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Triple Advantage

Season 3, Episode 11 · 1 year ago

Ep. 38 - Spooky Season Begins


On today's Triple Advantage, we go over the spooky titles on sale at DM's Guild, finish Part 1 of the DMG, and Braeden brings extra information on other game systems that our local community likes to play.

*Please note, we are aware that there are some audio issues with Jordan's mic at around 38 minutes.

On this episode of triple advantage, wego over the spooky titles that are on sale at the DM skild. We also finishpart one of the Dungeon Masters Gide in Oure divining, the DMG's segment andfinally, brain brings some extra information in talk of the town aboutother game systems that our local community likes supplay. As always makesure you follow our social media pages and duscort to stay ut to date, withour conversation Endroy, the Showon, today's tegoes to the outlands we'lltake the society down to the newest sale by in the DMS Gilt, as always, they're coming up with newseasonal ways to encourage creators H to promote their content. This week,being spooby October, were at promoting haunted and scary Halloweenthemed Te. Indeed, adventures FTER, you gon to look at the top three mostpopular items and I'm pretty excited to discuss one of them n particularactually. But have you guys taken a look at any of these so far? Oh Ye definitely was taken a little. Not yet through that H,sales section Um, it is, is Allowi. Why not? Why not just helponas many of these as we can now um one of the biggest things, thenone of the reasons why I'm excited to read these is because I've always Imean I started playing dnd. I think the very first adventure that I ran was anunfinished los, Mino founddeller and then immediately jumped into the Um the extra atventure in the curs ofStrad, the the haunted house, and it was in my very early dming m. It was.It was done with like very little experience as it DM. So I have alwayswanted to go back to that, and I think it's been one halloween L, I didn't run anythinglast Halloween, but this Halloween. I definitely want to get the game goingand I think I've found the perfect story thanks to the DM's Gilt. So on the top three mostpopular Um items, we essentially have just a listof one shots and encounters. The top three are monster: hunts,Halloween, behold, liars night and Halloween, and Fandalin Um, malter, hunts, Halloween and holdliars night are essentially two large compendiums of encounters that you canrun iotems all with their Halloween theme, but the one that I'm veryexcited about and one that I actually purchased is Halloween and Sandalin, because I feellike it's a nice little throwback to how most the end may have startedplaying. This came at least in five et Um, so which ones which ones are youinterested in Britain? If you've read any of them, I've not read any of them.I've definitely perused thelistings M. I've done this. I mean I tend to dothis every Halloween and then don't actually end up buying any of them,which is my own fault m. The one that jumped at me immediately the spookyencounter table for H, foror Halloween, that seems to come up every year. Irecognize that title from before. It's definitely not the firsttime it's been Al Oeseless, but the one that I really like is the Um. It's not an adventure at all. It'scalled squashlings and it's Um a pumpkinheated race, so essentiallylike jackueline of people, which sounds ridiculous, nothing that I would evernecessarily allow in like an actual long form campaign. However, I do havefriends that played in. I can't remember what it was. It was a oneshout released by whizzers Whereyo ressentually PLA as these like fish people kindof like Cuotoa, but notexactly I'm going to have to find that one, but they said it was the best timethey're just like they got into this very they all have to play this. Onevery specific race only used for this one shot and just went through it. So Ithink that would be a lot of fun to just kind of play. As this this one very specific Halloween seemedrace for one like three to five hour adventure hm. Have you guys gotten or played?Have you hs, ran or played in any Halloween theme? Adventures yet isstrawd count.

I woulsa. I guess I would me more, likeyour purely Halloween theme, like you're having napin terms, ghosts andUm. I've done a Christmas teemed one, but not a halloween themed. One more specifically, I guess any campaignspecifically run as horror within the month of October. I don't think so. No don't think, butno, I don't. I don't believe, that's a thing. I find it's one of those genres. It'sit's really hard to do in tabletop at teain Um. I haven't gotten quite aroundto like even perfecting like into Niilation Rahe, like it's supposed tobe pretty horrendous, T it's hard to do with, like kind oflike a joky party at time. That's that what I've found as well. I definitely I I've tried to createJordan's. Actually there when I ran this one shut ive tried to create Pur 'cause, it's it's my favoritechildre yeah. I wanted to make a translate over and I ould I did thisreally horrific setting this really creepy atmosphere and like every it wasa one shot. So every single person in the party was their own separate jokeentity and I was like all right. The mood is dead. It was a fun time.Everybody had a lot of fun, but I was like Oh yeah. This is not allway or Iwas Oro. No, it is if yeah I mean at the end of the day, righ like, although we want to talk about as muchas like as long as people are having fun you've done, a good job t, I think,of part like T it's a bit of a challenge to you knowyou're charactersted with peaking. DON'T CARE ENOUGH! Sorry am I cuttingout a lot. I am Lo. Go ahead, Il pick up later. Well,what I was saying is it's a bit of a challenge. I think. As a D M Hat, youknow to establish that horror, atmosphere so I'll pose the questionhere with regards to horrror stories. Where are some key elements that youguys think are required to have Um, you know to establish the mood at the table. Yeah First Ke is establishing the mood at the table iswhen you're running a horr O theemed session.I think you need to announce beforehand, thatit's going to be a horror, Thamsession. I think you have to say: Hey we're doing this. Setting I'm going tobe set in mood, I'm going to be trying this thing: let's try it and then hopefully yourplayers decide to follow along withhat, Indiajust doing doing the own thing 'cause I meanit's it's hard for you to sit a mood as a DM. If nobody else is on the samewaveling as you AF, everybody else is trying to do something else than themood's not going to happen. Yeah Yeah, so you especially for a one tri.If you were to do that for a one shot, you' definitely need to tell them likehey. This is going to be a horror, themed one shot because then peoplemight you know, pay attention to that. A little bit more for a longer campaign.You might actually be able to pull it off, but you would have to be a the kind of DM who punishes theirplayers a lot. I think you have to set the mood early on, like your actions,have direct consequences and these direct consequences are often not goingto be in your favor or you know, there's like if you're you have to setit up. So that they care about their characters, surviving and Um, when youget into that fight or flight mode, then when they start caring about theiractual character, then they will kind of jump out like oh no, like this thingcame ro from around the corner, they might actually jump and run away kindof thing or Um. The the whole like feel of it might be more like if it's morelike darken and SCR Breepe Yeah is art D. I mean you actually take or yere inNifrera Gointa node. Do you think we shouldn't have on that kind of thing?Um I it's. It is more of like that. Haneshy feelalmost in terms of DN D so like if you are doing that long term campaign forsure, like I think you could pull it off better that way, um one shot not asmuch. I I'm going to partially disagree with you not because I think you'rewrong, because I think that that is one way that you can create a horroratmosphere in your campaign. But I don't think that as a hard and fastrule, horror has to be punishing. I think it's equally about a mood. Ithink that if you can set a good mood through the way that you present ascenario through, if you're using music at your table, that's a great way Ifind too. Can I signify a significant...

...shift away from what's been happening.There's a lot of ways that you can do it, especially depending on the horroryou use. If you're going for, like the Hoki Cana, nineteen sixties, monstr,tol Hor. No, it's not going to be as scary as going for something really h,creepy and unknown. I remember ending off on a a session of a longform campaignwhere the players had just found out exactly t they. They, it had beenalluded to that. There was something waiting for them at the end of thisdungeon, and then they got in this session a lot of information about whatmight be down there, and then it ended off immediately before they walked intothis room that actually confrontd with this was and everybody after thesession was just a little bit unnerved about what it was and a littlebit on edge about exactly what was about tohappen. Yeah Um. So I don't think I don't think that the threat ofpunishment has to be there necessarily for h. It doesn't. I I don't know, maybe mepersonally, I when I go in as my character. If I don't feel like thereare consequences to my actions, then I will not care about what happens in theactual campaign, because my characteris going to be fine, and so I rationalizeit that way. Um, probably not the best. You know thing to do for when you'retrying to play a tabletop RPG like. Obviously Idon't want to do that, but it's just so natural for me to go. Oh well, you knowlike this is like literally not me like. This issome other character that I'm playing off as so it's if I'm not like in that that it consequences to my actionsanyway, I might just goo around and it's it's just kind of that right. So Ige I get what you're saying, though Lik definitely like you can set the moodfor it for sure, and if you got the right players for it, it can go reallyreally well M, but yeah. I I don't know. The consequences always makes me feellike there's more of that fight or flight. So you would almost prefer to beintroduced to a horror theme in a longer Om campaign versus riser, Onch,hot for sure, yeah, 'cause e par the Wa. I'm not going to give you an invittoan.I run Halloween and sand a en Ja House, great t, Ankla Soers an open spot F,his like a Druin join our diskor channel, that's wtheend! This isactually a game that I'm running by the way BRD oon a Super Sa. I'm thinking! Maybe you running thelast weekend of October, seeing that the thirty first actually convenientlThelo Iseti ant' on a Saturday es. So let me give you the introduction tothis fandaling. Aside from the occasional Red Fran, Ruffian is sy aquiet town, definitely and definitely not known for having problems withundebt. All that has changed recently. SOMBE skeleton attacks are growing bythe day and the commoners were able to ban together to fight individual anddead, but they are beginning to Colm. In groups now, Siller hallwinter hassent a flying snake with a message to track down the adventures. Will you bethose adventurmens o be on the diskcord if you want tohave a shot at Bei, ather adventures right, but I think that, with that, that's allI have to sort of bring for this week's echoes of the outluns. I'm mostly justexcited about setting this adventure up now that I've got to read it, and itjust goes to show that Dungeon Masters Gild sails, definitely bring someinteresting content to everybody's eyes. I'm actually just excites her aoun this,because we started fannl and and kind o want to go back there with a Halloweentheme yeah. I think that it's going to be A.I think it's going to be great I've. I I'm excited to do DNDHORO. Give itright. Well, we'll see if I canget any form of horror atmosphere set up digitally becausethat's going to be another challenge, but we'll be plussing. Those updates onour community to discor channel we'll postet ink to that on our tutter afterthis episode is eired but without being said, Jorden it's the day right. It is the day Whand you tell the society was happening, guys, believe it or not. We are aboutto make it through part one of the DUNGEONMASTER's guide. There is one section left here: we'retalking about the other planes that exist in a multi verse of Dundy we'reover on page sixty, seven Um. So if you guys are wanting to join usand read a long kind O, you can flip there now Um,...

...if not just, listen, pay attention andwe will go over this stuff guse. I think just a little acted here, but ifthe Vay of the society members want to actually read Tena Master's guild,Dungemaster's guide, it does not take this long normally. But if you'd like to fall along at ourpace, we should be done the restthess book in two and a half years somewhere along those lines. I thinkthis is one of the shorter parts too. So yeah the Partoo is going to be crazy,but it's got lots of good information, so I'm really looking forward to it, but yeah LE. Let's, let's finish thispart, one off guys, Um dive right in here we're going to talk about the outlandsin Cigil and then some of the demiplanes Um and t e far realm. So the outlands Insigil, the outlandsis the plane between the outer planes. It is the plane of neutrality,incorporating a little of everything and keeping all aspects in aparadoxical balance simultaneously concordant and inopposition. The plane has very terrain withprairies and mountains and shallow rivers. The outlands is circular like agreat dis disk and a lot of people call it the great wheel, Um and within this outlands there are sixteendifferent gatetowns is what they're called, which are towns that have aportal that lead directly into one of the sixteen different outer planes and each town kind of has its own theme.That's in teme with h the plane that it would lead to. So I would assume, like the one thatleast amount celestia would be a pretty mountainous kind of area, and a lot ofcelestials would be there. But it's also really cool the outlandshere, because these towns kind of serve as Um meeting points for bothcelestials and fiends. So you can see celessials and fiends kind of having todrink together or UM, arguing or whatever they can kind of meet up andand they'll do their business there or they'll um. You know, talk, have funmeet up with each other and you can kind of like cross dimensions throughthis outlance. It kind of connects everything altogether. It's the closest thing you can get tolike a world in the material plane. So if you are running a H planes oriented campaign, I think theoutlands is the ideal, a way to run it um. You can havepeople actually ride on horses, you know across to different towns and thenjump in a portal and you're in one of the outerplanes Um, rather than havingto get to the point where you can do like plane, shifting and gates, andthings like that, with ridiculously high level spells or getting reallyeither lucky or unlucky by randomly coming across, said portals, and thingslike that. So I think it would be really reallyinteresting to run a campaign H in the outland setting um super cool. I think this gives me a bit of u a flash back and throw back to theMatrix Um and if you go seen the movie You', I'm referred to the Keymaster,specifically where they can almost open a door into any location within theMatrix as long as they have the master keys Um. So this way, Iguess it it's a different framing of the setting of the outlins. I T in away, but it kindof reminded me of that. In other stories, it's funny you shouldmention doors than Carlos, because Sigil is the h center is at the centerof all the different towns m that lie kind of on the outside of this greatdisc or this great wheel, and it is called the city of doors Um. Sobasically, it's a giant, Spider, R, starri needle shape mountain that riseshigh into the sky and then Um. It basically has a ring, that's justkind of full of structures and Um, it's kind of like the big hub for wherepeople meet, and it's got a ridiculous number of doors that lead into allsorts of different planes. Um. It is a trading paradise, a bustlingmetropolis M in terms of the autorplanes Um, and it just has all these kind of, likewondrous, h, ways that people kind of are able to meet up a and then gonearly anywhere in the multiverse from... Um. The city is the domain of theinscrudable Lady of pain, who is a being as old as the gods and withpurposes unknown even to the sages of her city is cigil her prison. is she the fallencreator of the multiverse? No one knows or if they do, they aren't telling feel like she is caus I feel like. Ifshe wasn't, they wouldn't have put that line in the book. Well, it could be herprison too. Like that's a thing both both could be Tue. Both could be trueor one could be true. You K or none could be true, maybe maybe there's someother reason that she's there who knows wer this intention that then wasn'teven tethinking wit, eeim thinking now wizards yeah yeah. Exactly I mean I think it'snice that they're giving out like ideas for different campaigns that you couldrun with this Um, really sweet Um to have that likeoverarking idea, with a major being, of course, at the Centr of it okay, so that is all for the outlandsUm. The book then goes on to describedemiplanes, which are a UM, basically exr extra diventional spaces Um. That can lead into a variety ofdifferent, weird, weird places that can kind ofbreak physical laws or M, or just act in unnatural ways or maybe they're justnatural things, um. Theoretically, it's possible toplaneshift into a demiplane, but the proper frequency required for thetuning fork would be extremely hard to acquire. The gates spell is morereliable to get into Demi planes, but the caster H, it's it's it's onlyassuming that the castorn knows of the Demi plane in the first place, demiplanes can be as small as singularchambers or as large as entire realms. For example, themorticinens magnificent mansion spell creates a demiplaine consisting of afoyier with multiple adjoining rooms whiltl, while the land of Barovia inthe Raven loct setting exists entirely within a demiplane under the sway ofits vampire Lord Strad von Tsarovich, Um Yeah. So when a demiplanes connected to thematerial plane or some other plane entering it can be as simple asstepping through a portal or passing through a wall of mist, but it's kindof like personal spaces, almost for differentbeings. Yeah. I remember that's how we startedour straud campaign. Actually, we started with deathhouse, but it wasessentially we just kind of wandered into the mist and back out of it. It was really convenient. Actually, theway that M Demi planes can be run for long on campaigns. May I get reallyconvenient if you don't have a consistent party Om, because it's one of those thingswhere suddenly a player would accidentally wander into the wrong mistand they were back on the material plane? Oh they're, not yerfo. Oh back, look t that up. That is a good point. Yeah. It was areally great um way to stematically. Explain why a character wasn't with usweek to Weekim Cool Allright, so we've got to the far realmas one of the last of the other planes that exist in the multi vers. The farrealm is outside the known, multi verse. In fact, it might be an entirelyseparate universe with its own physical and magical laws where stray energiesfrom the far realm leak into another plane matter is warped into alienshapes that defy understandable geometry and biology. Aberrations suchas mind, flaers and beholders, are either from this plane or shaped by itsstrange influence. So the far realm itself is so alienedthat to normal minds like the th, normal lines cannot accept itsexistence. Basically, without like a huge amount of strain Um- and I think warlocks often form or can form, um packs with entities that exist there,and these ones, I think, are more of likethe slightly insane ones or the slightly more horror seemed almost.That is what it feels like yeah, exactly exactly Um anyone. It goes on to say that anyonewho has seen the far realm mutters about eyes tentacles and horror.

Yes, exactly Um. There are no wellknown portals to the far room, or at least none that are still viable.Ancient elves apparently once opened a vast portal into the far realm within amountain called firestorm peak, but their civilization imploded on bloodyterror and the portals location. Even its home world, is long, forgotten, Yikes, ee, sad again, saidrightyeahyeah, that's that's lovecrafty in af M, but super cool setting for sure Umwould love to kind of pull that into a campaign. Oh yeah, one hundred percent right. So the last thing for part. Oneguys is the different known worlds of the material plane Um. So the worlds ofthe material plane are infinitely diverse. The most widely known ones arethe ones that have been published as official campaign settings for the D ndgame over the years. If your Camplai campaign takes place on one of theseworlds, that world belongs to you in your campaign. Your version of theworld can diverge wildly from what it's in print, so there ar a few differentones that they mention here, toral, which is the HEROC fanacy world of theforgotten, realms thereis Orith, which is the sort and sorcery world of theGrey Hawk setting. There's the Crin, which is the epicfantasy world of the Dragon, Lance Setting, which is a bunch of dragonstaken over Um, there's AFIS, which is sort and sorcery the world of the darksunsetting. where I like this one, a drop of water can be worth more than ahuman life. The gods have abandoned this desert world, where powerful,sorcerer kings rule as tyrants and metal is a scarce and preciouscommodity. Yeah dark sounds alesome right Um, then there's Eberon, of course, theHEROC fantacy world, where Um there's a lot of magic. In the world-and it's used to commonly for things like vehicles and traveling and thatkind of thing Um, there is a brinis which is the heroic fantasy world, Obirthright Um, which have to do with t divine, bloodlines and UM horribleabominations. Um then there's Mitera is the last one here, a heroicfantasy world born out of the earliest editions of the D and game. It hasdivers cultures and savage monsters and warring empriors that collide Um. Yes, it's so these are the differentlike e, I guess major ones that they're that were available at the time for when this came out, which I'm notentirely sure when it was but um yeah. So those are the settings and the outerplanes and the Innerplanes de all on part one um I did have one major Sr you got is'cause. I think tha, it's good for to kind of go back and say: Okay in part,why? No, we uthe point of going through the DUNGEONMASTER's guide is to UmKinda, either improve upon Havi campaigns or ad in new things thatdidn't know existed Um, so wer thats taps Wor O. I A I don't right, yeah add this into mycampaign. I think that in general, when we weretalking about the campaign placestyles, that is one of the sections that I tookaway, the most out of with thegard tepart one. Just because it' I meanthat I want to get some sort of rhythm goingfor Um my home games and in between running this one long formedcampaign it' felt like a bunch of h like to me as a dame. It hasn'tnecessarily felt like one big long campaign, because in part it's been alot of like miniature one trots per se, wintravelin between so Um. I don't know that M. it's my favorite way to play right nowwith regards to just following the Boket, and I I do particularly enjoyhaving those one shot, kind of adventures orjust tighter stories, perhaps that I could try to switch my play sale intomore of that episodic version that we discussed when we read that at section in general in general, I think...

...a lot of the information on the planes has beenwildly informative into other settings. I would like to run M more episoticadventures into, but what about Oubrin the big thing for me, I won't saynecessarily for my campaign specifically, but definitely for mywriting, especially for stuff that we do with the reral Setiou Society Um.The thing that really stood out to me was the the teaers ofplay, so it actually. We we talked about thiswell back, where there's a full, comprehensive breakdown of like whenyour level, one to forge, you're, more F, the local heroes versus like elevento sixteen you're, like masters of the realm. So it really is like acomprehensive breakdown of how characters should feel at that atthose level groupings. What kind of creatures they should be thrown againstwhat kind of situations they should be thrown against, where you're, probablynot going to be cleaning out cobold caves at level fifteen like it's, it'ssomething that a lot of Um more experienced DMS would probablyhave an idea of. But it's something that is, is really nice that they layout, and it takes you through step by step of like yeah. You should be abouthere if you're at this low, your players should be bout around here.That's an interesting hypothetically! You bring up that Um. I guess it really depends on your DMright. Because do you still get myle son experience? If you're cleaning outCOBL CAGES AND WORLDA warcraft, there is a famous character Um, that is apendaron and um one ofthe things that well. The workhaft is is a largely atwo faction game: You're either Hoarid or your alliance, but as the Penderianrace, you start in neutral territory and then you had to choose well. Hischaracter has gotten to Max Lebel Multiple Times by just gainingexperience through the erbalism skill in one of the starting areas ofPandaria, so it it's a level ninety character that has not chosen a factionUm r, at least last time I checked therewas a mastrable character at Thei, current patch that had not chosenaffaction, but with what you said, it's still pretty much just Keng cleaningcobol cages UAT this level. So would you TM allowplayers to continue thecame experience during Monday, an tasks? Oh GOC, Goo Yeah? That's a tough one um I I I don't know if I would allow that.Personally, I'm all about the story. I gotta haveOoryo O', but that's ten hors ago what was restort.Ah, you know what I really enjoyed. The intern outer planes Um SuperInformative and I would actually really like to run or or at least be a part of a settinglike the outlands and just see how that KINDOF works iitally into my campaign like normally,though, like that's the thing even after, like going through all this, I Istill go okay, O like either really high level things or something thatmight happen at some point, but it's not something that I I am going to drawon unless it's a specifically design to be part of my campaign, you know what Imean. Oh right, this episode of tripleadvantage is sponsored by Durardeegr or music creation branch of the Rose Society, a new trackout always check for traps available now on all streaming services, as wellas on bandcamp. It coincides with our latest release, h the into the JAS ofthe Mimic ween one shot adventure by Dav Geta to ar ment to go hand in handso give both te try separately together, see what you think, let us know, butfor now it's time to move on, to talk of the town, the section where we posea question to you this society and then discuss the answers to that questionand we're doing something a little different this time, because usuallywhat we do is I oppose a question. We share our answers. Then we go and seewhat everybody that's listening to us as UM. But the question that I posed issomething that we talked at length about in Carlos's segment last week,which is other R PG TTRPG systems that aren't just Dand that we should know about, and Carlos suggested to me, we should findout. You know we kinwe kind of ranted with with no authority whatsoever ofanything that we were talking about. So carlesit will go outside of just the immediate three of us andfind out what people said we should check out for Tgrpgese. So we did justthat and what I've got now is a list of t trpages that were thrown at me onlinein the online space, and I wanted to scribe them to you and we're going to talk about whetherwe play these ttrpges sound good hm...

...sounds good all right, so the first one,the first two actually come to us from twitter user at Haiellen. He suggested two back to back. Thefirst is nown is Nuwminera and the second oma good God wyhander. I hopeI'm C and we got opposite ends of thespectrum here. So Neuminera is set approximately one billion years in thefuture set on earthwal and it seems like it's a superstreamlined kind of creation, as opposed to dindy.So from what I've seen character, creationcan be boiled down to exactly one sentence. I M A blank blank whob blanks,the first blank is an adjective and that's like Youre descriptor, so it's kind of likea race. It sounds like the second is more of like your class. It's called atype and it brakes down into a gleave which is a warrior type, a Nano whichis a technology type or a Jack which is a Jackof al, treats kind of a ballacebetween both and the WHO blanks. The last section is known as a focus, sothat's what you're known as that's what you're known as when nown known for Ishould say so. That's like what's special aboutyour character specifically, so you get your race, your type and then somethingthat you're really good at and that's your creer, which seems way way away, simplisticcompared to rolling dice and stats and everything. That's is required from WHWA wegenerally, likeh Um, but it's definitely interesting MHM and it also I it follows theinteresting h law that kicks around in someScififancy crossovers, which is essentially any sufficiently advancedtechnology, is indistinguishable from magic. So the idea that M, if you're, good enough like the thecommoner is still the commonr and magic, is essentially replaced by technology,where, if your characteris really really good at technology, you're,essentially just doing magic, 'cause everybody's, like Whoa, you can do that Um. I L I like the idea, I don't know I didn't look UPLA throusof any of the use. I tried to keep it as just kind of overview as possiblesUm. I don't know what do we think of this one, I'm interested with th mechanics. Doyou not role any die and Thi? It doesn't sound like it again m I'm not.I don't have like a full set. It sounds like there's. There is dicerolling probability in how you actually play the game. I just don't think thatthe character creeation has any seen some animaes with regards to likemagic and technology. U Being Um kind of intertwined where it'slike? U, I think it was called the irregular at Magic, High School, OhYeahabe, and just the man characters is extremely above average teen into an intellect yeahthat. Essentially that magic isformed by crunching numbers and doing some high order, math calculations and higher level. Wizards are just youknow better at calculating math and it it's about essentially like coding,like movement of mass and matter into the real world and obviously like the main characters canjust like innately. Do it right but H, it's Kindo what it reminds me of, butit' also it also kindof touches in the the the same thing in the MarbleUniverse, right where Um thor explains to everybody that you know magic isjust science, you just don't really understand it to our level. In Jn, you had a thought yeah, it's it'sactually M. I I really like the idea of the setting. I mean. Futuristicsettings are always you know, really cool, and this seems like it's likesupposed to be extremely far into the future Um, which sounds awesome Um. So I I would. I would love to try itout. I think at least once tusthe simplistic character, design,intretes it intrigues me. I want to see like how it works all right. Well, the next one that Imentioned again, I'm going to butcher this poly Vayhande, which is apparently a two handed sortfrom the mediaeval era which I'm guessing is. What is s named Oyeahso?This is artis is dark. Fantsy we've talked a little bit about likemeat grinder campaigns where you're just kind oflikeconstantly put through combat and like the most rutal of combat and just putthrough the ringer... terms of your fights that Kana justseems like this entire game H, it uses percentale dice to result, choiceswhich is interesting m. So it sounds like it's more based on random chance than Dandd, essentiallyone and a hundred chance versus one and twenty chants MMM. Your characters essentially havecertain a ways to absorb a couple hits, but for the most part, it's? U There's a lot of injury in this game:lots of crippling lots of death, lots of permanent, maiming, there's, noregenerationor resurrection powers, Er inlibited healing options. I like it Yoae EA fate points which you canaccumulate, which allow you to change fate and avoid cricpling or dying m. The thing that's really I find interesting. Is You havea profession in this game and it's not just straight up. Adventure like you'resupposed to have a full like you could be a Coachman, a inquisitor, a merchantLord. I kindof like this. What do we thinkabout this one? I would love to try that kind ofcampaign out for sure Um Awesome H in terms of like it's, it sounds awesome in terms oflike the setting and also like h, the idea of not having healing and thingskind of being a little bit more punishing. That way is just I don'tknow. It's IIT appeals to me for sure that was my first that as well.What do you think of this? I mean it's an interesting distinction to like themeet grander mote in general right because usually this at least refer tof annihilation. Thist deals more with the death saves that you get when yougo on conscious, MHM, Um and in general I think h. The adventureis pretty meat, Grindra Um, so one one thing that I didn't really dowith regards to this campaign was H. I think you're supposed Dow Partymembers more often or they're supposed to go down more often than you guys have, but with regards to maming and damagingplayers, I guess the only thing that raises a concern to me is that I I don't like putting extra managementon players if I can avoid it. So I don't know, I guess it depends on themechanics themselves, but if it's something that constantly might flowbetween you taking damage and essentially having a change to how yourcharacters mechanics work, Um, I I don't know how that would bode with Umwith a Siland play that I enjoy. So I don't know if I would like to adoptthat particular aspect of it again, I'm not sure how they do it, I'm not sureif it's a very simplessix sort of your damage, you're not damaged. Therefore,maybe you just have roduced damage output, but it already k like even inthe hypothetical seory that I'm kind of thinking it already sounds a little bitmore matthy and more managerial tasks being sort ofdumped ont a player, I'm not a big fan of that again, I don't. I haven'tplayed this game sitting, but to I to me, I I don't think this attracts me asmuch as the previous one farog. Now. Our next set of suggestions comefrom our good friend and collaborator David Gepta, who is quite prolific in his experiencingdifferent ttrpgs, to see what he likes and doesn't like Um, the one that I'dlike to talk about firt. So there's four from him that we'me going to talkabout very briefly. The one I'd like to talk about first is the only full formRPG that we're going to talk about here, which is called blades in the dark, andthe whole thing is a very dark setting. It sounds very steampunky,very kind of industrial London type thing were you and your friends are essentially a crew ofscoundrels, so you're supposed tick, Hond, O B, not really murder, Ho boy,but you're almost supposed to be like, like a minor crime syndicate and your classes are things with nameslike the cutter, the Hound, the lurk, the whisper. You have a story: That's supposed to involveyour characters, pulling off hist, pulling off issassinations,investigating mysteries and rooting out um different H sources of difficulty within your own organization.The thing that Piques my interest is...

...that ecause. This sounds to me. Myfirst thought- and I was talking to David about th a while back, and myfirst thought was h. This sounds like it would be. superplanning heavy likeyou would go in if single thing is either a heist or like a murderer on nassassination, it sounds like most of the session would be like okay. Sohere's what we're going to do and walk through exactly what you're going to do,but he goes no. No! No. There is actually a system in place that almost not eliminates, but there'san actual mechanic in place for planning your crimes. See. I've alwayswondered about that kind of thing like implementing that into a d nd kind of campaign, just e rniy, normal yeah m.You know, then it's like okay, the characters are planning, let's kind ofroll for this, or something like that or or whatever some sort of mechanic.That would involve their character being able to come up with a planrather than the people actually having to come up with a plant to a certainextent. You want the characters to come up with their own plan, but, like it often takes a very long time forpeople to do that kind of thing right and it ends up cutting into a lot ofthe playtime time that people have so I've. I've wondered about some sort ofsystem that might help speed the process along a little bit.You know, and now wege yeah, and on top of that, like I, if you're thinkinglike we'll hold on breeden like this just sounds like eighteen, hundreds, London, that mightnot be the most fun thing. Th this the steam punk elements abound here. Achemical exmerens gadget tinkering, weird ocult powers, including rules forplaying as ghosts and other strange beings. Oh very, the first thing that I thought ofwas like man. I've always wanted to dishonored ur PG, it's kind of it's not exact, but itsounds super similar and I I would like to try it at some point. I don't know what do you Gothink, I'm?Definitely in cirless, it's that takes a lot of my interestboxes, Notali. I think we should try it this end,throwt on the list with fiasco from last week, I'm still not over if fiaskae're we'redoing that at some point, but the next three I'm going to talk about rapidfire session, because David is well experienced in something that I don'tthink any of us have ever done before, which is playing through single pagettr pgs, which, if nobody's familiar with this, there are ttrpgs thatessentially like the entire manual, you don't need a book. You don't need maps.It's one page, one page PDF thit gets handed you and says here play the game. He says that they're, a town of fun askind of one shots and as introducing new players to ttrpg t e settings causeit gets them into the rule playing against them into the idea of how theflow generally goes. But it's one page of rules, it's dead, simple, it's nothere's! A hundred and twenty dollars worth of books go home and read thisand then rany hours come back and tell me what you're thinking of playing super supersi super simple. So I'mgoing to hit you real fast with the three that he told me were hisfavorites of these one page opiece. The first one is called. Everyone is John.Now in this game. Everyone is John Every player, but one plays a bunch ofvoices in John's head. The other laer plays John, and the idea is that you'retrying to get John to do things. That's the whole that ou its comcoletely open in what you actually do, there's nactual scoring. So it kind of the idea is like you have something that you'retrying to accomplish as a Voi in John's, head and you're trying to have e. do it and it's one hundredpercent open in I you can do anything, there's a whole I'll, send I'll sendyou gaz the link to this and I'll post this ontwitter as well, but there's a whole like a example, Posession. That's provided, and it's I'm I'm just scrolling through it andreading, like the effects of what happens based on the rules and I'm justreading John Picks up the Nail Gun John Pulls the trigger repeatedly untilBillye GROSSD to the ground head John Anoly finds a pane tank John makes itinto a starbucks receiving puzzled looks. This is all the same session.What noalso the man's head explodes setting chumps in all directions likeyes, yes, please sign me up. Yep I in Carlos wereplaying everybody's Johnie want to be John. I am John. You are don OA Carlou, mthe Um. The next one I want to discussis called crab truckers. Now, that's...

...not the actual name of it. The actualname is Ipertiblhy proventilty laten, but it is actually it can be found onthe name crap droppers, which makes me reliefe there's a lot of profanitythere's. Actually, I think, there's more profanity in the rules than actual rules. I'm stillnot a hundred percent sure on the mechanics of this, but you're playing agiant crab person, who's, a trucker and that's the game. You're driving atruck and your doing truck type things cool. I don't know about this. One Shef Yeah, I'm I'm sceptical at best, butI'm on board. Still, I haven't jumped off Medatey, maybe like a second orthird session kind of thing in terms of just sheer WTF. This one makes the topof my list, but the five save the best for Luss last, one that David is recommended tous is called Drunken barfighter in this RPG you play as Russian agentswho combat the drunken bare menace present in the Modern Day Moscowunderground. So obviously the biggest problem casing Russian society rightnow is the amount of Jonin toberiftn better causing Mahem on the street. Youare a specialized enforcer in the Russian agency that isspecifically tessd with eliminating the drunken bar threat. There are fourstats used in tee: Hower used for combating up close speed, use foravoiding charm, essentially charisme used for interacting with other peoplethat are not bears and drunken bare knowledge, which is essentially something that youca like sit back, watch your beer and go okay. Now I get it and then no drown.When I jump into combat you have bonuses, you get N equipment, you get a pistoland other things sabres. You can get a car computer. I don't know why Youdmeet any of that again. I have read this whole thing and then your flight hairs Thereis, the basic drunken bear that isjust a drunk bear, there's an advance trunk ber and they have a posable thumb.So they can pick things up: There's onomgabher, which are silent, Assaml,the bare community and thereare the bare King Po, the ones that aresecretly ruling the drunken bare underground of Mussle. It's too good. Now I've already orderedeight hundred and sixteen copies of this game. Theyre onliplus. Anybody, ifyou want to comy somow realsy social one wit, come bactually, bouhties,everybody happily mentit him here, free on mine, but message me anyways. I wantto play this game who is in who's in for Drunkan, bare fighter Yeawhen? Wehave coming from the Reyal city's society. We have at the N D adventurehaunting of Fandeller and we also have bears B ar become experience. Theadventure Li couldn't wrap that up better myself.We, like our social pages, O an Instrgrammat realsys society onTuiterete, real city, social joinour, community discord. The links are allavailable on those social pages check us out on DM's gild check, doar out onany given streaming service, you'd like and keep playing d an D and letting usknow. What's going on in your campaigns. We're always here too, keep learningand to plan the next adventure we'll see for the next episode oftriple of Ich.

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