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Triple Advantage

Season 2, Episode 18 · 1 year ago

Ep. 26 - Talking With Myself


On today's episode, we talk about NPC interactions with other NPCs, look at the Shadowfell in the DMG, discuss our favorite and least-favorite feats, and wonder how exactly Aarakocra is pronounced.

Guys turn your radio voices on becausewe're starting episode. Twenty six of triple advantage. Welcome back anyone, who's listening, don't know if you're recurring, we justhave numbers. Today we have myl Carlos ambred and I'm Jordan back with our regularly scheduledprogramming of a discussion or continuation divingdeeper into the dng Brim and H. Jordan. I'm sure you have yetanother wonderful and puzzling at times to be honest, critical thought. Welcome, listen! You can't like you've caught meoff guard a couple of times. That's the idea mbut before we get to all of that funstuff. I was actually talking to myself h and the MERROR ofis warning. Is this aregular curence h? No, it's been happening more and more withall, the time indoors for sure Um, there's black marrors everywhere, man uh, but no H. I just got reminded ofsometimes in in sessions when I introduce like two NPCs and the partysort of has them discuss things which leads you the DM to essentially talkback to yourself. Why? Yes? Yes, I do agree with you. You know H, so I was wondering what kind ofmoments have you guys had with that? Asdent. That's always a tricky one for mebecause it lets my players know that I'm running on a limited number ofaccents that yet so many I can actually do before itall starts sounding the same, so super important to try and structurethat out in advance. So I'm not accidentally falling into it. Just itsounds like the same guy talking to himself, whichis exactly what I'm doing, but not what I'm trying to paint it as Um, and I have a playrgoing, I'm sorrywhich one of them s was the moment th with the red shirt, the GREEG O Ydo. Idon't know anymore, I'm sorry, I I don't know th'e same person. UIT It canbe fun. Tet could definitely be fun. I think I did this for Year Group, Carlosa couple of weeks ago, where I was having a bit of an interaction betweena a halfling and his adopted. Half work.Son. Yes H that was that was really funnye. It's it's nice to do it forsome comudic purposes, sometimes Um. I that's mostly why I do it. I takecomedy or intrigue slashplotthooks Like Iwouldn't do it just any time players walk into a tavern.I'd really just do it. If M, there was something to be gained fromthe conversation if there was something to begained from them kind ofoverhearing, this back and forth. Otherwise, the'd, probably oh they're,just talking about the weather they're talking about whatever I just glossOfer it. I wouldn't actually dive into the conversation unless it wasimportant yeah for sure I'm with you the're ahundred percent Brad, a like Um, definitely comedic purposes and plothooks. Those are like really the only two times that I would use it like justa bit of intrigue or comedy, but like I would never just have two people havinga conversation randomly Um when it wasn't serving some sort of apurpose. You know if I'm, if, if they want to overhear a conversation,sometimes even just having one person...

...relay the information that they need togather from that conversation is enough right and to have this conversation back andforth, it's really difficult again! 'CAUSE! You know! I don't even know ifI have accents so much as I. I just change up the tone of my voice a littlebit as I switch between people, so accents you know, would be an asset intha in that instance, but not something that I have enough skill with to beable to pull off regularly. So I avoid it when I can yeah, so I would not try to enter into any typeof conversation like that. Normally, for sure see, my t ipotuson is different. Myposition is different because in the campain that I've been rooing for youguys predominantly you guys have had some form of companion. The entire time like the module at the beginning has a clearly stayed Roman, where it'slike. You should find a guide Um, which means that that guide is either mute and does not talk to anybody right, mm, 'cause, otherwise, doesn'tENPLA. You exist yeah and the players interact with any other NB CS. I tokind of keep true to what you guy said. I would almost have to like brush awayother NPCs until that one leads right yeah. So you have to be like verycareful about how you describe a person or say like if it is the guide you haveto like, say: Oh your guy's name, Saye Blah Blah Blah yeah. I think I thinkjust generally saying, like oh person a then says again, person B interruptsrigt mhm, you havet almost like okay lit's, like rein a book, we're readinga Bugmon, ecause, Otheri, IOS confusion, and Iagree with you guys like it. Sometimes it's just hard to keep track in yourown head, who talks how and when and what Information Theye, Oh, no, thatwas the other person and your actidently like slipped up or whateveryou know. I I wouldn't mind I don't mind myplayers watching over NPC conversations. That's infinitelybetter to them watching over an NBC on ABC fight and I'm sitting here rollingdice against myself. That's hat is much less preferable toto just having to embarrass myself with forces yeah. I think I think I did the party dirtyone time when you guys were all petrified, because what happened was that they teri and Leone went back to the portand actually requested the help from Ar December h to come down and Um.You know depetrify you guys and also y slay, that Medusa, but at the end ofthe fight, both Leone and Teri, which were Um Irl, pcs, you know mhm went down and I was stuck with two n PCs and Iwas like okay well roll a couple of times and the fights over real, quick.You know yeah it's it's t's, sut a superawkwardposition to be in 'cause. You have the party out there, but youalso like don't want to just I don't know and it like, and you don't want to keep goingeither. I I felt so bad for you. I was like Ono.

What is I going to prove here? That'sone of those odd situations where I would almost say like O as soon as they, it's like a it's like vision in a videogame. If you playn the Monaeerybey agame like as soon as your charactergoes down or your team mates character goes down, they lose vision overwhatever they were looking at MHM. Ah, as soon as you all go down, Ind andd,you lose all context as so. What's going on in the fight right, that'salmost where I'd go. Okay and just like, as soon as the last of the PCS wentdown, I would cut it to be like the next thing you know, you're beingreawakened. Byri, artists and dragonbate oassuming fight is overassuming the other N P CS on your team when against yeah. It's it's one ofthose. It's one of those judgment calls. I guess if it was like getting towardsthe end of the fighting, they were looking pretty rough and it's still atwo on one fight. Then maybe right yeah, maybe it's yeah. It'ssimple enough to just go yeah! Okay, you would have won in MHM three fourterms: Anyways, I'm just going to expedite that. So in my CA, so in mycase, Um Artists and dragon bat were relativelyokay and the Medusa was already REDHP and pannicking Rightso. It was a prettyeasy decision. It was solely based on Um them rolling a disadvantage attackbecause they were looking away right, Rightso that kind of t it wasn't even aAC to hit it was just like. Is this number high or is his number low likethat's all? I tell how the story happened. You know like did, didchelike run away or whatever umbut I I just felt bad because they got downto the wire and they went down, and I was like you still one, but gethe killing bow just epic fight just went zinline but yeah. No, it's been definitelyinteresting. Running interactions between the dwarfs interactions between both the dwars and Um there, Coka Eriwas. How do you say thata Aracra aircoccer COCRA COCRA ow crowed of snow at Rolsis, ADoiericarohonestly, we're out here trying to figure it out? Please let usknow Um uh and with all those uh different groups. I think I made iteasier on myself. I figured hey these people like are kind of together allthe time, they probably sound alike. So I wasn't trying to diffrentate toomuch. I tried just saying more so like this persone person B, speaking orwhatever, and being descriptive in that in that direction Um, but it's always exciting and alwaysinteresting. I think when the Party itself, I I think for me, one of my experiences has been that theparty tends to look at the NPC and I've kind of put them their ownpurpose as s a little bit of like a navy for the area, and I don't know wh what dare your guysas thought on that thoughts. On that sorry, can you? What do you mean exactly so like Um? Every NPC has been helpful in thatregion, so you can always turn to them to get information, um sort of like asa right, a gold trail or whatever yeah andyour Wonrin yeah L, like whateveryou guys, um thought about with having like thought about, having an MPC sortof along along the side of the party, an I ee honestly, you forget about it. Quiteoften you do until combat roles around in what do you mean Wat, affecesdsitting on the CELR?...

It's it's one of those things that,like, if you're going to write them in to be there all the time they have tobe there all the time, yeah TAT included. So that's why I had twostates. Museri was one who would attack. He just has a bad attack, terribleattacks, but he does attack. He has courge and he will attack but then Orvix. I could not see myself seeing thisperson fight against anything in that area, so theyfled and that's what you Gan cause. I Wan tofigure out the end between, I feel, like that's definitely bettersuited for larger PC parties. So when you get into six or seven people out oftable- and you know now- you're adding in another and PEAC Ery- O it'toryeahexactly exactly so- I I I agree like I think I like having orbic thereas like a person that we can ask questions to and that kind of thing andsome interesting moments have come up for sure withregards to what to do with thim and that kind of thing. But as far as combat goes, I definitelylike that you've been kind of taking him out of that. U Just because it's definitely better, I think for theV cs when there's so many of them with a smaller group, it might be morefeasible to have another NBC on on their side, but Um with the group thatwe have. I think it's afinitly better to keep them out of the combat as muchas possible. It also like. I think you also got tobe prepared for the friction that might come along with that Tou. I know likemy my character and Teri andother character in our campaign. H Not me personally, I really don't givea grapy ther way, likelike, you look at that in combatand it's like, oh we're, dragging you like we're. Protecting you and you'vecontributed nothing of tangible value and you're running away from combatslike right screw. You Wha why? Why are we doing this? For you unless you're a goodcharacter, you know wholike we're protecting an innocentbeing, but we don't have any of those in our group hate those character, smok, no, which which also I mean like if, ifyou're open to that being the dynamic, if you're open to that potential,friction 'cause. I think that there was a lot of funny moments that came out ofthat, but right for sure, if you want them to be completelyendered to the party that might be a more difficult road, Toho yeah and I mean honestly, I haven'tfound that Orvix has yet, like you said, hasn't given too much to the group interms of information or where we can go and that kind of thing, especiallysince, like Bradan, I think your characteris able to like read allwriting, which is which is unfortunate. ECAUSE I feel like that is part of oneof four bits. I never ever read the module, obviously, but I feel, likethat's, probably a decent chunk of what he was written in there for fortranslation, and I I ol already exactly so it's kind of like you. Don't reallyentirely need him he's not particularly good at you know, tracking or you know,having this map that can help them get to different places or any generalinformation that you know brings you to secrets, or things like that, so itjust kind of he has felt like a character that hasjust kind of been along for the ride that we rescued out of this place inhouse. tenaldy 'cause is nowhere else, O go yeah, so the EN R PCs, I don't have any like feelings, one way or another, whetherhe lives or dies 'cause he's just kind of there.

So well I mean you guys did find himalive H and, quite literally, like the debt, probably everywody he traveledwith and Ye this a highly deadly jungle, an artitur. I pride him from the teethof a bunch of dogs too. That were ripping into shreds, so you know yeah, so you know he did not have itall going on for him at that moment. ITHK your observation there. I would have given that, if you likethat would have definitely bee an information for like a DC like twentyinside check. You know that's pretty good, but with that Um Braden. Yes, do you have the thing and is it thattime it is? It is at least one of those things, and I have multiple things: Let's, let's, let's tack, a look atInsteby, an first 'cause this week we pose a littlelittle question out there based on her discussion from last week, and that waswhat house rules Um. Do you like to use in your home gameseasily the most responses we have got on a question yet yeah, big, mostly in part Tor ar good friend atthe GATA power plant on Instrogram, contributing one two, three, four, five,six separate house rules that he uses so rapid fire through those quricklyallowing for crit successes and fails on skills and abilities. If a crit takes you to zero HP, yousustain a serious pervanent injury, interesting using C tables from dark heresy toomuch work to do long term, not familiar with Darcarasy, probablyshould have looked into that before. I read that comment, we'll look at that and get back yeathat is um fun, overstory, overruls, big agree here. I know people thatmight disagree. A player or players must take notes. Ott Have Fun playing this game. Um a player or players must take notes. Iwant a circle back around too after this last one, but the te blooded condition from for e. Heputs in his fibe game what a oles going on there m I'm not familiar withblooded. I don't know either of you are. Basically, I think it means that thecreature is now at half health os OINTOL. So you tell people when, likeCarlos uses, like they're, in the yellow or in the red kind of thing, ohokay, so it's like like astap, it's a stat thing, I'm pretty sure. Anyway, atleast that's how I've seen it used so yeah, Um, a player or players must takenotes. As as both a player and a DM, I love that, because I take notes s a layer and really Ifind helps me, keep the wack of stuff and as ye, it'sbetter. When I allude to something that happened a while back and I don't getblank stairs completely igbut, I mean my my first instinct is yeah.It's it's an absolutely valid rule to havein agame, like if youwere participating in this game in this hobby, then you'retaking notes. What do you got to think about that? Personally, I I have the players Umcreat, a communal journey, a journal, that's what I'm doing in my weldmoudcampaign at least right now, so I set up M Google docks that they're allshared onto, and so one person's kind of in charge of writing down things,and then they can all look at it and...

...check up on the notes there wheneverthey see fit. So at least, then they have at least one set of notes thatthey can research in or they can. You know read up on to prepare for acession or whatever, if t ey need to or if they miss e Secsion, they canstill kind of see some of the notes from that vetion. Before from theplayer's perspective, which is great so I mean as long as you know, there'ssomething there for everyone to use. I don't think it's a huge issue Um. I dounderstand that, especially for longer campaigns, it's good for players totake notes because they will remember things better and it will integratethem more into the world, but I'm not about to force Um playersto start doing that, especially if they're new Um, I would prefer, ifthey're veterans I'll, I might be more inclined to say hey.Why don't you takein notes? You're, like you know, I know I'm the DM here,but you know, there's you've been playing this for a while. Maybe youcould show the others how it's done kind of thing you know, so I wouldalmost argue the opposite, not not forcing anything but like heavilysuggesting to new players that they shouit 'cause. That sets up the ideathat, like this is something that you do win this game verses like getting a year into the hobby and the beinglike weight. We're supposed to be taken notes, fair enough. I understand yeah. Gettingin like good habits is a is I thi for Sare M. that's why I have the communaljournal too. Just to like get them get the idea out there, and I definitelylike I didn't. I pushed for it. A little bit I said: Hey like takingnotes is a good thing, but I don't know I'm not gon, I'm not goingto rforce someone to do it. It's just I don't know they're they'rethere for fun and if they don't want to take notes, then I don't know t ' that's their choice.Right, carless, nots, an Ater I definitely enjoy when players takenotes um on their own, because it keeps it to the knowledge of you know thatcharacter as well like with individual, not books, M Um. But I do know that not everybody doesthat as well. So I think if a player isn't taking notes, butthey are still engaged in the story and largely still remember, maybe like themost current things Um, I wouldn't I I don't know I'venever seen it as an issue m at our tables so um. I can't say that I wouldreally force that as a rule either right, because again it's just one of those thingswhere hey this is I mean you have to do coud like especially when it comes tolike that kind of the not taking aspect of like I don't know it feels like oneof those things that isn't necessarily like part of playing the game when youfirst start out so a lot of like new players, don't take notes right, but as you get into it, you know you startplaying more and more, and you start you know caring about that character,and then you start writing things down about that character. Well, and youalso start realizing wait a second. I don't remember what happened two monthsago. That's also true yeah, so I think in part you could probably likeencourage that Um in game. Right, like certain checks, their caracter justdoesn't know, but I don't know I don't Kn W. I don'tlike. I don't like just like enforcing rules like that on players, Um just 'cause, some might feeluncomfortable and it's always about like. What's the easiest for a heoplelike once, the party starts getting into it, then introducing that Mobie,but not right away. Fersu.

Last two here at DND, the tavern saysyou still take a third of fall damage when hitting water and a usual bird yeah t it's an interestingone. I like that at Usefulbarg says he allows hisplayers to sacrifice your shield to negate damage on a hit or crit, and Iended up messaging. Him almost went to talk about this further 'cause. I foundit really interesting and he said it's created some interesting combatscenarios. ECAUSE yeah you, you negate the damage on that Tern Rin can bewhich can be clutched, but you've also lost your shield and right at apermanent disor like a significantly worse AC for the remainder of combat asamout that train em and just Lana Shield. I have five shields or my bathguys were good. My question here is, when you saysacrifice shield: Does that mean a magical shield as well ahthat's a goodquestion? I would assume so yeah the really aut Thi Sakright yeah yeah. I like that rule. Actually that'sinteresting wnow. Let's I I would put the Perry sort of requirements for tha. Youneed to be near the strike right, but a right, I don't know it's. I thinkit's assumed that it's against you and I would assume you also have to useyour reaction for this. I were thin ato. It's an interesting one to work out. Ithink so. Ol Lot engagement, though that was tohe di Ot, O lot egagement. That was awesome, so keep a lookouts listenersfor our next bost that'll be going up sometime this coming week, probably about our topics that we talk about here, but youaaracoca or l row Yo Sonno. I can't sleep now. I need to know last week, looking at the DMG in ourcontinued discussion of the planes, we talked about the fate wild and H, LSD,and I unrealized is ideas for a hangoverone shot, let's, let's, let's flip to the otherside of the coin. For this week and take a look at the Chateowfel Heralay e other drugs warned about in highscoal m. They gave e pay shadow wherewhere wherecolors abound in in the fawild black gray white and deviations thereinonly found in chateawfell dark. U PLA is discribs the place ofdarkness that hates the light it it interests me that they're they're, so opposite these ones, even though the Boreflections of the material plane they're so starfy contrasted the shadowfel end the Faweld, and it gives me especiallythe color contrast, the fact that the colors are supposed to be fantasticaland explosive in the FA. Wild and the shadow fell, issupposed to be just bly and starkly contrasted yen and Yang. Exactly. Italmost gives me the idea of like yeah this constant exchange of energyright. Yes, the balance the other like constantly trying to Ntreen each other,almost ah, but let's take a look at shadowcrossings. Causshatow crossings are similar to Fay crossings in thatthey're, exactly the same, spare crossings they're cross, Omi yeah, but but moregathy. They have an edge.

They are locations between the matureplan, Chatafel, where the veile between worlds is so thin. You can just take astroll and end up in the shattowfell by accidents. Um, it's again. It's it's similar to the fawoldin that when you're in the material plane, you'll, see kind of the shadow fell pouring into the plane a little bit andreflected in these crossings like you'll notice, their influence in thespace around it h, but like the Fay wild, we could imagine,I think, Jordan. You brought up a w. What was it that you compared to Um? Oh Um rig the iron juid, chronicles N, but por BA things. You said it wassimilar to Oh fay crossings, O oh, Oh dre, brose, that's it so you canpicture that is like this place where, like nature, is blooming beautifullyand fantastically that shadow crossings. Morse seem like Oh th, there's a shadow in the cornerthat doesn't go away, O shadow crossing, yes, which is significantly moredepressing Um Cemeteris woot. It talks about domains of dread. The idea that the shadow fell as wellas being able to get to it from the material realm. It provides access intosome some darkplaces uh, so demi planes like Barovia very easily accessible from the from the shadow, fell. What's Verovia Berova, sorry for peoplethat don't know, that is the location that Chrisis trawd takes place, the theIRS. It's just T it's terrible as somebodywho is currently working through that campaign. It'sIT'S IT'S! It's awful itsjust a leak, hellscape of terribleUm right up your alley. It's not it's depressed! It's like it's like Broe, midieval,depression like if, if, if regular D and is like the cheery upeat like aheat, ledger nightstail medieval. This is like actual medieval it. It's it's just darkand depressing Um. But speaking of right on my ally, umoptional rule for shatowfell that we have is despair. The idea that the shadow fell is sodark and bleak and depressing that it starts to kind of sap pure Indu, not not. Actually, I haven't read it on so maybeliterally Um, but the idea that yeah it just kind of saps away at yourenthusiasm until you're, just kind of in this constant point of the spair. It ranges from apathy to dread to fullon madness, so getting in some real cafoloo type stuff here, H storyhook. Where does all that energy go? Thatwill what being collicts it to the Faywild?Obviously blooders stoll the color and o stole yrule to go my God. The fawile is like this super imperialistic and Um Industrial NationSa chat out or something that's an intr. That would be cool,though, to see Aa to Seeaa setting...

...where that's actually what's going on,like the Faywild is so nice and everybody likes to Han upt with a Fawel,but it's only on the n Agaoi, I drad everything from them. That's happening! Look forward to thatin a future onch shot by a royal cityside. It ends with a final footnote aboutevernight, which is the dark reflection of never winter, that takes place in the Shat. A city of crackstone,edifices and homes of rotten wood. Roads are made of trampled grave dust,a skybeing corkgray and a bleeze breeze blows cold and humid Um cities denizons,including mad necromancers, corrupt purveyors of human flesh, grosst Umworsh, a fine bit of skin right over there yeah. How long has it been dead for two ternthree three days they meet the players, hey fresh meat, no ugely am and there's rumors that this placemirrors one city in every world. So there's essentially a reflection of that's interesting. Actually I likethat. So despite the fact that, like it's, not necessarily geographicallyidentical, once you enter the Nattlfeld like a direct one to one Um, the ideathat there's a city- so in this case never winter, that's reflected in every world. Everysingle world has a different version of never winter hm. That's just slightlydifferent and Tweakd, based on AH yeah. They saw the reality that you'relivein in I like that. I, like Taas HM, but that concludes this weeks, dividingthe DMG. So let us know what did you think have you explored the shatowfellow? Doyou hate Porovia with a flaming passion as much as I do um or the players?Indeed fresh meat, God h my skins, crawl. Thanks for ASE,let us know at Reyal citys society on Inscrei', Jordan, I'm going to go vomityou! You do sometimes sure all right. I got a critical thought here for youguys, Um. This is kind of based off of some of the stuff that I've seen in different campaigns. Um. What do you guys think is the mostpowerful feat in your opinion, um. If you guys know from from fifthedition there is a bunch of different feats that you can choose from andJenather's guide opens some of that up to racial stuff and I think, on earthAr Canada. Just recently h proposed a few different ones Um. What? What do you guys think is themost powerful feet and do you have any that you ban from from Games ads, ADM and a player who uses and rules and has to consider the rules for thisfeet? Mobile Yeah, my God, the operhe hack of opportunity, attacks inside absolutely absolutely insane ot to useit right. It's just fantastic as your DMThaus Mobil for it's a yaks. It's not! I IT'S NOT GAME! breakinglybad, I wouldn't say, but it is. It is quite strong. I kindof think about itlike Um, Jackie Chan movies, where he kind ofjust like dances around the rinaarn objects. You're like hit and ' E. Ohyou're, moving away yeah. So I like that I mean I don'tknow how it works with... enlarged hulking monster as yo you're, just so like fast and agile in this por. Likethat's what I do, I know I know it's just one of those things where,like even in like anemies, that I've watched like I never understood likethe this creature, is massin Hugon. Oh Nai, IT'S SUPER FAST! Like look true! U, I think, I think, th what youhave to play it off, as in that case is um the attack that you do 'cause. Youhave to make an attack in order to avoid opportunity tax against you right.So the attack against you is so strong or so big that you have to put yourfull effort into blocking it, and then they just have an opportunity to runaway without you being able to react to it because you're just having to deal with this distraction,essentially right, because even if you miss right you, you still cause thisdistraction that allows you to move past them. It's EAH, definitely definitely one ofthe most powerful feats there Um. I use it for that got end another rogueas well, my goodness H, actually yeah Braden you're in thatone as well. There's two of us that use the mobile feet: two Ros that use theMok Ou, which one is that now. Ah, that's the fait one, so both Mattel andan iold I'll have mobile. Yes, O Foor chial. I know I mean neither of US knew that we weretaking that feet and then we both ended up being rogues and with that feet so funny it's yeah, it's pretty insane. I feel real bad for cow, but I'm likeno wait ar Y. I mean I gotta use this it's great, it's too good Um. So luckily none of my players inWild Boun habits. So I don't have to worry about that. But it definitely issomething that's amazing. I mean even just the extra ten feet is good like if you're, if you're a normal character-and you have forty feet. If Movement, you can now outrun most enemies, if you ever have to flee,you know it's. It's just super useful to have asa constant passive benefit. You know MHM S, you guy yeah yeah, but you guysdon't ban it from your games. Yeah any other feats that you guys found orO know, I'm GOINGTO SUF to remove myself fromthe discussion as a player. Just because I don't, I don't think I'veever taken a peat mily. I I always opt for the TAT increase. Why is that Ohaber? It's better, butmostly because of Um uh fear of the unknown. I guess I'm like Iknow my stats I'd rather just like buff up what I have then throw anotheroption into the mix. I guess you are often a spell castor tone. I play a Lotwas andI like to really buff my asthma smellcasters yea. At that level, youkindo just want to buff up your spellcasting DC. Essentially, like yourspell C C 'cause, that's that's what you need the most almost so I get that there's the warcasterfeat,which is always something that's useful for them, but other than that, I don'tthink there's a ton of feats that are specifically designed for Majos thatmake them not a ridiculous amount yeah as a as a DM, the only one, that's H,'cause I don't Ye th Carlos's Bobel feet is Um, I'm glad he reminds me of Ixe, I'm likeI'm opportunity, attack no Ohokay, and the gang goes on. The reason why I getmyself into those combat situations,...

...know anet away yeah exactly tike. Every time there's like a groupof three all right, but I've never been like outrightfrustrated aby that I'm just like okay, so he'llhe'll dance out and thel yeah,maybe geting up to him Nexum, the one that I've been outright frustrated. Abois the combination and it's not the feat itself. It's the combination ofstaten feet because H, Ou r, the gun slinger in our Um in our campai with youtor. He has t ascreetefeat. So the sharp shoote feat. Essentially you take a negative fivepenalty to your role, an Ange for a plus ten to your damage when you hityeah Um and he has a plus fied modifier yeah. So it's it's not even like, likehe's not taking a penalty, necessarily he's just not getting a modifieersoright, great rul s he's on Thatat, I grityep Hegotd he's got all the he's,got all the points he can burn on the side for yeah for Advantageoattax,exactly I, it cabos really really nicely and alot of the time you guys have been fighting just the level that you're atit's. It's definitely not out of the reamof possibility that you're justhitting them on a straight roll before you're modifier right. Ah So it's it'sone of those things where yeah again the defeats not tefeats, not broken. I would never banthe feet, but that particular combination has left me a couple oftimes being like Al Writ the fights over like eight rounds before Iexpected it 'causethere's an extra ten damage. Each attack stacks up. Yes,yeah. It definitely does I ee Shuld e cold, though it adds a little bit oflike that R P element to the to the class, which I really like, likeyou're supposed to be one of the best stharpshooters or whatever yeaotheeneer. I agree, the sharp shoot Er your feetis definitely also one of the more powerful feats, especially Um. I I'veseen combinations used with it. I think crossbow expert Um, I think, there's another one thatpeople use and then they'll go in with H. H, do wielding H, hand crossbows andthey can just fire away and take deal massive damage Um using those two feetstogether, Um. The other combination. I've seen is polar master with H. Oh sentinel also awesome Combo like ten feet. Yep Ten feet opportunityattack as soon as someone comes within range and the sensinal feat stops themin their tracks, so they can't get to you if you're using o Etetin, that'sthe lasting it'saplay octipus. Yes, so I mean that combination. I hadsomeone like buildeir character, specifically around that commination,which was awesome M, but it's like Oh man, okay, so the first person whocomes within reach of them. They can't get to them unless they misse. Sothat's the big thing they have to hit the attack, but yeah no greatcombination there, UM! You know I've always been kind ofdisappointed. I think by the great weapon master comparatively tothe sharpshooter, because they're supposed to be essentially the samething, but I think doezen yea over it's not so Um, I'm not sure. If that M grandmasterneeds a puff for the sharp shooter needs an nurse but yeah, don't thingt'sgot to happen n there exactly so I it feels a littlte bit off, but yeah trap phuters. Definitely up there.Um I've seen it used. Quite a bit yeah um I've really been enjoying and I waslittle bit different but like I've really been enjoying the grabbler feet when it's been used for R P and myCampin, but I eel as a a fee. It's so...

...nobt! That's what I'm saying a itself. What why just it's so so subject to RP. I find in t a bit soGwell, because his background is like a Lutidor yeahit's Pheomenal but like it,I don't even have the moments in combat where that would come up. You know right. Well, I mean I have thought about making likea a person like made around grappling and grappling can be used effectively, but it's the graplar feet itself is notgood enough to do that kind of thing like it doesn't gain you any advantagesto restrain them. If you are also restrainge, you know you might as well grab the person andthen shove them prone, and then you have advantage and the grappled orsomething like that. Like I' e Iterer, I like it contextually with hischaracter, so I feel Li. I want a house rule something into that y. u now yeahyeah exactly, and I think, like the otherthing is that t makes your what your your tax, O you defors when you'reunarmed MHM, or is that that no, you have to have the tavern Rawler in orderto do that, so it doesn't even make your strikes better. You know, itwouldbe a better addition to it. You could atempt Um, so you have agrapple right from the gravel you can attempt O, pin mhm and from a pin. You could attemptlike some sort of like chok hol or something like that. shokout yeah orlike like a tapout or something like that, like Armhar or whatever,something contextual to like Judo Jugitu, because that way and threeturns you have, the possibility of you know knocking something out that mightbe tougher than you are exactly yeah. There's got to be some sort of aut erebe somewhere in there to yeah yeah. It's definitely a disappointing featoverall, even though it could be potectually super awesome, like reallycool, you know t to go around grappling people, Yeah Yow. I defferently eropeith some time into this, because I really like really like the backdrop inthe eniilation campaign because Le it fitsperfectly with the O, an Savati. I know you listen to the PODCAST, I'm sorry,you had to hear it like this, but it's just a bad feat. So I'm going to work on it for you awesome all right, I think that's all I had fortoday. Thank you for your thoughts on this Um. You guys out there tell us what youthink about feats in general and if there's one out there that we missed asfar as what's what you consider the most powerful, do you ban any Um andyeah just give us your general thoughts on that. Send us a message at Royal Itysociety on our Inspram peage and we'll see you guys next week.

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