Yeah, yeah, like, imagine having your random viewers on twitter to be like, Oh, I want to sponsor this person and give them up up in battle. That's where's the healing brochure? That's good. It's the concept is self has so much runway and I'm really excited to see the future of it. But anyway, I figured I'd use this segment on this episode to give a shout out back to our community. That's been great being part of it so far and we look forward to discovering more and more, not only on Saturdays but just in general, as we interact with more and more creators out in the TTRPG space. Jordan, you definitely gotta get on some of these, my guy. They're some of these things. You're missing on some great stuff. I'm working on. I'll get to it. You got it, but alas, we must move on. And Jordan, why don't you take the home? All right, so we're going to move into the Dungeon Masters. Guy, guys, we are on Chapter Five. We're on page a hundred and one. We're making our way through dungeons. We talked a little bit about the creators and the dungeon purposes and a little bit about history and how that influences how you create dungeons. So now we're going to talk a little bit about the inhabitants of it. So, after Dungeons Creator departs, anyone or anything it might move in. Intelligent monsters, mindless dungeons, gavengers, predators and prey like can be drawn to dungeons. The monsters in a dungeon are more than a collection of random creatures that happen to live near one another. Fungi, Verman scavengers and predators can co exist in a complex ecology alongside intelligent creatures who share living space. Through elaborate combinations of domination, negotiation and bloodshed, characters might be able to sneak into a dungeon ally with one faction or play factions against each other to reduce the threat of more powerful monsters. For example, in a dungeon inhabit by mind flares and their GOBLINOID thralls, the adventurers might try to incite the GOBLINS, hobgoblins and bugbears to revolts against their elithic masters. Not sure exactly how that would work. I was under the impression that mind flayers, if they wanted thralls, could essentially take over the mind of an individual. Can So, not necessarily will. It's probably it's because it's a lot of work. I might I wonder. At a large...

...note, there are actions hungry. Can there be factions like between mind flayers, Oh sir, or are they? Are they all like of a hive mind anyway? So they're not going to fight against each other? No, I think there's several. There's several. They want really yeah, but I think I think canonically there's several elder brains. So their linked to one of like a multitude of elder brains, and that's there. I've mind. I think it's been a while since I lefants, but I'm fairly certain that's how it works. That make so? Yes, I could be pretty cool if he had multiple different elder brains. That were competing for a particular region or something. Yep, I like cool. Yeah, as so dungeon factions. A dungeon is sometimes dominated by a will group of intelligent complex or a gang of trolls inhabiting an above ground ruin. Other Times, particularly in larger dungeons, multiple groups of creatures share space and compete for resources. For example, ORCs that dwell within the my end of a ruined dwarf citadel might skirmish constantly against the hobgoblins that hold the citadel's upper tiers. Mine. Players that have established a colony in the lowest levels of the minds could manipulate and dominate key HOB GOBLINS and an attempt to wipe out the ORCS, and all the while hidden a hidden cell of drought scouts watches and plots to slay the mind flares that enslave whatever creatures are left. So it's easy to think of a dungeon as a collection of encounters, with the adventures kicking down doors one while door after door and killing whatever relies beyond. But the EBB and flow of power between groups and a dungeon provides plenty of opportunities for more subtle interaction. Dungeon denizens are used to striking unlikely alliances and adventures are a wild card that any monsters seek to exploit. So that's really interesting idea to me. The idea that, I guess the dungeons can be essentially another town or city. It's just that their monster inhabitants instead of the more, I guess, normal ish races, if you want to call them that. I'm not sure what else to call them. Hum that. Yeah, I don't know, I'm I am one of those people, I guess, that kind of saw dungeons more as like, okay, there's a different encounters within this dungeon and that's pretty much it, because that's all that matters to the player characters. But it could be interesting to run something that's a little bit more intrigue Orient It within a dungeon. Yeah, that that done. That type of Dungeon, I think, applies to one very specific type of player, I for one, with love and intrigue based Dungeon. I think that. Yeah, yeah, I mean, like, I guess I'd never thought of it that way, though. Is the thing. Like right, like, if I was thinking intrigue, I'd think, you know, town above ground or in a you know, at Lantian city or whatever, but it would be a city. It wouldn't be like a dungeon that adventures would randomly come across, right, or like say, you know, Oh, they've been sent on this quest to collect this, you know, item from a dungeon that's nearby and, Lo and behold, there's intelligent creatures there that are, you know, having their own power squabbles and stuff. I went to bought that way. So this is good. This is good for me. I'm learning. Yeah, and it's interesting to because, like, the factions that are within the dungeon don't necessarily have to be part of the dungeons history. Right. It could just be a factionist taken over the dungeon and is trying to figure out, you know, trying to take a strong hold on it. So a gang of Goblino, it's taking over some sort of you know, old decrepid Untie Temple. You know, they might be scared of some sections because there's big snakes in there and they might try to lower players into these unlike the interactions that you might have within these sort of yeah, environments might created little unique offshoots depending on like what kind of what you're trying to mix within it. So I would even say it it's almost more fun to mix a faction that's not necessarily associated with the dungeon itself to be part of it. You know, you know it's funny. I think I've literally played in a campaign where there have been multiple factions within it. I just didn't think of it that way even as a player. I think I was playing the yawning portals and there are both cobalds and goblins within this, within the dungeon, and the cobalds had a particular quest that you they wanted us to do because the goblins had stolen something from them, and I don't want to give too many details away in case someone wants to keep that hidden, but it's it's really interesting.

I literally did not think of like, you know, negotiations as something that could happen. It was mostly like okay, well, the cobalds were the first ones to fine us, so I guess we're doing their quest because, you know, I don't want to be chained up and you just go in and your murder everything else. But yeah, wow, I'm blind. I'm blinded. But as it been open yes, all right, yeah, so intelligent creatures in a dungeon have goals, whether as simple as short term survival or as ambitious as claiming the entire dungeon as the first step and founding an empire. Such creatures might approach adventures with an offer of alliance, hoping to prevent the characters from laying waste to their layer and to secure aid against their emmies. Bring the NPC leaders of such groups to life, as described in chapter four, fleshing out their personalities, goals, ideals and ideal sorry, then use those elements to shape a response to the arrival at of adventures in their territory. Guys, we have done it. We have made it to the point where they are referring to chapters previous. Something's wrong, they'll only ten percent into the book. Yes, here we go, den's yeah, I thought it, because we're getting into the section here where I think this is an interesting section of the book in my opinion, as having been a DM for a last little bit now. And they're true. It seems to me that in general, the book is trying to cover like every aspect of how to how to run the game right, but it's it's just weird to me because at what point, like, are you expected to start running games, you know in the sense of like what the what the what? The direction of the DMS Gud is right. It's almost like this is every sort of outline, check and box that you need to take to, you know, make sure that your NCCs are doing this, make sure you're doing this, like it doesn't seem like it doesn't seem like a resource that you would go back to and explore, because this is not something that you would pull mid encounter and be like, Oh, how are my interactions running? So it's curious to me at what point, you know, wizards expects a DM's to, you know, put the book down down and start running games as they're reading the book, you know, like after the character creation section, and then everything else is just, you know, if you want to know how to run this, here it is, because this is all stuff that you kind of end up this. This is the kind of stuff that develops the flavor at your table, right, this is the very fine stuff that makes games between DM's unique, right. Yeah, like I know that Braden loves voices and he likes creating some context for his NPC's that we use in campaigns. But then again, you know, for a lot of mpcs that I run, they're more like AIDS in the game, so they don't necessarily need to have so much dimension. And you know, in my games, like I'm just using them to be like a tool for the party more so than like an element in the game. And it this is where it sort of starts breaking away, because this is like the flavor of the tables, right, and I don't know, like it's just interesting to me how specific they're getting, right, it's the the way that they talk about it is so sort of like locked into like this is how you should approach the situations, whereas like most and most dms are going to immediately break away from all of this and pretty much run the npcs the way they want. Right, like if you if you look at Brian Michael Murphy from the mentioned twenty, I've got a that was the name right. No, HMM, nope, I was wrong. Person Anyways, if you look at the DM from Dimension Twenty, essentially all his characters have these serious moments, but then the carrot when when the player characters, you know, role a natural twenty, you'll have hags. This like break out of the character that they're like being portrayed as to, you know, add to that moment at the table more so than like keep them locked into the game world. You know, is that kind of fake to say? Do you say? You're saying it's it's true, like the DM's are all going to kind of like break away from the Dungeon Masters Guide to a certain extent, for sure. I mean we all we break away from all the rule books, all of them, and we haven't read all the rule books either, right, so I guess maybe my talking. I mean. I mean I think there's really in terms of... rule books. Quote Unquote. It's the player's handbook and that that's that's where all the like main rules for the dungeons and dragons is, and then the the Dungeon Masters Guide isn't so much a rule book as it is like in ideas, like here's how you can run things. This is where I get weird out. Like if every book that wizards is postings is an idea book. What? What? What's the difference between the wizards book and just like random the post songet? It's that's difference is that it's wizards that it's supposed to be balanced for the game. I suppose supposed to be being the key word. I've seen home roo modules that are much more balanced half of what was. Yeah, like I wizards is so bad at balancing cry it's atrociously. But yeah, but also sorry to correct and let me go back to this, but it's Brendan Lee Mulligan is a d Amor dimension twenty. He's a phenomenal DM and my and Michael Murphy is just Murph from the college humor and I guess nowould mention twenty, but it's like I got the I got the two actors mixed up. I remember getting the DMG like I got the player's hand book and then I later bought the DMG in the monster manual at the same time because I was going to start dming. And if me, the first thing I ever ran with something, it was like at Carlos's house. I think you were there, Jordan Carlos was there, our friend Morgan was there, our friend Justin was there. It was just this one shot module that I printed off from online and I remember being so confused because like everything was there in that module and I was like we're like what do I need the monster manual before? Yeah, what do I need the DMG for? Like I thought it was going to be like I print this off and then it's going to be like, Oh yeah, check page whatever the DMG for the rule set on this and then consult page whatever for the monster manual in order to run this creep. No, it's all they are self contained in the module. Yeah, why did I spend a hundred twenty dollars on these books? M Yeah, that eventually we would have a podcast, that we did nothing but read those books. I guess. Exactly there you got a true answer. But, but, but also, I mean you, you now have a homebrew world of Braden. Did you use the Dutchet Master's guide at all to like help inform your decisions on how to create the world itself and that sort of thing? Retroactively, not for the world itself, but afterwards. I had never I had never considered the planes in the outer planes and whatnot. So I retroactively went back when we had already started the campaign and kind of constructed the greater cosmology around the world itself. But for the world building I just went on. So we'd did start on the material plane. Know that was always supposed to be something, but I never really fleshed out a lot of the other planes. I think that's also just like naturally how the game broadens and scope to write, because you start out and yours tiny little adventures and Fandlin, and then you're like, but I want fire elementals and where do those come from? Well, and now we're talking about planes, and then you're like, well, I want more things in my game, more campaigns, and then you watch you know, and then you watch doctor strange and you're like, oh, the multiverse exists. I want that in my games. Yes, that's all. It is versions of my players running around multiple universes. Thanks for that idea. Or the dungeon matters guide in the monsters manual are definitely one hundred percent retroactive things. They're like, okay, I have this idea and now I retroactively need to find exacting rules on it. or or they can be things like, you know, maybe I don't feel as comfortable, you know, with my NPC's. Maybe I think I need that. You know that they need work. Maybe I can get ideas on how to flesh out and BC's better in this book kind of thing, which I think they do a good job of doing right, I feel. In general, I also think that the TTRPG communities in space are in their teenage years with regards to how they're treating wizards as well. It's like, all right, fuck you, parents, I know how to play my game, I can do it better. It's like everything. It's like I know more already, guys. Yes, that's right. Okay, we I don't think. I don't think I have time to continue on here because we're trying to keep it a little bit shorter. So next time we'll can finish up the the dungeon ecology and and counter difficulty and get into mapping. But for now, braided, take your away please, but I want to hear about mapping. M That's all why I don't. Okay,... ask for it. Let's take a second to hear from our sponsors this week. Okay, so it's to a talk of the town, that segment where we ask you, the society, a question and then we respond to that question, that we respond to your responses to that question in this segment, right here, right now, in the question that we asked you, that we're responding to this week, is do you as a spell caster in the game. That made sense. Shut up. As a spell cast in the game, do you flavor your magic at all? Is there anything that you do to make magic your own? Pull a Jordan here and throw it to Jordan? Excellent. Okay. I mean, for sure I try and flavor my spells differently depending on the character that I'm playing, even if it's just like a small amount of customization. But I feel like what you're asking for here is a bit more than that, like more like do you pull from the weave or do you get magic from another source? Kind of thing or that, I it's a little up here interpretation. If you want to talk about that, sure. I literally meant like very, sorry. cosmetically, yeah, very how much? How much do you of course? Yeah, well, we'll talk about that. How much, like what do you do to make spells yours? Okay, so I guess I can talk about out in your campaign, Braden, I made a deal with Bashava and before I made that deal, we all met Vishaba as like part of the part of the campaign. She was doing some show and it during her like performance or whatever you described it as, like she was very pale and like there was like a blue tingy light kind of thing that was coming off of her. I think is that? Is that like a a yeah, so it was very it was like ominous and like really like it gave off this like pulse of like control and and still like danger at the same time. So when I made the pact with her, I changed, like I made the eldridge blast that same color. So it was this white around the center with like a blue, Pale tinge in the center, and so every time I shot my eldrich blast, I would, you know, described like this this Pale, you know, white light that shoots out with this blue center, which you know, that's just like a little bit of cosmetic flayer to add in there. If I'm doing like more like if I if I had spells like which bolts or like chain lightning or something like that, I want to describe how it reaches people. But when like what they look like as they're being hit by this kind of thing, you know, they're like shaking or they're got like little bits of like smoke and steam kind of coming off of them, and you know how it like jumps from person to person. If it's chain lightning, which is super cool, love it and I just I like to add in. You know, colors is the easiest way to do it, but you can also do things where it's like, if you talk to the DM before, maybe it's like, you know, your fireball spell actually looks like, you know, snow or ice or something like that. It doesn't have to be exactly as it's described either. So I for sure do that kind of stuff if I think that my character would have a different interpretation than what's written. So Awesome, Carlos. Where that I order the table is pretty much if you, the player, give me a description on the way that you're spelled coom up here, then that is how it appears in game. Otherwise, I'm pretty cutting dry about things like that in in the Games. I'll just describe it the way that you know you're every day fireball, my look, your everyday chain late in my look. You know I'm not. I'm not. I'm not. Another tip at the MD. I will add custom flavoring to your character for you if you don't wish. Again, if it's something that you want to work on, obviously we can have a conversation about that, but I think for the most part, like I think it's only really been you burn kind of like adds different flavoring to the spells. At most so far. I know newt as well in the campaign Ur and you have that, but it's that one's not really spell casting either, right. So, yeah, it's a little bit different. Like you, you sort of customized your were the whole way that your prime form looks. Yeah, and it's already at homebrew class. So yeah, fire bread. So I do homebrew the light spell. So it's not my whole body that lights up, but just like a part of it. So...'s just like my hand that lights up kind of thing instead of like the whole body just starting to be this beacon, because that, yeah, it looks cooler. So I flavored it. I think. I think that. I think that Matt Does the same thing in the the dragons campaign burden. So he normally like lights up a sword or his hand or just some Reli. That's yeah, smaller appendage. Yeah, yeah, not like. I've definitely seen some really, really clever custom flavorings to spells before and again I got to go back to the dimension. Twenty brendantly Mulligan dust as phenomenally. But no, I just something I haven't necessarily dove too much into it. So I'm not as a DM, I don't necessarily spend too much time in that and that sort of aspect of customization. And for the most I guess someone I've been playing characters. Thinking about it. I don't really play that many castors. I haven't a really play that many cast or so I'm sure that I would definitely come up with my own sort of custom flavoring for a castor. But then again, it's like if you're if you're a DM, I think you customize more things as a player then if you're not. Well, I mean, yeah, you definitely customize more things as a player, for sure. Like and it's it's so easy, I think, to customize those kind of things. Like you can even customize something like a counterspell. If you're like a super water based one person, maybe you're all of your counterspells look like this water shield that kind of like POPs out and stops whatever spell or interrupts it. That way, it's really easy to just add a little bit of flavor in that doesn't affect the game. It just looks different. You know what this does, and I think the reason that Highness, I don't necessarily dive too deep into this subject, is that it's also part of your game world, I think, right, like I'll I see it. In a sense, you can have the creative freedom of, you know, trying to customize your spells here, but at the end of the day, right, it all sort of works in the same sort of physical space. So the rules would apply. The rules for one fireball are going to apply across the board for every fireball, right. So like it just the way that I kind of like my sort of sciency background melding into the DD space a little bit. Right. Like to me a fireball is some sort of combustion, high energy explosion, right, and I don't necessarily see, especially considering what the when let's get deep here with her Gars, to like the backbone of magic in your world, right, but like in the way that I sort of portrayed the magic in the world and the like, the way that the we eve interacts with, you know, the players magic and whatnot, right, it would interact the same way across wizards. So it's like you're casting a spelling you might be able to like sort of add your your color flavoring to it, but generally the physics of the spell are going to work the same across the Board for characters. That's not something that I'm necessarily going to play around with. Right. Like if a fireball explodes your fireball, you know they both hit the same area, but they're both also going to have like the same properties around, you know, like it turns up everything in space and pushes objects out of that by center. Right, if that's something that I say for one player, then that's also going to be true for NPC's casting fireball as well, and that's also going to be true across other player asking fireball. Yeah, so the mechanic, the mechanics always work out the same. I mean it's really easy. I'm more so just talking about like the flavoring of it. Like, like if I'm saying, like fireball goes through and you know, you have this right anim a moment where like your characters have black food all over them. Right, well, that's going to be true for every character. That's like the that's that's a mechanic. Like in that sense they would like. That's like that's an element of the fireball spell. Right, like you can change the coloring and maybe some other stuff. But like the the the the, the way that I would describe it would kind of stay the same, right, like everything gets to everything whatever, because then, I think, for me, I think that's sort of that establish is like a little bit of a constant with the spell, a constant you the characters might expect so that they can use that, you know, later on for some other mechanics or whatever. Right, like if you if I go and say like fireball pushes all crates and boxes out of the epicenter, you know, it's definitely an added thing or will burn up all the wood. I'm going to say that for every single character. I'm not going to let you have some sort of fireball that doesn't do that. Russ that's more what I meant. Okay, I see I forgot about my coolest rendition, I guess, on Bells Brain. So I'm just going to quickly throw it out there. My my barred character, the same character, Arthur. He originally started as like this mentalist type character. So all of his spells were more along the lines of like magic tricks. So it's like the sleep spell for him was just a hypnosis. So he would like find a way to calm his opponents and then snap his fingers and they would fall asleep as he called for it, or like he would distract...

...them as he did some magic off to the side. So I kept trying to do that kind of thing as I was flavoring him as this, you know, psychic, mentalist type person. So yeah, that was fun. That was fun. I'm going to do that thing that I do and disagree with Carlos M because of well, I got this idea. I love the idea of flavoring spells. I've been doing it pretty much for as long as I've had characters. I've been finding ways to kind of make spells custom and personal to the ones that I have. I have one specific that I have right now is Jordan, you play in this campaign. She's a Elvin necromancer and I've portrayed her very much as like this kind of like know it all, bookish teenager tape vibe and she's very she's very much rebellious. So I know, yeah, I've alluded to this before, but I guess you haven't like full on seen it to Jordan. But she doesn't, she doesn't keep her necromancy spells in her spell book because she had these like overbearing parents. That would constantly be like checking on her spells to make sure she's doing well. So she couldn't keep necromanti. NECROMANCY was a bit wilder for her. So she has the NECROMANCI spells tattooed on her body and like covered up with rapping and covered up with robes so that people can't see them. I just thought it was super cool that you had it like tattooed on your body and you pulled off the rapping to read it and I was like that's so cool. I didn't know the reason behind it, so that's even better. That's awesome, but I necessarily like disagree, like it's just the way. Don't know. ADDS. No, that's that's that's that's just my own player. Here's here's the disagree part. Lunch is coming, don't worry. I got this. I got this idea from a wizard or a DD beyond article that was posted recently that was about this exactly. That was about trying to encourage players to branch out into really make spells their own and to really like consider that as part of your role playing when you're playing a spellcaster, because your spells are essentially an extension of you. It's the only thing signature about you really and the the cool thing that the person talked about was they talked about a player that they had who, her character, had grown up underwater. I can't remember if it was a race thing or if it was a setting thing, but they had grown up essentially underwater and they were a spellcaster and they had access to fireball, which is what, like Carlos talked about. All fireballs look in the same and I was like, well, let's check this out, because this person had grown up completely underwater, completely submerged. They'd never seen fire before, but they still had fireball as a spell. Well, how does that work? So essentially what they did was, if you can picture like an underwater like steam vent, yeah, that's what they did. It wasn't an actual physical fire, it was just a super heated concentrated area where they would just essentially create mass amounts of steam that would burn away at the player and that was their fireball. It was just flared as steam and so they still took fire damage, but it was flavored, flavored as steam instead of see, that's physical fire. I get what you're saying there, but the thing that I would say that is every fireball that gets cast under water would turn into steam. Right, because I'm still saying it's a higher release of energy. I heat, it's going to cause the water surrounding it to boil immediately. Sure, bad, there, that's starts and fire. And this was above water. No, I know, I know. Oh, I see, I see what you're saying. Yeah, so they move the same, like steam rules essentially to above ground. Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, I could see that, I guess. Then I don't understand. Why not just call it like a steamball spell? Then, like just change it. It's not a fireball spell at that point. That's not a fireball, the steamball. Just call it a different spell and I would change the physical properties of it, right, like steam and fire, like you wouldn't burn things, you'd make everything like wet and Super Hot to the touch. Right like that. That's like that's what I would change about that spell. It's not to me. That's not fireball. Right, I get that. I get I know, I get it. And, like I'm saying, like, in a sense, like you can pretty much poppy pass fireball and replace the the name for it, and that makes sense, right, like I can definitely see a wizard taking his own take on fireball. But, like, the thing for me is that like, for example, for wizards right, like you're supposed to be going to school and it's more of like a this this magic has been researched and tested and, you know, running through and there's a reason why you need those components to cast a spell. The outcome is going to be the same. Wizards that then go like Oh, my fireball is bigger or my far ball is whatever.

That's a different spell. My fire like this sort of damage comes from steam. Well then, maybe Bat Guano isn't your region for it, right, maybe you change the components of the spell to create steam, because Bat Guano and somatic elements and whatever cause a fireball, they won't cause a steam ball. So this person that lived underwater probably doesn't have Bat Guano. Right. So it's a different spell with different regions and they can discover that, right. There's no limit to the player discovering a spell. It does these exact same thing but it's not a fireball spell. I would cur I would change it to something different. That's kind of where that's kind of where I'm going with that, more so than Oh yes, let's reflavor fireball, because then I don't know, and this comes from more of like a game design perspective, I think like if I were to like put this into a physical game right like, it would just be a different element. We can we can run things that we can set a big deal. Let's. We're definitely not friends. No, you're wrong. I hate let's. Let's take a look at what the society had to say over on instagram world either six sixty six. Looks like they kind of agree with you, Carlos. So they say. The first time they cast he asked them what they want the spell to look like, and then from that point on he always describes the spell in that way. We have at Mvella twenty nine. All My necromnstrs attacks involve skulls shooting from his wand, because I'm so edgy. That's Rad and we have over on our twitter at renegade studio, saying that he does it in lots of ways. But he had especially wordy Bard, Septimus Lang Stitch, who would cast cutting words, and when he casts cutting words he would bite his thumb in the style of Shakespearean insults. A very, very classically trained birds. That I like that. I like that a lot. I have a I have a bard that does something similar. He's a very he's a very very much like a stage Bard, not like a like a Song Bard, and he does the same thing. He does these like grandstanding Shakespearean insults every time he uses what's that? What's that? CANTRIP? I Love Jordan vicious mockery. But yeah, that is going to do it for today's episode of triple advantage. If you like what you hear, check us out on our social media. That's at roal state society on Instagram at Roal city social on twitter. We are going to be having lots of new content coming out very, very soon, like incredibly soon, like sooner than you think. To keep it locked there and we will see you next time.

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